Best Bird of the Weekend (Third of October 2020)

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If your neck is sore from being on a swivel this weekend, may I suggest swiveling with your hips to get through the rest of the month? Any time of year that features skies filled with birds pretty much all day demands attention pretty much all day.

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Do PETA's Tactics Make a Difference?

Critter News

I think that they are effective and, while I don't always agree with them, we would sorely miss them if they disappeared from the animal rights community. My husband and I disagree over PETA's effectiveness. I think this opinion piece does a good job arguing in favor of PETA. They have an energy and edginess that is fundamental to the movement. They keep people on their toes.

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Best Bird of the Weekend (Third of May 2021)

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I have it on good authority that many of you have already ridden the roller coaster of this season’s migration madness and are now recovering from strained eyes, sore necks, and bloated lists.

Birding: Special Lockdown Edition

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Some sorely needed comic relief came via a Japanese Tit. In the great tradition of authors reporting on and from global hotspots (think Hemingway or Orwell during the Spanish Civil War), this post is written on day 9 of being locked down in my Shanghai apartment compound.

Our Favorite Bird Books (and one pair of Binoculars) of 2022

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Here’s the kind of woman she is: when she got home after her first day of roller derby bootcamp, she was so sore she had to crawl up her stairs to get into a hot bath, where she cried for an hour. This, 2022, has been a curious year for books about birds and birding.

Canine Arthritis

4 The Love Of Animals

Apply Heat on Sore Joints. Avoid walking when it is too cold out, as the joints will be especially sore. Massages and acupuncture provide relief for sore, inflamed joints and will help to loosen these areas up. Arthritis is a very painful and common condition that affects older dogs. One in five adult dogs are affected by arthritis, and it has been reported to be the number one source of chronic pain that veterinarians treat every year.

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Lick Granuloma

4 The Love Of Animals

Lick granuloma is a serious skin problem in dogs and occurs when dogs continuously lick a certain area, which then becomes inflamed and sore. It tends to be most common on the legs; however any area can be affected. The most common cause of lick granuloma is psychological, usually due to stress, boredom or a compulsive behaviour. However it can also be physiological such as bacterial and fungal infections, trauma which causes nerve damage, allergies or bone disease.

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New Year, New Birds

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While all good birders were out making first submissions on eBird 2015 , I was nursing a sore head and struggled to make it out by mid-afternoon. Dragging salutations for the New Year half way through January may be stretching the point just a little too far, but I was otherwise engaged during my last post where best wishes for 2015 would best have been wished. In fact, 2015 dawned without me (I am ashamed to admit).

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Animal Person

I'll end with a handful of brief thoughts because this is getting way too long (Baby Sky's been napping and I'm surprised she's still asleep but certain she'll wake any moment): There are a couple of potential sore spots for some people in this book, one being the discussion of pit bulls. When I agreed to read and review Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson's THE DOG WHO COULDN'T STOP LOVING (Harper 2010), the regal Charles Hobson Booger, III was still with us.

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Pet Massage for Your Furry Loved One

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By the time you make it home, you’re absolutely spent and your shoulders are sore. Let’s say you have a brutal day at the office. Rubbernecking traffic made you an hour late for work, and the boss made you stay late for a pointless meeting. A massage would really hit the spot right about now, wouldn’t it? Fido can’t voice his opinion, but he feels the same way. Massages are a great way to fight many of the health ailments that can affect your little fur ball.

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Happy Tails: Ethel

4 The Love Of Animals

She looked very frightened, neglected and we found her to be in a lot of discomfort due to a very bad infection in her eye; she was unable to open one eye and her other eye looked very sore. A British Bulldog was found by a dog walker on a remote part of Dartmoor and brought to us at Margaret Green Animal Rescue , Wingletang by West Devon Borough Council’s dog warden.

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When Birds Are Near: Dispatches From Contemporary Writers

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It’s a bit of a sore thumb, a well-known essay by a famous writer-who-is-also-a-birder in a collection of essays by new and experienced-but-as-well-known-as-they-should-be writers, and I wish Rogers had given some background on its placement here. There are owls in New York City.

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Portrait of a Redtail with Grey Hoodie String

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He showed no signs of soreness. What follows will not be elegant artspeak about how certain photographers can capture not only the beauty but the spirit of wild birds, although my friend Russ Cusick , who took these photos, has certainly produced some of my favorite avian images. This is more of a cautionary tale about one of the perils lying in wait for wildlife rehabilitators who decide to take shortcuts.

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Terry, Ray, and Veronica’s Vulture

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There was nothing broken, he was just very sore. The upside of rehabbing Turkey Vultures is they’re smart, funny, cool, fascinating birds. The downside is sometimes they’ll bite you and throw up on you. It’s a small price to pay. This gorgeous guy was hit by a car, I’m guessing, in a town south of me. He hobbled into the driveway of a woman named Terry, limping badly and unable to fly. She made the 10 or 14 calls it usually takes to find a wildlife rehabilitator, finally finding me.

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I’ll Find My Own Godwit, Thanks.

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I really didn’t have anything in particular I wanted to see but I was sorely tempted to head out to Heckscher Park in Suffolk County to check out the trio of Hudsonian Godwits that had been seen there regularly for a couple of days. I had all morning this past Saturday to look for birds.

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Pseudonymns for Costa Rican Birds

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Here are a few of my recommendations for some such esteemed members of the Costa Rican avifauna: Forest Football Chicken or FFC (Great Tinamou) – Since tinamou sounds like the perfect representation of an oddly-shaped bird with a small head that gives beautiful tremulous vocalizations, I am sorely tempted to leave this one off the list. Some birds are too cool for just one name.

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Vulture vs. Bunny

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I thought he might be sore from banging into something, plus he was thin, so I simply planned to let him rest and gain weight in a large crate in our screened-in porch. This is the story of an attitudinal bunny and the Black Vulture who dared to encroach on her territory. Two years ago I finally caved and told my daughter she could have a rabbit. She had wanted one for a long time, but I was convinced I would end up taking care of it, plus there were carnivorous birds in my house.

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The Wildlife Rehabilitator’s Wish List

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A hot tub for my sore muscles,” wrote Sigrid in Colorado. “A It’s August, and first on the menu is: Fried Rehabber. Summer is high season. The general public is out and about, birds and animals are raising their young, and human/wildlife interaction is at its peak. If you are a rehabber, this means your phone never stops ringing, your emergency services are in constant demand, and your stress level is off the charts.

Thank a lemming

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The energy they expend will be sorely needed to get them through the winter and get them home to their breeding range up here. Many of you in the south are enjoying great sightings of Snowy Owls ( Bubo scandiacus ) this winter. Most provinces and most northern states have had sightings, and the irruption has extended as far south as Oklahoma (so far).

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Visiting Storm King Art Center

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The sun was shining, the grounds are beautiful, and I know a little bit more about art now so I could appreciate what we were looking at as something other than a jungle gym, though I was still sorely tempted to see if I could still climb those giant orange doohickeys.

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Best Bird of the Weekend (Third of November 2021)

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Plenty of other species stopped by, of course, but they were sorely outnumbered. As we approach a long holiday season, birders’ thoughts turn to more than just meals and merriment. Songs of turtledoves and swans a’swimming are not far off, but we in the U.S.

NC BC Chickadees

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Returning to my car with sore knees and altitude wheeze, I decided to try a couple of the pulloffs on the road to the summit on the way back. There are some birds I have not seen in North Carolina because they are very rare. There are some birds I have not seen in North Carolina because I have lousy luck. And there are some birds I have not seen in North Carolina because I am kind of a lazy lister. This is the story of the last one.

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Backyard Birding in Breckenridge

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Gorgeous animals, and amazingly graceful, but a bit worrying when they are sitting a foot or two from your six-year-old who was sorely tempted to give them a snack. It’s been nearly three weeks since the family and I left Breckenridge but I’m still thinking about all the birds that we enjoyed from my aunt and uncle’s backyard deck at 10,500 feet above sea level.

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Essentials For Packing When Birding Anywhere In The World

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You can stuff them in shoes, wedge them in gloves and even if it’s too warm, you can use them to apply heat to sore muscles. I travel for birding. A lot. I’m about to head out to the Hula Valley Bird Festival and as I’m packing, I thought I would share with you some essentials I think any birder should plan to have in their suitcase–no matter where they are visiting. I’ve never regretted any of these items being in my suitcase.

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Wildlife Rehabilitator War Wounds

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It was swollen and sore for two weeks.”. Injured wildlife are not the most cooperative of patients. Most of them think we’re trying to eat them, not help them. Frightened and defensive, they react accordingly. Wildlife rehabilitators have an arsenal of equipment and techniques we use to protect ourselves. Gloves (some lined with Kevlar), goggles, facemasks, helmets, body padding, nets, poles … the list goes on.

Forgotten Prairies

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They often build their nests in open savannas where it sticks out like a sore thumb. Well, maybe not forgotten, but certainly over-looked. Outside of hardcore twitchers looking for specialty birds and after speaking to thousands and thousands of birders, I have concluded that most people really do not put much emphasis on our prairies. Perhaps, this is because we, as Americans, have destroyed nearly every morsel of prairie we have left.

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First Ever World Series of Birding Triathlon Part 3, Or, With a Whimper

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… The delicious mojito that I gulped down with lunch had sufficiently numbed my poor, sore butt enough that getting back on the bike caused no pain. Joining this story a bit late? Click here for part one. Click here for part two. We three insane Swarovski Triathlon Hawks made our way back through downtown Cape May to our first post-kayak birding location, the 2nd Avenue Jetty, where we found bupkis.

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Yellow-bellied, bird and birder

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For a long time my inability to find one of the most common members of the devious genus Empidonax was a sore spot with me. I’ve been birding for nearly 2/3 of my life and, until this past weekend, I’d never even sniffed a Yellow-bellied Flycatcher. After all, I was a reasonably experienced birder. I had a fairly respectable life list, for those that judge birding by numbers.

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15 Years: Things Will Never Be The Same

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Rumor has it that the sorely-needed authoritative book on flycatchers is in the works…it can not be published quickly enough. Hello my birding sons and daughters. Today we speak of the not-so-distant past, the present, and the history in between. A large portion of North American birders are relatively new to the game, with less than ten years under their belts. This post is meant to serve as a flashback to 1998, 15 years ago.

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From Today's New York Times

Animal Ethics

While this tragedy will increase calls for sorely needed government regulation, the real answer lies in the hands of each one of us: buy your burger from a local butcher who processes his ground beef daily on the premises. To the Editor: Re “ The Burger That Shattered Her Life: Trail of E. Coli Shows Flaws in Ground Beef Inspection System ” (front page, Oct. 4): Your article about E.

ABA Field Guides to Birds of Colorado and Florida

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This latest addition to the ABA State Field Guide series is sorely needed in places like Wakodahatchee. I was birding one of my favorite places yesterday, Wakodahatchee Wetlands in Palm Beach County, Florida, and, as generally happens, people were asking me about the birds they were admiring. This is what happens when you wear binoculars and a hat that says “NJ Audubon” I was happy to answer the questions. “Great Egret.” ” “Roseate Spoonbill.

In Memoriam

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She also thought it was perfectly reasonable to sleep in until 10:00 on a Saturday morning in May, especially after seeing me struggle through spring migration year after year, sleep-deprived, cranky, and sore-necked – not to mention being unreasonably miffed about whatever birds I may have missed.

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Animal Advocates' Successes Have Factory Farmers Running Scared

Animal Ethics

If Loos thinks that animal agribusiness will win the argument on ethical grounds, he is sorely mistaken. A column entitled "Ag Industry Threatened by Animal Rights" appeared in today's High Plains/Midwest Ag Journal [ HPMAJ ]. The column, which you can read here , is a call to arms to factory farmers to fight back against those individuals and organizations working to protect farm animals from the abuses inherent in factory farms.

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The Nonessential Whooping Crane

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As the first cranes arrive back on their main refuge in SW Wisconsin, the 5 that won’t return will be sorely missed… Larry Jordan Mar 20th, 2011 at 9:31 pm @BigRed thanks for the sad update Vickie Mar 20th, 2011 at 10:52 pm Larry, Your thoughts about WCEP frequently come to mind for people who are concerned about the welfare of whooping cranes in the east if an eastern sandhill crane hunt should take place.

2011 78

Killingholme Haven Pits

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He will be sorely missed by his loving wife of over fifty years, myself and my sister and of course his two grandsons. This is dedicated to “Daddy” who sadly slipped away from us in the evening of November 27th. He was the most loving father you could wish for and life will never be the same for any of us now, but we treasure all of the time we spent together and especially when we could all be together at the family home for a few days that one last time.

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