Activists Continue to Target UC Animal Researchers

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The communiqués read, in part: We were inspired by the recent passage of the 2296 bill and the raid of an anarchist infoshop in Oakland. California recently passed a law protecting animal researchers from animal activists. In the short term at least, it's not working. As the vivisectors revel in their false safety, know this. This law changes NOTHING. We are still here and we intend to act. We threw stones through windows at Ralph Freeman's Vine Street home, breaking two.

From Today's New York Times

Animal Ethics

Jeremy Russell Director of Communications and Government Relations National Meat Association Oakland, Calif., To the Editor: Re “ More Perils of Ground Meat ” (editorial, Jan. 10): Instead of encouraging efforts to improve food safety, you demonize a company that had the courage to invest in innovative technology proved to be effective in reducing dangerous pathogens. The American food safety system is the highest standard in the world, and our ground beef is the safest.