January Statistics

Animal Ethics

Alas, it's not the best monthly average. This blog had 2,383 visitors (visits, actually) during January. That's a record. November (which has only 30 days) had an average of 77.5 visitors per day. December had an average of 74.0 visitors per day. January had an average of 76.8

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Charles Comes Home!

Animal Person

But alas. I've been a bit preoccupied with a couple of stranger-than-fiction situations that recently caused me to tweet "Sometimes I wish there were a god so I'd have someone to blame." One situation was that Charles, who will turn six on June 3, has been lame for nearly six months.

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On Dominance and Animal Birth Control

Animal Person

But alas, we' re too important and special to "manage," and every human pregnancy is treated as a sacred, blessed event, while we kill the kittens inside pregnant feral cats every day without batting an eyelash, and in fact we're relieved when we can catch one who's pregnant, as that's x number of cats who don't have to come into this world.

Creature Update

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But alas, the supply has dwindled. As many of you know, 2009 was chock full of creature-related drama for me. From the feral cats of Project Treadstone to Charles' back surgery to problems with Violet's Vetsulin (insulin for dogs), we had more than our share of issues.

Steve Best on The Left's Ignorance of Cognitive Ethology

Animal Person

With traits allegedly unique to humans running out, philosophers and scientists claimed that only humans have minds complex enough to allow a sense of self-consciousness or self-identity, but, alas, chimpanzees and other animals demonstrated significant degrees of self-consciousness too. Steve Best's verbal presentation of his ideas sometimes irks me. It's over-the-top, for me, and I often resent the time I must spend working through the ranting.

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Five Years and Counting

Animal Ethics

Alas, there were very few comments, and most of those that were submitted were anonymous, so I disabled it. I created this blog five years ago today. There have been 112,684 visits, which is an average of 22,536.8 per year and 61.7 per day. Here , for old time's sake, is my first post. Thanks for visiting. If you're looking for something in particular, please use the search function at the top left of the blog.

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