15 Resources for Employer Branding Professionals

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Managing your company’s employer brand is no small feat. We see that evidenced by the fact that more than half of candidates believe employer brand to be the most significant deciding factor when choosing an employer. If you’re an employer branding professional, these facts are nothing new. To help you achieve this, we’ve put together a list of some our most-loved and highly successful resources to inspire, educate, and help you reach your employer branding goals.

Happiness finds Grumpy Cat

4 The Love Of Animals

This adorable Friskies and PetSmart, co-branded video follows a loveable dog named Happiness who recognizes Grumpy Cat in the aisles of a PetSmart. Happiness tries his best to meet Grumpy as she tries her best to avoid Happiness at all … Continue reading → The post Happiness finds Grumpy Cat appeared first on 4 The Love of Animals. cats cute video dogs

2015 159

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Dog and Puppy Development

4 The Love Of Animals

Dog Development graphic created by Pet365 – a UK stockist of stunning dog beds and brands like Hamish McBeth. Click here to view the full post. just for fun

Born To Play!

4 The Love Of Animals

Beneful brand dog food is launching a video series featuring some fun-loving dogs that spread random acts of play in the most unexpected places. As you can see, there’s a lot of cuteness involved! Now, go PLAY with your pup (or kitty, or whatever adorable pet you have)! cute animals cute of the day cute video dogs

2012 157

Beneful Unleashed the 2014 Dream Dog Park!

4 The Love Of Animals

The fire-station themed renovation marks the fourth half million dollar dog park transformation by the dog food brand. We know some of the best moments are those spent with our four-legged friends, and the importance of sharing a healthy and happy life together,” said Brent Gleckler, Beneful brand director. “We’ve About Beneful Brand Dog Food. Introduced in 2001, Beneful is one of the most successful dog food brands in the Company’s history.

2014 157

Earth Friendly Makeup - But What About Animals?

Critter News

Here's an article highlighting some "earth friendly" makeup brands. Now, it may be that none of these brands are tested on animals (certainly not Sheila McCartney's Care right?), The article talks about health and safety, but mentions nothing about whether these products are animal-tested. It doesn't even raise the issue as an eco-concern. but the article made me question the assumption that "earth friendly" is naturally equated with "animal friendly.".

2008 100

Chinese Dogs Die From Imported Food

Critter News

A local distributor of a popular brand of dog food said Monday it had suspended sales of the product following reports that dogs who ate it had died from aflatoxin poisoning. said the company stopped selling Optima brand dog food last week and notified its customers not to feed it to their pets after receiving complaints that dogs became sick after eating it. The food in question is from Australia.

#DogProblems giveaway!

4 The Love Of Animals

The winner will get: Purina-branded medium Wash’n Zip pet bed (the Oatmeal Sherpa) and Purina pet water bowl – an approximate value of over $70. The team at Purina Veterinary Diets is igniting a conversation around common #DogProblems, like gas (oh, dog gas can be almost deadly, can’t it?!). The hope is to get concerned owners to talk to their vet about pet food allergies – they even created a Symptom Checker for people to learn more about the topic.

2014 201

50 Years. 50 Shelters.

4 The Love Of Animals

Care Package valued at $1,000 that will include Purina® Cat Chow® brand cat food, Purina® Tidy Cats® brand cat litter and general cat care items. Purina Cat Chow just launched “ 50 Years. 50 Shelters. ” a program that will support 50 cat-focused shelters nationwide and donate up to $200,000 in product and monetary donations to acknowledge these shelters’ dedication to the cats they serve and helping them find forever homes. Purina Cat Chow “50 Years.

2013 198

Nom-Nom-Nominate Beggin’ Giveaway

4 The Love Of Animals

and a lovely Beggin’ branded bag to hold them all! Beggin’ has a special program going on with Sam’s Club through the end of October. You get to cast your vote to help get your dog’s favorite Beggin’ flavors featured in a special Beggin’ Party Pack that will arrive at Sam’s Club in March 2014. There are 5 varieties of Beggin’ up for vote – Bacon, Bacon & Cheese, Thick Cuts Hickory, Collisions Bacon & Cheeseburger, Collisions Bacon & Peanut Butter.

2013 196

Purina Cat Chow Real Stories Project

4 The Love Of Animals

Five grand prize winners will each receive a $5,000 cash prize, a one year supply of Purina® Cat Chow® brand cat food for one cat, and have their cat relationship story told through a Purina Cat Chow brand online video. We believe the best stories come from real life, and every day we are inspired by the stories shared by our cat-owning community,” said Vincent Biroscak, Purina Cat Chow brand director. This one is for you dear cat lovers!

2012 118

Beneful Dream Dog Park Contest

4 The Love Of Animals

To recognize and celebrate these special moments, Beneful® brand dog food is announcing its Dream Dog Park Contest that invites dog owners to share ideas for the ultimate dog park for their daily adventures with their best buddy. In addition to having his or her idea(s) help serve as inspiration for a $500,000 makeover of a dog park, the Grand Prize winner will receive a $10,000 cash award and a year’s supply of Beneful® brand dog food.

2011 149

Paws at BlogPaws

4 The Love Of Animals

There were some seriously adorable pets in attendance, in addition to many great pet brands and wonderful speakers. We had a great time meeting all the furry attendees at BlogPaws this year. Here are just a few of the adorable animals we met. The very handsome Sheldon of Palm Springs Savant fame. Manny-N-Marcuz of the Enlightened Ferret. They arrived in the Ferret Chariot, and were even more adorable in their tuxedos for the Nose to Nose awards.

2012 154

Trader Joe's Eggs NOT Humane

Critter News

As of this time, all Trader Joe's brand eggs come only from cage-free hens. Any conventional eggs sold in our stores are in a brand name carton, not under the Trader Joe's label. I decided to look online for some information regarding the "Organic Free Range Eggs" that Trader Joe's, my favorite store, sells. Here is what their web site says. A Note About Eggs At Trader Joe's we listen to what our customers tell us about the choices we give them.

Eggs 146

Waggin’ Train Tail Waggin’ Jingle Contest

4 The Love Of Animals

Adkins will judge the semi-finalist entries using the following criteria: jingle describes the good times enjoyed by the entrant and his/her dog (50%); musical performance reinforces the Waggin’ Train brand’s wholesome fun personality (25%); and overall creativity/originality (25%). said Sean Boland, Waggin’ Train® Brand Director. From now until Sept. 2, America is invited to vote for their favorite entry at WagginTrainBrand.com.

2011 138

Share The Joy Giveaway from @Beneful

4 The Love Of Animals

One lucky reader will win a one-year supply of Beneful brand dry and wet dog food and treats! Does your dog have the dinner doldrums? More than one-third (34 percent) of the U.S. dog owners surveyed say they have to entice their dogs to eat their food at least once a week and nearly one-in-five (19 percent) say they have to entice their dogs to eat their food every day.

2014 178

PROJECT: Pet Slim Down (giveaway)

4 The Love Of Animals

Target and Purina have joined forces to create this awesome program which includes downloadable tools, and even a $1 coupon for any Purina ONE brand product. Project: Pet Slim Down is a free online program designed to help your pet lose weight. With more than half of America’s pets being overweight, it’s a problem that needs to be addressed. Luckily, there is an easy and FUN solution! Spending time playing with your pet is good for them, and for you!

2013 191

Be Happy with Purina (and win a custom tee)!

4 The Love Of Animals

Be Happy is a new pet food brand by Nestlé Purina PetCare Company that celebrates happiness as a way of seeing the world. We looked at the way our pets see the world and were inspired by how they just seem to instinctively know the secrets to being happy,” said Aaron Williams, Be Happy brand manager. In addition, the brand offers the Purina Happiness Guarantee: if a consumer is not completely satisfied with his or her experience, Be Happy will provide a refund.

2012 146

Play. It’s good for you!

4 The Love Of Animals

To inspire folks to get more play in their day, Beneful brand dog food is launching a video series featuring some fun-loving dogs that spread random acts of play in the most unexpected places. Check out the videos to see how a little play can transform an ordinary day: Cute Dog Brings Play to the Workplace. Born to Play. Spread the Play (the one you can see in this post).

2012 155

Shine a Light on a Shelter

4 The Love Of Animals

Purina ONE® beyOnd® brand dog and cat food and GOOD have teamed up to host the Shine a Light on a Shelter challenge and award a $10,000 grant to an animal shelter doing great work. For example, the way animals are sometimes portrayed in advertising and in the media may lead people to believe these animals are damaged, which ultimately, negatively impacts the adoption numbers nationwide,” said Christina Schneider, assistant brand manager.

2012 147

Rethink Litter!

4 The Love Of Animals

To celebrate the millions of cat owners around the country that make good green choices for their cats, home and environment this summer, Yesterday’s News , a cat litter brand made with recycled paper products, is launching the “ Rethink Litter! For every pledge received, the cat litter brand will make a $1 donation (up to $5,000) to Keep America Beautiful – an organization focused on litter prevention, waste reduction and recycling.

Litter 116

Janet Jackson Continues as Spokesperson for Mink Fur Company

Critter News

Given the fact that Jackson is representing a company that traffics in the fur trade, animal rights activists might get their feathers ruffled by Jackson’s continued associations with a luxe fur brand. What is the attraction of fur? I just don't get it. Wear your own damn skin! I'm disappointed in Janet Jackson and am totally taking her stuff off Rhapsody. No way will I add Jennifer Lopez either. Excerpted from Popcrush.

Fur 116

Good Idea: OTRADA

4 The Love Of Animals

Here is a bit more from the shop owner: Our brand, Otrada, is about creating the most stylish animal-inspired designs for you and your home. I found some at Target, some in catalogs, some in antique malls, but why wasn’t anyone creating a lifestyle brand for animal lovers? While I was busy building Otrada the brand, I also got serious about my equestrian pursuits and purchased an untrained Haflinger mare named “Patsy&#.

Good Idea: Ortada

4 The Love Of Animals

Here is a bit more from the shop owner: Our brand, Otrada, is about creating the most stylish animal-inspired designs for you and your home. I found some at Target, some in catalogs, some in antique malls, but why wasn’t anyone creating a lifestyle brand for animal lovers? While I was busy building Otrada the brand, I also got serious about my equestrian pursuits and purchased an untrained Haflinger mare named “Patsy&#.

Group Seeks to Ban Chinese Fur Trade with Australia

Critter News

The dog's fur is used to make Ugg boots, a popular fashion brand in Australia, to line the inside of the shoe. GRUESOME! Excerpted from the International Business Times. Humane Society International (HSI) called on Wednesday for a ban on the fur trade to Australia. The call was issued after the animal rights group discovered that the fur were sourced from the raccoon dog in China, ABC Radio Australia reports.

“petcentric” mobile application

4 The Love Of Animals

4 on Forbes’ list of 2009 “Best Branded Mobile Applications” after its 2009 launch as an iPhone application, now provides pet owners an even more engaging mobile experience through location-based utility, entertaining content featuring videos and photos, and relevant pet information. petcentric’ has proven to be very popular with pet lovers who use smartphone technology,” said Laura Lee, digital brand manager, Nestlé Purina PetCare.

2010 116

Henry Rollins to Host Weird New Show on National Geographic

Critter News

If "Animal Underworld" sounds a little edgy for the august National Geographic brand -- which has a standards and practices department that vets everything for accuracy -- senior vp Geoff Daniels assures it is in keeping with Nat Geo's mission of exploration and investigation. This sounds to me like it's glorifying the use and misuse of exotic animals. I'm not particularly thrilled about it, even though they are claiming that they are not into encouraging the activities.

2011 109

Emme Loves Ami!

Animal Person

And to my surprise, she picked them out of her Whole Foods brand canned food loaded with animal products. Finally, it arrived--a medium-size bag (4.4lb for $22.95 + shipping) of Ami vegan cat food (via Vegan Essentials ). It was with some trepidation that I opened the bag and offered chunky Emily some of the animal-free tasty morsels. What a relief!

Vegan 100

BOCA to Stop Using Eggs by End of 2009

Critter News

On March 19, 2009 a company representative emailed Compassion Over Killing: "…I am pleased to let you know the BOCA brand will be eliminating eggs in all of its products by the end of this year. Totally missed this story from about a month ago. We anticipate all BOCA products will be egg free in 2010." By removing eggs from their ingredient list, BOCA is withdrawing financial support for factory farms that use battery-cages. They are striking a blow against the cruel egg industry.

2009 100

Lessons Learned From 4 Years of Animal Person, Part 2

Animal Person

particularly in the name of a blog, as that's part of branding. Yesterday's lessons learned were primarily about blogging. Today they're about language. Lesson #7 Obsessing over language can become counterproductive. And this, coming from a person with a doctorate in Applied Linguistics. I can talk about language all day, every day. How it shapes our lives and our culture. How it changes because it's not static--it's alive.

2010 114

Rally to Rescue Story Contest

4 The Love Of Animals

This nationwide campaign from Purina’s Pro Plan brand promotes the amazing, but often untold, stories of pet rescue and raises awareness about its importance. The pet rescue organization that submitted the winning story will receive $5,000 in Purina® Pro Plan® brand pet food coupons. “These 10 stories are truly moving and make you appreciate just how much life and love these pets still have to give,&# said Heather Gettys, brand manager for Purina Pro Plan.

Rescue 116

Leap Day is Friskies Plus Day!

4 The Love Of Animals

We are thrilled to celebrate Friskies Plus Day nationwide with cat lovers,” said Kamila Nelson, Assistant Brand Manager for Friskies. “We Friskies is declaring February 29 “Friskies Plus Day”! If you in the Hollywood Boulevard area, be sure to stop by and see the 10-foot tall, 6-foot wide Friskies Plus Canstruction sculpture that will stand on Hollywood Boulevard for one day only – Friskies Plus Day.

2012 118

Summer BBQ Photo Contest

4 The Love Of Animals

The winning photo will be featured on the Chicken Soup site, and of course, let’s not forget the photographer will win the brand new digital camera too! We are happy to announce the Chicken Soup for the Pet Lovers Soul Digital Camera Summer BBQ Photo Contest! The prize? A Sony CyberShot digital camera! Chicken Soup for the Pet Lovers Soul encourages you to enjoy the summer with friends, family, and of course, your pets!

2010 172

Good Idea: Grr-nola!

4 The Love Of Animals

Well, this is a great idea from the folks at All American Pet Brands. Now, with the launch of All American Pet Brands Grrr-nola™ Bars, Fido can get the same delicious and nutritious snack. As pet owners, we all worry about their health. A treat for your dog that helps keep them healthy! “When you’re looking for a healthy afternoon snack, grabbing a granola bar is a quick and easy way to ward off hunger pains.

We Interrupt Regularly Scheduled.

Animal Person

Earlier in the year Chiquita Brands International Inc. We interrupt regularly scheduled deconstructing, editorializing, commenting and ranting to bring you a letter from John Perkins : Dear Friends Speaking of Democracy, Honduras, and President Obama. In writing my new book Hoodwinked (Random House, Nov 2009 publication date), I recently visited Central America.

3rd Annual Beneful Dream Dog Park Contest

4 The Love Of Animals

And, the Grand Prize winner receives $10,000 cash and a one year supply of Beneful brand dog food. Eric Stonestreet , Emmy Award-winning actor on the hit TV show Modern Family and one of TV’s most playful personalities, is helping to inspire more play by inviting dog owners across the country to enter the third annual Beneful Dream Dog Park Contest. Dog owners know how much dogs enjoy playing! And now you can help create an amazing space for them to play in.

2012 149

Beneful Dream Dog Park Finalists

4 The Love Of Animals

Fifteen finalists have been chosen and one lucky Grand Prize Winner will receive $10,000 cash and one year supply of Beneful® brand dog food. Beneful® Dream Dog Park Contest recently asked America’s dog owners a simple question – if you had $500,000 to create a dream dog park for you and your best buddy, what would you do? In addition, their ideas will help serve as inspiration for a half-million dollar makeover of a dog park that the entire community can enjoy.

2011 109

Jusani; Clothes for a Cause

4 The Love Of Animals

Jusani Culture is a haute lifestyle brand representing a new culture of supporters for a no-kill nation. Not only are their clothes fun to wear, but they help actual shelter pets through the money that is donated via each purchase. Be sure to check out their “last chance” section as well, the clothing purchased from that section donates 100% of proceeds directly to shelters. Artists and designers have the opportunity to make an impact through Jusani’s monthly Stand Up.

2012 100

12 Dogs of Christmas!

4 The Love Of Animals

The 12 dogs of Christmas graphic has been created by Pet365 – a UK stockist of brands like Planet Dog and Hamish McBeth. A very cute take on the classic Christmas song! holidays

2011 116

No More PU

4 The Love Of Animals

Tidy Cats brand cat litter Scoop formulas with new Odor Erasers™ technology helps with the PU in the litter box, and now Tidy Cats is on a mission to help with the PU in life. Tidy Cats is excited to come to the rescue and solve some of life’s stinkiest situations,” said Rebecca Schulz, Tidy Cats Senior Brand Manager. Sometimes life just stinks, but Tidy Cats® is here to help. Today kicks off the Tidy Cats “No More PU” campaign.

2012 116

High Hopes

4 The Love Of Animals

The High Hopes brand donates 3.5% Would you like a fun way to celebrate a special day with your dog? What if you could also help shelter pets at the same time? If you said YES!, then High Hopes has just what you need. Celebration Cupcakes are adorable treats that you can make quickly and easily for your pet. We got a chance to try them out, and used them for Baby’s 7th birthday. She loved the treat, and we loved how easy they were to prepare.

2010 109

Fancy Feasts (For Fabulous Floors)

4 The Love Of Animals

One aspect we realized we’d have to address is The Boy’s eating situation because there’s nothing in between his food and water ‘station’ and our brand new flooring. I’d like to introduce you to one of my two most favorite males on the planet: This is Cyrus. And yes this is the first thing I see every single morning. A fluffy Maine Coon with no sense of boundaries. All up in my grill. Like my husband says: ‘He doesn’t even care.’

2014 187

Hill’s Ideal Balance: Behind the Scenes

4 The Love Of Animals

Hill’s listened to consumers who stressed that they wanted more from their pet food than the same ingredients other brands offered — they wanted those ingredients in the correct proportions. I have been compensated for completion of this article. Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Inc. is not responsible for the content of this article. I am really excited to share this with you dear readers.

2013 146