Unlikely Animal Friends Wanted!

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Do you have an unlikely animal friend? Or two animals of different species that are best friends? Or did you go to extremes to rescue a helpless animal? For submissions, please email … Continue reading → The post Unlikely Animal Friends Wanted! appeared first on 4 The Love of Animals. National Geographic WILD is looking for your stories!

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Unlikely Animal Friends 2

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Unlikely Animal Friends 2 premieres Friday, January 7, 2010, at 9:00 PM ET/PT. It’s truly amazing to see the bonds that developed in otherwise unlikely friends. Polar bear and Huskie play – from National Geographic Channel’s Unlikely Animal Friends 2.

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Unlikely Animal Friends

4 The Love Of Animals

Are you ready for hours of the cutest animal video ever? Then be sure to tune in to Unlikely Animal Friends over this Thanksgiving break. NAT GEO WILD is sharing some of the most unlikely of animal friendships! From dolphins and dogs who are swimming buddies, playful cheetahs and puppies who are best friends, owls and kitties playing leapfrog and much more! For more tune in to Unlikely Animal Friends!

An Animal Friendly Yard

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One thing I really like about our yard is that it is so animal friendly. We have at least 4 different bird feeders which draw in a large number of birds and squirrels. In addition, our neighbor's cats are also frequent visitors (OK, sometimes we sneak food to them). This, coupled with the tearing out of the lawn and replacing it with shrubs gives it sort of a wild feel. We also like to keep a small footprint as far as where we can sit out there.

Casting Call: Need Vegans

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An Animal Friendly Life has the details about a new documentary on vegans

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Many wishes for a joyful, successful and animal-friendly 2009! From, THE CRITTER NEWS TEAM (aka Anna, Patrick, Charlotte, Sonia, Jennie, Cleo, Chay, Doris, Heidi, and Lou

Critters in our yard

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Our yard is pretty animal friendly. We get cats, mice, birds, squirrels and raccoons. Here is a picture of some mice feeding on bird seed we threw out for the birds

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Odd Friendships

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Is there any better story than that of animals becoming friends? Animals that wouldn’t normally hang out together? UNLIKELY ANIMAL FRIENDS. Can animals really build friendships with other species, people, or even their own prey?

“I Touched a…”

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As they meet new animals you can easily record the experience, including a place for a photo, and more importantly, how the animal felt to the child. Coming in contact with animals can foster a love for them that will last a lifetime. On the New Animal Friends website there are tips on how to approach animals safely (very important, especially for kids), in addition to information on how you can order this special scrapbook for the children in your life.

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Earth Friendly Makeup - But What About Animals?

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Here's an article highlighting some "earth friendly" makeup brands. The article talks about health and safety, but mentions nothing about whether these products are animal-tested. Now, it may be that none of these brands are tested on animals (certainly not Sheila McCartney's Care right?), but the article made me question the assumption that "earth friendly" is naturally equated with "animal friendly.".

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The SPCA does some amazing work on behalf of our animal friends all over the globe. They have many wonderful programs, one of which helps both animals and people. people helping animals animal rescue cat dog operation baghdad pups rescues spca

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Lucky Me!

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A Children’s Guide to Animal Companionship and Safety. Children are also reminded to, for instance: Keep your new dog on a leash because it will keep him or her safe from getting lost, being hit by a car, getting in fights or catching diseases from other animals. Lucky Me.

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Good Karma from Cherry City

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I recently got a chance to try some of their items, including the new scent, Good Karma, that supports animal rescue. I just love using everything I got to try because not only does it all smell great, but I love knowing that everything is animal friendly too.

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Rescue Spotlight: Animal Lifeline UK

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We have a wonderful post from Jenny, who works with Animal Lifeline UK. I was excited to learn about the work that they are doing to help our animal friends. We at Animal Lifeline UK help animal rescues in the UK find volunteers and homes for their animals.

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Good Idea: Pet Cremains in Glass

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and individually signed by talented glass artists who respect the love you have for your animal friends and treat the ashes with reverence. Good Idea: Pet Cremains in Glass originally appeared on 4 The Love of Animals on January 6, 2010.

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From the Mailbag

Animal Ethics

First of all, I want to tell you how much I enjoy Animal Ethics. It’s a job-matching site for all jobs related to animals, like training, grooming, veterinary medicine, caretaking, zoo positions, and much, much more. What makes the site special is that a portion of every sale is donated to animal rights and rescue organizations. If the majority of your blog readers are animal lovers like me, then I know they’d love my site.

Bringing Your Pet to Disneyland

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That and you’re not sure if you can last a day without seeing your beloved furry friends. Other options outside the Disneyland Resort are Animals Friends Pet Hotel and Animal Inns of America. You can also stay at pet-friendly hotels around the area such as Lemon Tree Hotel and Marriot Anaheim Suites. You’re planning to take the whole family to Disneyland.

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Guest Post: Bonding with your kitten.

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This guest post comes to us from Joy, from Animal Friends Insurance. You might want to write a list of pet names and choose the one that you think is perfect for your new friend! originally appeared on 4 The Love of Animals on February 28, 2010.

One Mind at a Time

Animal Ethics

Resorting to violence against person or property is not in the long-term best interests of animals, as Peter Singer has argued. All of us are entitled to spend our money in animal-friendly ways. (If If you want, you can think of this as "punishing" those who use animals as resources.) I've been a proponent of animal rights for more than a quarter of a century. If you care about animals, as I do, you will work within the system to improve their lives.

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Sucre Chocolates help the LA/SPCA

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It may seem a bit strange to talk about chocolates on an animal blog. After all, our animal friends shouldn’t eat chocolate. However, Sucre is helping animals by donating part of their holiday proceeds to the LA/SPCA. Tags: people helping animals reviews

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