Do PETA's Tactics Make a Difference?

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I think that they are effective and, while I don't always agree with them, we would sorely miss them if they disappeared from the animal rights community. My husband and I disagree over PETA's effectiveness. I think this opinion piece does a good job arguing in favor of PETA. They have an energy and edginess that is fundamental to the movement. They keep people on their toes.

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Canine Arthritis

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Apply Heat on Sore Joints. Avoid walking when it is too cold out, as the joints will be especially sore. Massages and acupuncture provide relief for sore, inflamed joints and will help to loosen these areas up. Arthritis is a very painful and common condition that affects older dogs. One in five adult dogs are affected by arthritis, and it has been reported to be the number one source of chronic pain that veterinarians treat every year.

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Lick Granuloma

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Lick granuloma is a serious skin problem in dogs and occurs when dogs continuously lick a certain area, which then becomes inflamed and sore. It tends to be most common on the legs; however any area can be affected. The most common cause of lick granuloma is psychological, usually due to stress, boredom or a compulsive behaviour. However it can also be physiological such as bacterial and fungal infections, trauma which causes nerve damage, allergies or bone disease.

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I'll end with a handful of brief thoughts because this is getting way too long (Baby Sky's been napping and I'm surprised she's still asleep but certain she'll wake any moment): There are a couple of potential sore spots for some people in this book, one being the discussion of pit bulls. When I agreed to read and review Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson's THE DOG WHO COULDN'T STOP LOVING (Harper 2010), the regal Charles Hobson Booger, III was still with us.

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Happy Tails: Ethel

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She looked very frightened, neglected and we found her to be in a lot of discomfort due to a very bad infection in her eye; she was unable to open one eye and her other eye looked very sore. A British Bulldog was found by a dog walker on a remote part of Dartmoor and brought to us at Margaret Green Animal Rescue , Wingletang by West Devon Borough Council’s dog warden.

Pet Massage for Your Furry Loved One

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By the time you make it home, you’re absolutely spent and your shoulders are sore. Let’s say you have a brutal day at the office. Rubbernecking traffic made you an hour late for work, and the boss made you stay late for a pointless meeting. A massage would really hit the spot right about now, wouldn’t it? Fido can’t voice his opinion, but he feels the same way. Massages are a great way to fight many of the health ailments that can affect your little fur ball.

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Animal Ethics

While this tragedy will increase calls for sorely needed government regulation, the real answer lies in the hands of each one of us: buy your burger from a local butcher who processes his ground beef daily on the premises. To the Editor: Re “ The Burger That Shattered Her Life: Trail of E. Coli Shows Flaws in Ground Beef Inspection System ” (front page, Oct. 4): Your article about E.