ALF Spray Paints Bomb Threat in the Netherlands

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ALF activists spray painted a bomb threat at Wageningen University in the Netherlands because they do animal research. Never heard of that approach. From Bite Back: "In the morning of June the 15th the ALF went back to the Wageningen university.

Dutch May Ban Kosher Slaughter of Livestock

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This could halt production of kosher and halal meat in the Netherlands – and lead to similar campaigns in other European countries. kosher Slaughterhouse cows livestock farm animal welfare NetherlandsIt could have a snowball effect for other countries in Europe, although probably it certainly won't be seen as politically correct. Excerpted from the Irish Times. THE DUTCH parliament has voted overwhelmingly to ban the ritual slaughter of livestock.

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Increase in Dutch Animal Testing

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Dutch Whale Denied Freedom; Must Go to Spanish Amusement Park

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captivity spain academic research marine life marine animals entertainment Orcas NetherlandsUnfortunate, but the court decided she would not survive being returned to the wild. Here's an excerpt from the online Boston Globe.

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Customs Officials Meet to Discuss China/Russia Smuggling

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Representatives from the Federal Russia Customs, Far East Customs Directorate, Far East Operative Customs, Siberian Customs Directorate, General Customs Directorate of China, TRAFFIC Russia and TRAFFIC China met from 16–18 November in Vladivostok, through a programme supported by WWF Russia, Germany, the Netherlands, and the UK.

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