Making Trips to the Vet Easier [Infographic]

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Your dog might understandably be quite apprehensive about going to the vet and the whole experience is often very stressful for them. It’s a trip that they will almost certainly need to make at some point, though, so find out … Continue reading → cats dogs pet care

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Aloha Vet- Trouble in Paradise

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Tune in tomorrow for the full episode on … Continue reading → The post Aloha Vet- Trouble in Paradise appeared first on 4 The Love of Animals. So what happens when a tortoise shell needs some help? Call Dr. Sims!

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National Bring Your Cat to the Vet Day #Cat2VetDay

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Saturday, August 22, is “National Bring Your Cat to the Vet Day” (#Cat2VetDay) and the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) is using this as an opportunity to educate cat owners on the importance of routine check-ups.

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Aloha Vet: Babe the Two-Legged Pup Gets Wheels

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This sweet two legged pup gets wheels in the next episode of Aloha Vet. Babe visits children’s hospitals and does lots of … Continue reading → The post Aloha Vet: Babe the Two-Legged Pup Gets Wheels appeared first on 4 The Love of Animals. How adorable is Babe?

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Healthy pets see their vets! #GetHealthyHappy

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According to a recent petMD poll, nearly 2 in 10 pet owners hadn’t visited their vet for a routine checkup in the past year. Sure a visit to the vet can be a bit stressful sometimes, but it’s so worthwhile! All dressed up to visit the vet. What makes a healthy pet?

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Minimising your cat’s stress when visiting the vet

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There are a lot of aspects which surround taking a trip to the vet that can make animals feel uneasy. Firstly, the fact that your cat is heading to the vets may mean that they are already feeling under the weather – something which will not be helped by physical upheaval.

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Tune in to “Aloha Vet” on Nat Geo WILD

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He’ll even pilot the … Continue reading → The post Tune in to “Aloha Vet” on Nat Geo WILD appeared first on 4 The Love of Animals. Scott Sims is one of Hawaii’s best-kept local secrets. Not your typical veterinarian, he treats both wild and domestic animals, and when islanders need help with their pets and livestock, he’s the one they call.

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Importance of vet care.

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There, you’ll also find pet health and behavior articles; pet insurance tips; pet memorials; ask a vet and veterinary expert blog; lost and found and microchip information; travel kit and relocation tips; plus games, contests and local pet events. Importance of vet care. During these economic times, some pet owners are waiting longer than usual to schedule appointments with their veterinarian.

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Animal Ethics

Here is a New York Times story about veterinarians

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When Vet Bills Get out of Control

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Veterinarians at lower cost facilities undergo the same intense training as vets at state-of-the-art clinics. When it comes to regular vet visits, a low cost vet is always better than no vet at all. Responsible pet owners will find a way to maintain regular vet visits for their pets even in the worst of times. When Vet Bills Get out of Control originally appeared on 4 The Love of Animals on July 9, 2010. Here’s the scenario.

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National Take Your Cat to the Vet Day is August 22

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Pet parents know that taking your pet to the vet is an important part of making sure the stay healthy and well. Did you know that you can now get low-cost feline specific health plans, with plan options starting at less than $4 a month?

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Animal Rights Activists Attack Berkeley Vet

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Hey Gregory, time to become a real vet and help sick and wounded animals recover; not ensure the smooth functioning of the torture chambers by assisting vivisectors in callous and fraudulent experiments on fourty-thousand beautiful, innocent beings per year. This via the ALF Press Office : As he left his car parked in a garage on campus, he was whistling and had no idea he had been followed. We preceded to vandalize his shiny new Audi, paid for with blood money.

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Sen. Franken to Introduce Bill to Increase Use of Service Dogs for Vets

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Al Franken (suck on that Bill O'Reilly) has introduced a bill to increase the number of service dogs for vets returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. My bill will help train a statistically significant number of dogs to measure the benefits to veterans with physical and emotional wounds. The program would be monitored and refined over a three-year period to optimize its effectiveness. Frankly, I believe it is enough simply to improve the lives of those of whom we asked so much.

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Can dogs eat human foods?

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The vet at Pet Food Selector has complied a comprehensive list of human foods and their safety for dogs. We love this handy infographic that they created as a quick guide for what to give your dog, and which foods … Continue reading → The post Can dogs eat human foods?

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Unlikely Companions

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Unlikely Companions: The Adventures of an Exotic Animal Doctor (or, What Friends Feathered, Furred, and Scaled Have Taught Me about Life and Love) is a fun read about what it is like to be an exotic pet vet.

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The Holiday Gifts You Hate Getting Can Also Sicken Your Pet

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Three Easy Ways to Keep Your Pet Healthy and Happy #GetHealthyHappy

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Regular Vet Visits. Did you know that not visiting a vet for a year is like you avoiding your doctor for five years? Regular vet visits are important for many reasons, and can help your vet notice any problems early.

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Pets Aplenty Blog Tour

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Pets Aplenty is a humorous book written by Malcolm Welshman, a retired vet who has worked at London Zoo, in a small animal hospital, and as a consultant dealing with exotics. This is actually the third book in his vet series.

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Did someone say treats?

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We’ve been to the vet a few times, and are now trying to help her get her weight back up. Of course, she is loving the fact that the vet has given her permission to eat peanut butter, mac and cheese, and more of her favorite treats from Cesar ( Cesar Softies Grilled Chicken Flavor ).

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Paws For The Balkans

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World Vets is deploying to the region to provide support for animals that have been impacted by this disaster. Animals are often not the primary focus during massive disasters and World Vets is committed to bridging this gap and helping them during their greatest time of need.

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Give your dog the best dog food for the best health! #GetHealthyHappy

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Dr. Ashley Gallagher, vet at the Friendship Hospital for Animals in Washington D.C., Even though she is considered a senior, our vet recommended that we keep her eating adult food instead because she has a hard time gaining weight.

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Do dogs get colds?

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If there is also wheezing involved, it is best to take your dog to the vet right away to rule out other problems that have similar symptoms. As always, if you have any questions about your dog’s condition be sure to call your vet.

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Pancreatitis in Dogs

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The first day at the vet she was given an injection of fluids, and several medications for her to take. Sadly she has even had small seizures due to the pain of the illness and we had her back at the vet’s office again today.

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American Authors – Best Day Of My Life (Dog Version)

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Every single bulldog that gets rescued in September and October gets three free months of BarkBox and a full free year of BarkCare, their 24/7 vet service!! This has to be the best music video ever. Not only a great song, there is an adorable bulldog in it, and the best part?

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Hard for Russian Veterinarians to Use Anesthesia Due to Russian Drug Laws

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Outcry among vets ensued, and it was reinstated for veterinary use in 2004, but under such strict conditions that it is almost impossible to obtain. "It In the last eight years, only 5 percent of vets have obtained licenses to be able to use it," says Irina Novozhilova, president of VITA, an animal rights group. "I This has left vets between a rock and a hard place, with two contradictory laws condemning them whichever way they turn. "If

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Seizures In Dogs: Could Your Dog Have A Seizure?

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But, any seizure your dog has should be reported to your vet in order to try to determine its cause. After a seizure, take your pet to the vet as soon as possible. It’s important to consider your pet’s blood sugar levels when getting vet check ups.

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How Much is Your Animal Worth?

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Here is an article about the high cost of vet care and the ethical questions of how much do you spend. Do you ask the vet to euthanize the animal? I measure our cat Charlotte (pictured above in the masthead) in 42" HDTV's. She's at about 3 at the moment. Maybe 4 with all the meds and followup visits. Do you pay for the cat's medical treatment? If you decide to treat the cat, how much are you willing to pay? 5,000? Whatever it takes? No more HDTV's for her

#DogProblems giveaway!

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The hope is to get concerned owners to talk to their vet about pet food allergies – they even created a Symptom Checker for people to learn more about the topic.

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Help a NYC Puppy

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Right now, we are really worried for the puppy’s health and are desperately looking to find a vet who will donate a check-up, or people who will agree to pay the vet’s fees. &#. When we get these kinds of emails we are always happy to put the word out there!

Dog Appeasing Pheromone

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This would be perfect for travel, or trips to the vet. It’s great for walks, vet visits, ect. They are available through your veterinary clinic, and if you would like to learn more they even have a free number that you can call to speak with a vet tech!

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First C-Section Performed on a Shark!

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The Discovery Cove animal team and vets are continuing to monitor mom and her pups, who are doing well and eating and behaving normally. Orlando, Fla. August 6, 2013) – For the first time in SeaWorld’s history, a Cesarean section has been performed on a shark.

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Lick Granuloma

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You should seek advice from your vet to discover the underlying causal factor whether it be behavioural or physiological. Steroids may be injected into the area or antibiotics prescribed for infections however talk to your vet about the associated problems of administering these drugs on a long term basis so you are aware of the serious side effects that may accompany these drugs.

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“PAWtriotic” greeting cards and calendar.

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A portion of the proceeds will benefit America’s Vet Dogs, , a nonprofit division of the Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind. Fine art photographer, patriot and pet-lover Stacey P.

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A video on the importance of pet insurance

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This is the sad truth for many animals, as 56 per cent of vets interviewed claimed that over the past five years they had to put down cats or dogs because their owners simply could not afford the expensive treatments.

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It’s a Dog’s Life Journal Giveaway

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There is a pocket for keeping memorabilia, and even a very handy vet visit tracker (this is something all pet owners should have). Did you just adopt a dog? Maybe you or someone you know is adding a puppy to their family soon?

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How to Identify Food Intolerances in Pets

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For new puppies that are under the age of 1-year, many vets will recommend probiotics, which can be purchased online via a Canadian drug store and dispensed in your pet’s food in order to establish gut balance and good digestion early on. At this point the vet will run a series of tests to rule out fleas, dermatitis, infection or parasites. Once the vet rules out all common causes of irritation, they will try to pinpoint the food main culprit (e.g.,

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Rescue Spotlight: Animal Lifeline UK

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Vet bills are covered by the rescue. Move animals from pound to rescue/rescue to foster home/vets etc. We have a wonderful post from Jenny, who works with Animal Lifeline UK. I was excited to learn about the work that they are doing to help our animal friends.

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Jobs for Animal Lovers

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Grabbing a vet job is the dream of so many animal lovers as they grow up. Beyond that, it is actually an incredibly well paid profession and you can make a very good living as a vet. Everyone wants to do something they really love – and for people crazy about animals it only makes sense to do something that lets you help your furry friends. After all what could be better than helping animals, caring for them or just generally playing with them.

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Update on Charles, Violet Rays & Emily

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The newest vet says swimming won't be that helpful as he doesn't really know how to swim and could hurt himself trying. But he can walk in a lagoon or in a calm ocean, in chest-deep water, says Dr. Newest Vet. But if Dr. Newest Vet can figure it out, more power to him!

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Good Idea: Pet Keeper

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The PetKeeper comes with a VetKeeper pouch that you can keep important medical records and medications in, while also being removable making it easy to take with you to the vet. We have a new feature here at 4 The Love of Animals!

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