Another Wildlife Trafficking Ring Busted

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They seized tiger skins, tiger bones and otter skins. Tags: wildlife smuggling wildlife crime otters India organizations poaching tigers In India this time. Where could those tiger bones be going but to Asian countries to make tiger bone wine?

Best Dad Award!

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Simon the Asian small-clawed river otter is one of the most helpful fathers at SeaWorld Orlando, demonstrating an amazingly sensitive side when it comes to caring for his young. It even includes rare footage — shot two years ago with a tiny night-vision camera concealed inside the otter’s den — of Simon cuddling and playing with his youngsters.

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Saving Marine Animals that Are NOT Cute

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People want to save the dolphins and the sea otters, but what about the bluefin tuna? We hear about the problem with charismatic land species. It's those species that either have a powerful personality or a cute face that endear people to them and garner news attention. Examples include panda bears, wolves, elephants, tigers, etc. It's easier to motivate people to save them as opposed to other species that are vital, but either boring or ugly. It's the same problem with marine life.