Eating a Pigeon

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While wandering around my home borough on Sunday morning doing some post-snowstorm birding I made my way to Oakland Lake in northeastern Queens with the hope of finding Rusty Blackbirds to add to my year list. If you want to see what other birds were around on Oakland Lake check out my eBird checklist. Birds Cooper's Hawk Oakland Lake pigeons predation rock pigeon

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A Day Active Little Brown Bat in Queens

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On Saturday’s nature walk at Oakland Lake, a small park in Queens, Desi and I got to enjoy the antics of a very active Little Brown Bat before our friend Kerry arrived to join us. ……… Mammals bats Oakland Lake Queens It was nice to get the opportunity to watch and photograph a bat in bright sunlight, and this particular example of Myotis lucifugus was amazingly cooperative.

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Activists Continue to Target UC Animal Researchers

Critter News

The communiqués read, in part: We were inspired by the recent passage of the 2296 bill and the raid of an anarchist infoshop in Oakland. California recently passed a law protecting animal researchers from animal activists. In the short term at least, it's not working. As the vivisectors revel in their false safety, know this. This law changes NOTHING. We are still here and we intend to act. We threw stones through windows at Ralph Freeman's Vine Street home, breaking two.

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Best Bird of the Weekend (Third of April 2013)

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Denied a Ruff, I had to make to do with a very handsome, very obliging, very early Hooded Warbler at Oakland Lake in Queens. One question every self-described birder must grapple with is to twitch or not to twitch. Some of us love to chase down preposterous vagrants, while others eschew bird chasing for contemplation of standard local fare and seasonal specialties. I raise this perennial issue because I found myself twitching a rare ABA bird this weekend. Did you?

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Arizona, or Central Mexico?

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You can fly direct to Mexico City from many American cities; while you can fly direct to Morelia from Oakland, Los Angeles, Houston, Dallas, and Chicago. I got back into birding less than a decade ago, long after moving to Mexico in 1983.

Birds Are Gumming Up the (Public) Works

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Meanwhile, on the opposite coast, Double-crested Cormorants are interfering with plans to tear down the old Bay Bridge between Oakland and San Francisco. As bird lovers, we’re happy that laws exist to protect birds, and that people are especially looking after protected species. But sometimes, what’s best for the birds and what’s best for the humans collide. In the United States, a few of those conundrums are making news.

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A Post Chock-full of Bird News

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The tree-trimmer at the heart of a disturbing Black-crowned Night Heron incident in Oakland, California turns out to be an ally for the birds. … because my husband and I have done some migrating of our own, from Chicago to Philadelphia, over the past few weeks, and bringing 10,000 Birds readers the freshest and best bird news sadly had to take a back seat to packing, driving, unpacking, and furiously scouring Craigslist for Ikea furniture.

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There Are Migratory Birds Other Than Wood-Warblers. Who Knew?

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This bird was spending its time at Oakland Lake but they are easily found across Queens through the nesting season. As Nate pointed out on the ABA Blog yesterday , we North American birders, especially those in the east, are a tad bit obsessed with wood-warblers. I am certainly no exception.

2014 63

Say’s Phoebe in Prospect Park, Brooklyn, New York

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A Say’s Phoebe was found this morning in Prospect Park, Brooklyn, while Desi and I were having a fun nature walk at Oakland Lake in Queens with our friend Kerry. After our nature walk we had lunch, and while eating lunch more reports of the phoebe, which is a species I had never seen before in New York State, were coming in over email.

2013 65

Birding California: A Regional Primer

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One or two Tufted Ducks show up at Lake Merritt in Oakland every year, with this drake in particular often lending itself for soul-satisfying views. Lake Merritt, Oakland, CA. When one thinks of taking a birdcation somewhere in the U.S., the same few states always come to mind first…Alaska, Arizona, Texas, and Florida. That’s where everyone goes, and for good reason. However, I am here to make the case for birding California.

From Today's New York Times

Animal Ethics

Jeremy Russell Director of Communications and Government Relations National Meat Association Oakland, Calif., To the Editor: Re “ More Perils of Ground Meat ” (editorial, Jan. 10): Instead of encouraging efforts to improve food safety, you demonize a company that had the courage to invest in innovative technology proved to be effective in reducing dangerous pathogens. The American food safety system is the highest standard in the world, and our ground beef is the safest.

Birding In Low Places

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This bird perenially winters on Lake Merritt, in the middle of Oakland, CA. The water this Northern Pintail is in has human poo in it, which completely ruins the experience of seeing this bird. Oh wait, it doesn’t. Radio Road, Redwood Shores, CA. The majority of diehard birders do not care where they get their birds. Slaty-backed Gull at a dump, Baikal Teal at a sewage pond, Yellow-green Vireo at some random park in the ghetto…if a place collects birds, birders will go there.

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Queens Big Day (Kind of)

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A quick stop at the beach netted me some beach-nesting birds and then I did a quick tour of some woodland parks, Alley Pond Park and Oakland Lake. After several weeks of putting in way too much time at work I finally finished bargaining a contract early last week and had it ratified by mid-week. That meant I could finally take a day off from work and I chose Friday.

2013 57

If We Can Rock Together, We Can Flock Together

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Lake Merritt, Oakland, CA. Weird flocks are fun. One does not typically find a Black-crowned Night-Heron mixed in with Rock Pigeons and American Coots. I think the night-heron knows it too. Thanks for stopping in again birders. Today’s post is as simple as it can be. FLOCKS. You know them and you love them…except when your car gets smeared in gull or grackle feces. Big flocks of birds are one of nature’s greatest wonders… how do they end up in those formations?

2012 60

Where Are You Birding This Third Weekend of March 2011?

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On Sunday I’ll have a big day and try to bird all of Alley Pond Park (Queens, NYC), from APEC to Oakland Lake, the Oaks section, the kettle ponds and end at the walking trails in the southwest section of the park. home about advertise archives birds conservation contact galleries links reviews subscribe Browse: Home / Birding / Where Are You Birding This Third Weekend of March 2011? Where Are You Birding This Third Weekend of March 2011?

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Birding Morelia

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One of the advantages of Morelia as a birding/tourist destination is that we receive direct flights from Houston on United, Dallas/Fort Worth on American, and Los Angeles, Oakland, San Jose (California), and Chicago/Midway on the Mexican carrier Volaris. If you are like me, you can get a fair amount of birding done while traveling with your non-birder spouse… as long as you make sure you visit places with lots of other interesting activities, to keep that spouse happy.

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Collaborative list – January 2020

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A new year, a new list. Does anyone have any special plans for the new decade? If you are not already a lister, this could be the moment that you have been waiting for. A special point in history from which to make a start; the opening of a whole new decade. Bring it on!

2020 67

My First West Coast Pelagic Trip

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With Seagull Steve willing to let me crash at his house in Oakland and a Shearwater Journeys trip going out from Half Moon Bay on Saturday, 13 August, the whole plan came together wonderfully! Here in New York we are at quite the disadvantage when it comes to pelagic trips.

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Collaborative List – March 2017

10,000 Birds

Lists from nine countries have been shared this month with Cuba appearing for the first time. With Corey’s February jollies to The Bahamas (when he should have been at home looking for GGOs), Lichtenstein, Austria and Switzerland our country/province/principality/kingdom/territory list has swollen to 37. 79 checklists were contributed for 624 birds during March and bring the running total for 2017 to 1162. The lifetime list reaches 2747.

2017 48

The Collaborative List 2017 – January.

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Protests were organised, banners were waved, petitions were signed and 6 of the beats have been banned from entering their data. Nevertheless, The Management has made it clear, in menacing tones and with a flourish on an executive order, that the list will continue. For 2017, in keeping with all the top businesses, the list will be refreshed and re-branded. This year it will become The Collaborative List and to acknowledge eBird’s facilitation, the logo will be; tHe cOllaborative lIst.

2017 40

Collaborative List 2017 – February

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The beats have been mostly sedentary during February with only Corey venturing beyond his normal range. Tom has made an altitudinal migration, but stayed within his accepted beat. Redgannet has been wandering aimlessly as is his brief. Last year beats were being spotted way beyond their usual habitat with checklists shared from India, Puerto Rico and Israel. It might be difficult to increase on last February’s score of 826.

2017 40

Collaborative List – April 2017

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It worked! After last month’s chastisement for shying away from the share button, Mike has come good. Humiliating him in front of his public had a far more productive effect than I could have hoped for in fact, as he upped and took himself off to Panama in an attempt to appease the compiler. And more to the point, he has managed to overcome his aversion to the share button. Please join me in congratulating him and urge him to keep sharing even when he thinks he has nothing interesting to give.

2017 40

Collaborative List – August 2017

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9 beats, birded 9 countries this month; Belize , Guatamala , Costa Rica, UK, Iran, USA, Greece, Australia and Mexico. They submitted 144 checklists, noting 628 species adding 72 to the year’s running total bringing it to 1890. The western hemisphere’s pasting last year has been reversed as it currently out-scores the eastern hemisphere by 1210 to 746. This month dealt a humiliating blow to us easterners as we went down 537 to 105. Come on the Orientals, we are still in this!

2017 40

Collaborative list – February 2020

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Alley Pond Park–Oakland Lake. The beats are on the move, exploring new places. That bodes well for the numbers this month. And of course, we have an extra day to play with this year.

2020 64