Pelican Release with International Bird Rescue

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There are advantages to being a “Pelican Partner” for International Bird Rescue ! International Bird Rescue is famous for their oil spill response team and saving oiled birds but many of the birds that come to International Bird Rescue’s rehabilitation centers (as seen in the video above) are impacted by fishing line and hooks, having ingested and/or been debilitated by carelessly discarded monofilament line that has wrapped around their limbs and wings.

International Bird Rescue Believes “Every Bird Matters”

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Little was known about oiled bird care at that time and despite the courageous attempts of hundreds of volunteers, only 300 birds survived from the 7,000 collected. Alice Berkner , a registered nurse, came up with the concept of International Bird Rescue while trying to help the more than 7,000 birds that filled warehouses around the San Francisco Bay Area during this 1971 oil spill. Conservation bird rehabilitation International Bird Rescue oiled birds

The Big Black Bird Rescue

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We both have binoculars, and we’re watching a great big black bird. I do hope you can come and help this poor bird. It’s a very large bird – are you strong, my dear? Lisa, who by then was envisioning rescuing a condor near a maximum security prison, enlisted her mother as backup. They made their way down a small hill, climbed over a wall that loomed nearly to their knees, and looked around for a big black bird. It was definitely a bird.

How To (And Not To) Transport Wild Birds

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I am so happy to be back on 10,000 birds – I have missed Mike and Corey and my fellow Beat Writers! Normally I rant about environmental dangers and describe heartwarming/mind-boggling/headscratching wild bird rescues.

For Wildlife Emergencies, Contact Animal Help Now

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If you’ve had an encounter with a wild animal – a bird stunned by hitting a window, a fox hit by a car, or a family of raccoons unexpectedly found residing in your attic – you know how hard it can be to find help. Help is not just on the way, it’s here.

Bird News Roundup: Birds of a feather … well, you know the rest

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If a blustery, snowy afternoon isn’t custom-made for catching up on bird news, then I don’t know what is. Better to get current on what’s happening with the rest of the bird world. Some birds who probably could have used those sweaters in southern California were the victim of a mystery spill. International Bird Rescue has more on how to help.). Don’t you forget about me … The Breakfast Club, bird edition.

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A Tale of Three Magnificent Frigatebirds (Two I help, one tries to kill me)

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Today’s post is written by Monte Merrick, wildlife rehabilitator and co-director of the Humboldt Wildlife Care Center/bird ally x in Arcata, CA. In an aviary, I watched as a young bird regaining strength turned on her perch and faced the offshore breeze, spread her nine foot wingspan, and simply lifted from her perch, more levitation than powered flight. Less than 2000 grams – more sail, it seems, than bird. I wish I had seen the bird.

2015 80

India’s Raptor Rescuers

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“It is next to impossible to persuade people in India to donate money for injured raptors,” says Nadeem Shehzad, co-founder of Wildlife Rescue , a registered non-profit in the Chawri Bazar area of Old Delhi. The sharp strings are a menace to passing birds – especially kites and other raptors – who cannot see them and sometimes suffer grievous, if not fatal, wounds. The first injured bird Nadeem and Mohammad ever found was a Black Kite.

India 83

The Story of Russell A. Crow

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Not all injured birds end up winging their way back home again, which is the sad but true part of wild bird rehabilitating. Luckily Grace happened upon the scene, and like an avenging angel, broke up the circle, rescued the stunned bird, and called her mother. Grace’s mother eventually heard about Emily, the crazy bird lady who lived nearby, and one chilly November day they delivered Russell to her. Birds bird rehabilitation bird rescue crows Montana

2012 76

When Good Kestrels End Up In The Gutter

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It’s a beautiful day, you’re out birding, and you come across a bird who, instead of perching 20 feet over your head or winging its way past your face, is standing on the ground with its wing askew, wearing a dismayed expression. I’m a bird rehabilitator, and my beat on 10,000 Birds will be to showcase the kinds of trouble wild birds get into, then rant about them until you beg me to stop. Birds American Kestral bird rescue raptors

2012 80

The Tar Side of Green Products

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She gave him subcutaneous fluids, warmed him up, and when he was feeling a bit better, figured she could clean him with Dawn dishwashing liquid, the rehabber’s tried and true method of getting oily stuff off birds. The cream contains polysorbate 60, which usually dissolves sticky gunk from bird feathers. Birds bird rescue owls screech-owls tanglefoot tarThis unhappy-looking tar baby is covered with a green, environmentally-friendly product called Tanglefoot.

2012 83

Do Birds Feel Love?

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It’s clear that birds copulate, procreate, and promote their genes with alacrity. Do birds feel love? While we’re used to declarations that our pet parrots “love” us just as we love them, and they can be quite demonstrative in showing their affection, the evidence is thinner for wild birds. The birds had roosted together each night in a single soft clump of feathers. Birds baby birds Bird Love Week bird rescue

2012 86

How To Help A Baby Bird

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It’s a common call/email/text that most bird watchers get this time of year: “HELP! I just saved a baby bird! Both of those sites allow you to enter your zip code or state and find someone nearby who has the state and federal permits that allows them to treat wild birds. However, let’s take a moment to figure out if the type of baby bird you found truly does need help. If the nest was in a bird house, open the house and check the damage.

2011 84

Lonely Sandy Rides a Helicopter

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Read the heart-warming tale of a young Pied Shag , a caring family, a helicopter ride, and a bird rescue facility. Asides

The Warbler, the Birder, and the Bivalve

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Yes, it was one of those rare birds that is foraging right in front of you, in this case in a bed of small purple flowers, too close to photograph. Settling myself on top of the low wall bordering the patio, I observed the bird as he fed off the purple flowers, amazingly disappeared within them for long periods of time, hopped/flew down to the rocks and then back again. Then, for no discernible reason, the bird flew! And, Eric saying something about rescuing a bird!

2017 63

Visiting Bird Service: Avian “Pet Therapy” Cheers Seniors

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But what about birds? One enterprising New Orleans-area bird rescuer is doing just that. The bird was such a hit with residents that Kasia, who went on to found the rescue organization Kasia’s Ark Bird Rescue , continued the effort once she returned to New Orleans. But Kasia has kept the bird-therapy program going with other rescued birds, including ducks and chickens that are often surrendered or abandoned once Easter’s over.

2016 63

Texas Oil Spill Threatens Migrating Birds

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Is last week’s oil spill near Galveston, Texas bad for birds? Many birds flying toward their nesting sites pass over where the spill occurred (on World Water Day, ironically). That goes for resident birds, too. And to learn more about how oiled birds are cared for and rehabilitated, check out the comprehensive resources at International Bird Rescue , including their poignant look back at the Exxon Valdez spill 25 years ago this week.

2014 66

Delhi’s Birds Need Help!

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Nadeem Shehzad and his brother Mohammad Saud take in about 1400 injured birds per year in Delhi, India – an enormous number. After Nadeem attends the NWRA conference in Princeton, NJ, he will go to Tri-State Bird Rescue and Research in Delaware; The Wildlife Center of Virginia ; New Jersey’s Mercer County Wildlife Center ; and The Cape Wildlife Center in Massachusetts.

2015 64

Wildlife Rehabilitators vs. Bird Thieves

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I don’t mean people who steal birds. I mean birds who steal, sometimes from people. It’s a sad fact of life: sometimes birds take things that don’t belong to them. Crows, who are probably the most larcenous birds on earth, make off with anything they can get their beaks on. Jodi Swenson of Massachusett’s Cape Ann Wild Bird Rescue released a crow named Odin, who occasionally still appears at her open window.

The Great Horned Owl: An In-Depth Study by Scott Rashid

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Owls are among the birds with the greatest power to fascinate non-birders, for good and ill. Young Scott put in yeoman’s work first identifying, then attempting to photograph the birds he stumbled across while hunting rabbits with a friend, and apparently his drive has stayed with him from that day to this. From the ancient Greeks to my ex-boyfriend, people are prone to investing them with both love and meaning. I don’t know.

2015 67

Recent Events Involving Our Public Lands Are Alarming

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Or maybe something closer to home like the American Bird Conservancy or a wildlife rescue organization like the Marine Mammal Center or International Bird Rescue. From a press release by the American Bird Conservancy. American Bird Conservancy respects the judicial process but is deeply troubled by the outcome of the Malheur case. Do you consider yourself a wildlife conservationist? Do you contribute to wildlife conservation organizations?

2016 62

No, We’re Not Checking Into Rehab

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It is not bird bloggers but birds that Suzie Gilbert spends her time rehabilitating. Despite the fact that some of us could use a twelve-step program to kick this birding addiction, Suzie, our newest beat writer here on 10,000 Birds, will not be treating us. Well, she won’t be treating us for our birding addiction but she will be treating us to tales of bird rehabilitation every other week starting tomorrow.

2012 55

The Medicine Bird

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Also providing advice were Dr. Jamie Lindstrom of the VCA Northview Animal Hospital in Pittsburgh, and Dr. Erica Miller, formerly of Tri-State Bird Rescue in Delaware. She is a medicine bird. Birds Albino leghold traps leucistic Red-tailed Hawk wildlife rehabilitators In case you were wondering, it’s difficult to type when your hands are clenched in the shape of a man’s neck. Check out the beautiful white Red-tailed Hawk in the photo above.

2013 76

First White-Tailed Tropicbird Sighted in Connecticut

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Bowen, a wildlife rehabilitator licensed with CT DEEP for small mammals and reptiles (specializing in bats and is also USFWS licensed for migratory birds, specializing in waterfowl. I told him to bring me the bird, and while he was en route, I prepared a suitable enclosure. Upon arrival, I was surprised to see that the bird had a single, very long (perhaps 14”) tail feather – definitely not a tern. Birding

Winging It In Tulsa

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“OOOOOOOklahoma where the birds come sweepin’ down the plain…” I know – it’s supposed to be the wind, not the birds. He was right; a cheerful, enthusiastic group of parka-clad people eventually arrived to watch slides, listen to tales of bird rescue and rehab, and buy some of my books. Birds Tulsa Audubon wildlife fundraisers wildlife rehabilitators WING-IT

Tulsa 71

ACTION ALERT! Tomorrow, MARCH 15, 2011, is the deadline for public.

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