What is the National Bird of Latvia?

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The national bird of Latvia is the White Wagtail which, it being Latvia, they call Balta Cielava.* It was affirmed as the national bird in May of 1960 by the International Council for Bird Preservation while they were meeting in Tokyo.** I have been unable to determine why or how that organization had anything to do with the national bird of Latvia – one would not think that the Latvian people would need the affirmation of an international group for their national bird!

The 20 most common birds in Shanghai (Part 2)

10,000 Birds

For some reason, it is also the National Bird of Latvia, though this does not give it any special status here in Shanghai. Today`s post is a continuation of last week`s – an introduction to Shanghai`s 20 most commonly seen birds. After getting to the letter C last week in a roughly alphabetical order, I will show the second 10 species today. Start with Eurasian Tree Sparrow , an unlikely high-ranked target for anybody watching birds in Shanghai.

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