Myiarchus Mysteries

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Alas – both Trinidad and Tobago each have two Myiarchus flycatchers. As is my self-declared tradition of speaking of groups of birds within the species gamut of Trinidad & Tobago, allow me to introduce you to yet another group of three.

ALA 73

Maine Jumpstarted My 2021 Birding

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Alas, no. Like so many, the majority of my birding since the Covid-19 pandemic began has centered on my own backyard and local walking excursions. But as we kicked off 2021, I found myself far from my current home in North Florida, surrounded by a plethora of Maine birds!

Best Bird of the Weekend (Second of June 2020)

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Alas, I didn’t locate any but found enjoyment in a prolonged standoff between mobbing Red-eyed Vireos and a Blue Jay who refused to take the hint.

2020 62

Best Bird of the Weekend (Third of March 2020)

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Alas, the pickings were slim apart from one freezing raptor counter. You may have experienced one of the weirdest weekends of your life, what with all bars and restaurants closed and people maintaining a healthy distance from even close friends and family.

2020 64

Definitely NOT beep-beep

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Alas, we did not hear our Roadrunners vocalize, although I have heard sing on one other visit to La Escalera. I f you’re on a highway and Road Runner goes beep beep. Just step aside or you might end up in a heap. Road Runner, Road Runner runs down the road all day.


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Alas, only 12 plants remain from that season, victims of my inexperienced care. Alas, this is what I must trim. An unfortunate side effect of birding in the developing world, is the amount of habitat destruction you are likely to see.

2016 68

Cute and Cuter

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Alas, our rainy season seems to be slowing down — although I heard a rumble of thunder as I wrote the sentence — fingers crossed! My latest posts have tended to the thematic, rather than offering up lots of photos of the cool birds I am seeing.


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Alas, I have found no viable acorns anywhere this past year — just as I am figuring out how to get oak seedlings to survive. I bought my first plant for the garden, with my own money, when I was eight years old.

ALA 78

Striking Gold in Costa Rica

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Alas, our Western Gull was nowhere to be found! The birding in Costa Rica is always golden but some days, you really do strike gold. Go birding in the humid, moss decorated forests of the Caribbean slope and the feathered nugget might take the form of a Bare-necked Umbrellabird.

Charles Comes Home!

Animal Person

But alas. I've been a bit preoccupied with a couple of stranger-than-fiction situations that recently caused me to tweet "Sometimes I wish there were a god so I'd have someone to blame." One situation was that Charles, who will turn six on June 3, has been lame for nearly six months. And after vet upon vet, and drug upon drug (and also some acupuncture and chiropractic), we had to take him to Orlando (3 hours north) for an MRI.

2009 100

On Dominance and Animal Birth Control

Animal Person

But alas, we' re too important and special to "manage," and every human pregnancy is treated as a sacred, blessed event, while we kill the kittens inside pregnant feral cats every day without batting an eyelash, and in fact we're relieved when we can catch one who's pregnant, as that's x number of cats who don't have to come into this world.

Best Bird of the Weekend (Last of January 2015)

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Alas, the team named for a bird fell short of the crown in Super Bowl XLIX. While many human beings felt anguish and rage at the loss, most avifauna appeared unperturbed. The non-Seahawk birds that caught my eye this weekend were Northern Cardinals , which always look their best burning crimson against a blanket of white snow. Corey’s Best Bird of the Weekend was a wonderful American Pipit foraging on the roadside margin at Jones Beach State Park.

2015 61

Where Are You Birding This Second Weekend of August 2019?

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Alas, I won’t be anywhere near penguins this weekend, so I’ll have to make do with whatever uncommon shorebirds trickle through Lake Ontario. If you’re struggling with horrendous summer heat, a trip to Antarctica might sound good to you. On the other hand, if you’re dealing with the depths of winter’s chill, a trip to Antarctica might sound good.

2019 46

Creature Update

Animal Person

But alas, the supply has dwindled. As many of you know, 2009 was chock full of creature-related drama for me. From the feral cats of Project Treadstone to Charles' back surgery to problems with Violet's Vetsulin (insulin for dogs), we had more than our share of issues. If I told you what I spent last year doing work-wise, you probably wouldn't believe me and you'd definitely suggest I write a book about it. At least Emily the kitty, though not at all skinny, had an uneventful year.

2010 103

Steve Best on The Left's Ignorance of Cognitive Ethology

Animal Person

With traits allegedly unique to humans running out, philosophers and scientists claimed that only humans have minds complex enough to allow a sense of self-consciousness or self-identity, but, alas, chimpanzees and other animals demonstrated significant degrees of self-consciousness too. Steve Best's verbal presentation of his ideas sometimes irks me. It's over-the-top, for me, and I often resent the time I must spend working through the ranting.

2009 100

Where Are You Birding This First Weekend of February 2015?

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Alas, the long slog to spring will take many, many more frigid, blustery weeks. Keep your eyes to the skies for freaky hybrids ! If you live on my side of the globe–north/south axis, of course–you may be as sick as I am of winter weather. At least we have birds… My desire to see boreal specialties pales in comparison to my passion for staying warm and dry. This does not bode well for my birding weekend.

2015 57

Birding around Chaka, Qinghai, China

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The Ala Shan Redstart (which I will not call Przevalski’s Redstart, see my juvenile rants about the evil Mr Przevalski in earlier editions of this blog) is a very attractive bird and – as many attractive birds – listed as Near Threatened.

China 83

I Get Back

10,000 Birds

Alas, as the decade progressed, I also saw the site degenerate. … to where I once belonged. My first experience birding was as a teenager back in the 70s, when birding meant a pair of binoculars, a couple of bird feeders, and a smallish field guide (book).

Where Are You Birding This Second Weekend of February 2019?

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Alas, this bird doesn’t like rain! Are you the sort of birder who takes comfort in the thought that you might find new species within driving distance of your home? Or are you the kind of completist who is driven to distraction by the knowledge of unseen species in your general vicinity? I definitely fall into the former category, willing to cache new birds away like an Acorn Woodpecker stores oak nuts.

2019 43

Highlights from a Cancelled Pelagic Trip in Costa Rica

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Alas, our trip to the sea was not to be! A cancelled trip? How could there be highlights? According to the unwritten ancient rules of birding, whether your pelagic trip gets cancelled or not, as long as you go birding, there will always be highlights.

Best Bird of the Weekend (First of December 2013)

10,000 Birds

Alas, I had no time outdoors this weekend, which leaves House Sparrows sheltering a giant wreath as my Best Bird of the Weekend. Winter may not technically begin for another couple of weeks, but frigid temperatures and wicked snow are assailing various parts of North America. The weather outside is frightful, but winter birds are so delightful… guess that’s as good a reason as any to brave the cold.

2013 56

Laughing at you, not with you

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I can sometimes hear Hwamei singing here in my compound in Shanghai – alas, these are then cage birds, as the species is popular as a caged bird for its singing.

Where Are You Birding This First Weekend of August 2018?

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Alas, we’re still mired in shorebird season, so I’l sally forth once more this weekend in search of the Red Knots and Ruddy Turnstones passing through the Great Lakes. Here in the Empire State, August’s arrival triggers some predictable reactions: “Aw, summer is almost over.” ” “Aw, school will be starting any day now.” ” “Yee-haw, fall migration is starting soon!”

2018 40

Birding Shanghai in February 2022

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In the English translation, the story is titled “Little Fable”: “Alas,” said the mouse, “the whole world is growing smaller every day. Unfortunately, Nanhui – in the past, a great place for birdwatching in Shanghai – is continuing its decline.

Uncharacteristically Wet

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Alas, nothing showed until there was a brief break in the shower and a Golden-crowned Warbler materialized in the leaf litter just in front of me. I know many of us seek birds as an escape from dreary, depressing news that seems to permeate almost everything of late.

What’s in a Name: Cooper’s and Sharp-shinned Hawks

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Alas for the naming of birds that it took place before anyone had the foresight to recognize that the Sharp-shinned Hawk should be called the Mini-Cooper. It would reflect not only a pun hilarious to me personally and birding dads everywhere, but the magnitude of the ID challenge presented by a glimpse of one of these accipiters in swift flight – akin to the Greater and Lesser Scaup or the Long-billed and Short-billed Dowitcher. But such things were not to be.

2018 40

Best Bird of the Weekend (Second of November 2015)

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Alas, the winds blew nothing exceptional my way. Every week, the winds carry the unexpected hither and yon. Were you hither? Were you yon? If so, we’d love to hear what you found there. In fact, my weekend avifauna was so prosaic that a lone House Finch stood out as the most interesting sighting.

2015 52

Emerging birding destinations: Serbia

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Alas, I am not among them. The coronavirus has locked us all in, literally, doing something that was totally unthinkable only a few months ago: it has prevented us from birding abroad!

Serbia 101

Consolation species

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But, alas, the Novel Coronavirus did not respect my plans. I should have been on my way to Istanbul by the time this post came out. That trip was to take my wife and I to Turkey, Jordan, and southern Spain, with stopovers near Paris.


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And when you do get it to come within sight (alas, with playback, always), it can be as bold as any other member of this cocky family. When it comes to wrens, central Mexico has it pretty good.

ALA 62

One Step Forward, One Step Back

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Alas, the flowering plants had almost all dried up, and hummingbirds were few. Those who read my posts each week (and I know you’re out there, a few of you have said so) know that 2021 is shaping up to be a decidedly bipolar birding year for me here in Michoacán.

The best-kept birding secrets of Belgrade

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Back to the Zrenjanin Road and continue another 15 km / 9 mi, and by the end of the Centa village turn into an inconspicuous dirt road leading to the Veliki Alas fish farm (north of the village).

Boars 87

Hawking for Nighthawks

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The cows and their entourage of Cattle Egrets sloshed through the pastures, each time they moved we lurched forward hoping to see a disturbed Grey-breasted Crake hop into view – but alas, no such luck even though we were hearing the little skulkers consistently.

2020 74

Best Bird of the Weekend (Third of April 2013)

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Alas, they both kept their heads down until long after we’d left. One question every self-described birder must grapple with is to twitch or not to twitch. Some of us love to chase down preposterous vagrants, while others eschew bird chasing for contemplation of standard local fare and seasonal specialties. I raise this perennial issue because I found myself twitching a rare ABA bird this weekend. Did you?

2013 64

Where Are You Birding This Third Weekend of July 2013?

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Rumor has it the falls are fantastic for gulls, but alas only in winter! When the birds of summer grow stale, a birder’s fancy turns to leps and odes. If you don’t know what those terms mean, think about the most colorful and fascinating flying creatures that aren’t birds. Summer is sweet for dragonflies, butterflies, and moths, the last of which deserve your attention over the next seven or so days. After all, this is National Moth Week 2013!

2013 58

Where Are You Birding This First Weekend of October 2013?

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Alas, the New York coastline is nowhere near as picturesque as the Pacific coast as our photo above by Duncan shows. As daylight dwindles in the Northern Hemisphere, birds proliferate and then progress out of the frame. October, as Dylan Thomas perceived it, was awash with avian activity: My birthday began with the water-. Birds and the birds of the winged trees flying my name. Above the farms and the white horses. And I rose. In rainy autumn.

2013 55

A White Brown-headed Cowbird

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Alas, the only thing either of us found worth making a call about was the white cowbird, which I refound in one of the huge flocks of cowbirds and starlings that have been roaming around Fort Tilden. I was sorting through a large mixed flock of Brown-headed Cowbirds and European Starlings at Fort Tilden on Friday morning when Isaac Grant, the intrepid Staten Island birder, showed up and asked if I had seen the white one.

2014 60

Best Bird of the Weekend (Fourth of January 2016)

10,000 Birds

Alas, now that the Arizona Cardinals have fallen to the Carolina Panthers, we face the prospect of a Super Bowl without bird-themed football teams. So, do you prefer rambunctious horses or big cats better? I got a good dose of seaducks this weekend up at the mouth of Irondequoit Bay; the most interesting species amidst the mixed flocks was a lone Bufflehead hobnobbing with Common Goldeneyes.

2016 40

There goes the neighborhood

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But alas, my garden Wilsons have not been seen here on the 4th of April. 10,000 Birds is having trouble with our website platform. If this post turns up on Wednesday, April 23, it will mean I was successful in uploading text. However, the platform did not allow me to include photos. Since I consider myself a better writer than photographer, I can live with that. When you are an American expatriate who lives, and birds, in Mexico, it is a topsy-turvy world.

2020 48

January Statistics

Animal Ethics

Alas, it's not the best monthly average. This blog had 2,383 visitors (visits, actually) during January. That's a record. November (which has only 30 days) had an average of 77.5 visitors per day. December had an average of 74.0 visitors per day. January had an average of 76.8 visitors per day. Hey, at least we're consistent! Here is a chart showing readership (visitorship?) since the blog's inception (click to enlarge): Thanks for visiting! Y'all come back now, y'hear

2007 40

You Never Know What You’ll Find in Kansas

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Alas, they turned out to be Ring-billed Gulls , but as I turned back to the car another flock of white caught my eye. The sun was setting fast as my mom and I left Council Grove, Kansas, after a delicious steak dinner and a three hour expedition across the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve. Cattle fields surrounded the small town, the cows forming dark silhouettes against the rapidly graying skies.

The A-Team

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I was just wondering about another topic for a post. Ideally, it should be one even less relevant than previous ones (like the one on wet birds, the one on blue birds, or the ones just showing birds eating or sleeping). Then I had an idea – a post based on birds starting with the same letter.

China 102

Best Bird of the Weekend (Second of March 2012)

10,000 Birds

Choosing among the hawks, eagles, and owls at the raptor residence (alas no rehab for these irreparably injured birds of prey) and the active late winter species in the park seemed impossible, until an impressive Pileated Woodpecker put on a powerful display of excavatory activity. Change is in the air, isn’t it? All around the world, satisfaction subsides as an inevitable restlessness sets in on a cellular level.

2012 57