Weird Factoid about Cockfighting in Oklahoma

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Cockfighting was illegal in Oklahoma until 1963, when a judge ruled that chickens are not animals and therefore unprotected by anticruelty laws. oklahoma cockfighting blood sportNews & World Report, 6 December 1999.

Oklahoma City Spraying Purple Martins with Fire Hoses

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A large roost of Purple Martins at the Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum is considered a nuisance because of their droppings so they are being sprayed with fire hoses. Seriously. You can email the director of the memorial at kw@oklahomacitynationalmem and you should, but don’t expect any remorse or concern, just a form-written response about how gross the bird poop is. Asides

Oklahoma State Stops Anthrax Vaccine Testing

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It's too controversial because the baboons involved would have to be destroyed after the testing. From Administrators at OSU decided not to let the project, funded by the National Institutes of Health, commence as the primates being used would be euthanized. An internal faculty committee spent more than a year preparing protocol for the care and use of the primates. OSU administrators said in a statement that, "this research was not in the best interest of the university.

Oklahoma Editorial About "Rising Animal Rights Terrorism"

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This editorial in the web version of the Oklahoman denounces animal rights terrorism; however, it finishes off by supporting medical research on animals. What about the terror and violence involved in that? But they do try to cover themselves by pointing out they oppose cosmetics research.).

Who Knew Turkeys Were So Dangerous?

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Oklahoma is weird. Asides

Birds and Bugs Flee Earthquake

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How cool is it that the earthquake in Oklahoma yesterday yielded radar images of birds and bugs taking flight just after the earthquake hit? Neat, right? Asides

Rumors Circulate over Cancellation of Anthrax Project

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Research supporters are going crazy over Oklahoma State University stopping anthrax testing on baboons. In addition to the threat of animal "extremists," they are also blaming T. Boone Pickens' wife Madeleine, whose husband is a big donor.

Class "B" Animals Sold for Medical Research

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In the shadow of a $5 million-dollar grant given to Oklahoma State’s renowned veterinary school and then rescinded due to allegations of abusive and cruel animal research practices, Oklahoma State University Philosophy Club and Friends of the Forms will host animal activist Chris DeRose. I learned something new from this article. I had never heard the use of the term "Class B."

Calling all Dogs: Celebrate National Dog Day with Free Ice Cream August 25

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Best Friends Pet Care is a leading national pet care company and offers boarding, daycare, grooming and training at 42 locations across 18 states, including California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Texas and Virginia.

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Why I'm Not Giving Up On Capitalism

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Boone's wife) was largely responsible for Oklahoma State University canceling its planned anthrax experiments on baboons after she threatened to cancel the Pickens' $5 million donation to the university's vet school. I'm going to contact Madeleine Pickens to thank her, as well as Burns Hargis , the President of Oklahoma State University. Among friends I'm thought of as a bit of a conundrum because I haven't completely given up on capitalism.

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Birds Eating Christmas Lights?

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Starlings are taking the blame for missing lights from a Christmas star in Pawhuska, Oklahoma. Apparently, they are eating them: The Christmas landmark that sits atop the county courthouse has become tradition and has had some Pawhuska residents very concerned. According to County Commissioner Bob Jackson, the lights are on order and the bulbs well be replaced either later this week or by the first of next week depending on when the new lights arrive.

10,000 Birds goes eBirding – Part II

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The Collective added six new states in the past three years, but none have eclipsed the century mark: Wisconsin ( 74 ), Utah (55), Hawaii (38), Oklahoma (18), Rhode Island (9), and Connecticut (5).

Back from the dead?

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A puppy at a shelter in Oklahoma survived being euthanized (sadly, the same can’t be said for the little pups siblings). Now named Wall-E, the puppy has a Facebook page, and tons of people lined up to adopt him. Read more about the full stor y here. Stories like this, of dogs overcoming amazing odds, are both heartwarming and heartbreaking.

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Hagerman NWR: Birding Amidst Oil Wells

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In the Fall, Franklin’s Gulls migrate through Texas and Oklahoma on their way south. Bonus Birding : My eBird Profile also showed that I had never entered a checklist in the state of Oklahoma. Last year, I compiled a subjective list of the Top 25 National Wildlife Refuges for Birding.

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Winging It In Tulsa

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I recently traveled to Oklahoma to help spread the word of wildlife, finding all kinds of adventure along the way. You’re in Oklahoma ,” she replied. I spoke again, met two more long-distance rehabber friends, Gary and Kathy Siftar of the Oklahoma Raptor Center , and talked to Tulsa Audubon Board Member Margaret McQuaig, who made me laugh out loud with her tangled tale of trying to order my plane ticket to Tulsa over the internet.

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The Wildlife Rehabilitator’s Wish List

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Tiny transmitters that wouldn’t hurt or irritate my releases, so I know what happens to them,” wrote Michele in Pennsylvania and Elle in Oklahoma. “As I wish time were totally under my control,” wrote Kim in Oklahoma. It’s August, and first on the menu is: Fried Rehabber. Summer is high season. The general public is out and about, birds and animals are raising their young, and human/wildlife interaction is at its peak.

My eBird 10th Anniversary

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I don’t think I have added any new species, but I did add Alaska, Kansas, and Oklahoma to the group state list. According to eBird , I have been an eBirder since December 23, 2009, so today is my 10th eBird anniversary.

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Wildlife Rehabilitators vs. Bird Thieves

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I took in an imprinted Blue Jay one winter,” wrote Kim Doner of Oklahoma’s WING-IT. I don’t mean people who steal birds. I mean birds who steal, sometimes from people. It’s a sad fact of life: sometimes birds take things that don’t belong to them. Raptors mug each other mid-air. Bowerbirds steal each other’s nest decorations. Stellar’s Jays take acorns from Clark’s Nutcrackers. Gulls grab french fries from tourists, and occasionally descend into shoplifting.

What is the State Bird of Rhode Island?

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When I picture state birds, I picture the gorgeous Scissor-tailed Flycatcher of Oklahoma, the pristine white feathers of Alaska’s Willow Ptarmigan , or the haunting call of Minnesota’s Common Loon. I don’t picture chickens. And yet, that is the very bird Rhode Islanders chose for their state bird: the Rhode Island Red Hen !

10,000 Birds goes eBirding

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Some states have no species at all, not even a pigeon, crow, or sparrow: Hawaii , Utah , Nebraska , Oklahoma , Minnesota , Iowa , Wisconsin , Kentucky , West Virginia , Mississippi , Alabama , Connecticut , and Rhode Island. Since 2016, writers at 10,000 Birds have been contributing checklists to a joint eBird account called the “10,000 Birds Collaborative.” Every month, Redgannet summarizes the checklists, providing an updated life list, year list, and country list.

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448 Great Things to do in Nature

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Stacy Tornio grew up in Oklahoma, though she’s lived in Wisconsin for the last ten years. Find a Four-leaf Clover. Start your own Plants from Seed. Find your State Bird. These are just three of the 448 great things to do in nature before you grow up that are covered in illustrated detail in The Kids’ Outdoor Adventure Book by Stacy Tornio and Ken Keffer.

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What is a Titmouse?

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This native of Oklahoma, Texas, and Mexico is now recognized as a separate species, but the two species will hybridize when they meet. Few American birds have the publicity problems of the titmouse.

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Peterson Field Guide to Birds of Western North America & Peterson Field Guide to Birds of Eastern and Central North America: A Field Guide Review

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A bird of prey showed up in the tiny park across the boulevard from me yesterday, setting himself down on a park bench and ignoring a crowd of socially-distanced smart phone wielding photographers. He became the social media hit of the day: “A Peregrine Falcon in Forest Hills!”

Thank a lemming

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Most provinces and most northern states have had sightings, and the irruption has extended as far south as Oklahoma (so far). Many of you in the south are enjoying great sightings of Snowy Owls ( Bubo scandiacus ) this winter. Everywhere on Facebook I see friends and acquaintance posting photos of Snowy Owls , and or status updates on how they’ve succeeded or failed in their search for reported birds. Now as most everyone knows Snowy Owls are birds of the Arctic.

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Peterson Field Guide to Moths of Southeastern North America and of Northeastern North America: A Review of Two Field Guides

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The Southeastern guide goes a bit more west, to eastern Oklahoma and Texas, so its northern borders lie at the north boundaries of Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, and North Carolina. Happy May Day! Here in New York City, May is a magic time for birders as the migration floodgates open. To celebrate spring migration, I usually review an exciting new bird book. But, this year I’m going to be contrary and give you moths!

Carnival of the Blue XLV

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These Blasts From The Past 2 Book Giveaway Given Away Least Terns Doing Well in Oklahoma Honduras Trip Winner Has Blogged His Trip Should Subsistence Bird Hunters in Alaska Buy Duck Stamps?

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Soccer Player Kicks Owl on Field?

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These Blasts From The Past Least Terns Doing Well in Oklahoma It May Not Be Too Late Feed Birds Healthy Homemade Suet The Lodge at Pico Bonito IATB #44 Deadline About the Author Mike Mike is a leading authority in the field of standardized test preparation, but what he really aspires to be is a naturalist. home about advertise archives birds conservation contact galleries links reviews subscribe Browse: Home / Asides / Soccer Player Kicks Owl on Field?

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Sarah Palin Secretary of Energy or the Interior?

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Hamm, an Oklahoma billionaire who has been a friend of Trump’s for years, has been the leading influence on Trump’s energy policy during the campaign. As of this posting Donald Trump LOST the popular vote of the 2016 presidential election by over 1,000,000 votes. So if you hear anyone try to claim that Trump has a mandate, feel free to laugh in their face. The latest news of the Donald’s cabinet picks should make any conservation minded person very nervous.

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Donald Trump And His Cabinet Are Destroying Our Environment

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In his prior role as Oklahoma’s attorney general, Pruitt frequently sued the EPA over its regulations, notably leading a 27-state lawsuit against the Clean Power Plan. Emails released days after Pruitt’s confirmation show that in his time as Oklahoma’s attorney general, Pruitt’s office maintained a cozy relationship with oil and gas companies. It began on Friday, February 17, 2017. Scott Pruitt was confirmed as the head of the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

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Endangered Species Act: Delisting the Black-capped Vireo?

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and it breeds in the scrublands of Texas, Oklahoma, and northern Mexico. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) is considering changing the status of the endangered Black-capped Vireo : it has proposed delisting it entirely. The Black-capped Vireo is the smallest vireo in the U.S. It winters on the Pacific coast of Mexico.

Trump Signs Executive Orders And Scott Pruitt Stacks EPA With Climate Change Skeptics

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In his days since being confirmed as the new head of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Scott Pruitt, a former Oklahoma attorney general who built a career out of suing the agency he now leads, has moved to stock the top offices of the agency with like-minded conservatives — many of them skeptics of climate change and all of them intent on rolling back environmental regulations.

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Come@Me: Hunting Is Not Conservation

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Last but not least, I will leave you with a VERY disturbing video of Sandhill Crane hunting in western Oklahoma. The definition of the word HUNT is “to chase or search for game or other wild animals for the purpose of catching or killing.” ” The definition of the word CONSERVATION is “the act or an instance of conserving or keeping from change, loss, or injury.” ” Obviously the dictionary does not equate hunting with conservation.

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