Adopt a Turkey Next Month

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Farm Sanctuary has a cool "Adopt-a-Turkey" project. turkeys farm animal welfare farm sanctuary thanksgiving turkey massacreI definitely want to do this.

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Alleged Abuse at Butterball Turkey Farm

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Once again, the wonderful Mercy for Animals provides footage of possible abuse of turkeys at a Butterball farm in North Carolina. meat mercy for animals turkeys North Carolina farm animal welfareThe full story is at CNN.

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Turkeys Gone Wild

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Most encounters people have with turkeys either involve a dead, roasted bird on a dinner table or sliced turkey between two pieces of bread. Of course, a live male Wild Turkey isn’t generally considered very attractive to people either, with the big hairy “beard” growing from their chest and caruncles and a snood growing from their featherless head. To female turkeys, however, a strutting male Meleagris gallapavo is nearly irresistible.

The Domestic Turkey and the First Thanksgiving

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This is the time of year that we rightfully contemplate the noble Turkey. I don’t believe, but this is subject to correction, that the wild and domestic Turkey were ever called by different binomials. Photograph of a Wild Turkey at Flatrock Brook Nature Center, in Englewood, New Jersey, by Corey. The Wild Turkey was used as a food source by Native Americans throughout its range, as far as I know, but in Central Mexico, it was domesticated by horticultural people.

Wild Turkeys Causing Car Accidents

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What is up with all the frickin’ Wild Turkeys out there? This is the time of year when I tend to see turkeys dead on the side of the road. News stories of turkeys causing car accidents abound around the US right now. Where I live, a man driving on his way to work in a southwestern Twin Cities suburb slammed into a turkey (follow the link and check out the photos of his car and face–yikes). A woman in Ohio had a turkey crash through her windshield.

Turkey Vultures Get No Respect!

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The Turkey Vulture ( Cathartes aura ) is probably one of the most misunderstood birds in North America. The adult Turkey Vulture’s head and distal neck is reddish bare skin with blackish bristles, which not only helps keep their heads clean when partaking of a carrion meal, they use that featherless head to help regulate body temperature. link] Then there is the “delta wing posture” when Turkey Vultures face the sun and often preen.

Dognation Turkey Bacon treats from Freshpet

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When Freshpet reached out to us about their new turkey bacon we couldn’t help but say yes. Turkey bacon? What’s turkey bacon? After looking at the ingredient list I felt great about giving our Baby the turkey bacon. Sadly I noticed that our local grocery store doesn’t have the turkey bacon in stock yet. We have created a monster!

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Palin's Turkey Makes Letterman's Top 10

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But I will say that this attention on her turkey slaughter interview is a bit hypocritical. Sure, there was a turkey being ground up behind her, but, come on. That is the reality of where Thanksgiving turkey dinners come from. I hate it when people say "Happy Turkey Day" or, as today, "gobble gobble." That turkey is NOT celebrating today while it's dead on your plate! Tags: Palin thanksgiving turkey massacre Now, I'm no fan of Sarah Palin's.

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Turkeys in Texas Playing Soccer!

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The iconic turkey, star of Thanksgiving, also seems to enjoy playing a good game of soccer! Now here is something you don’t see everyday! What do you think? Could they win the world cup? cute video

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Wild Turkeys at Flatrock Brook Nature Center

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There is a flock of Wild Turkeys that strut around like they own the place and they might very well be right. After all, there is no hunting and while I watched the turkeys they routed a feral cat that dared come near the flock of twelve which consisted of two tom turkeys and ten hens. Never had I enjoyed such a prolonged and close encounter with a flock of Meleagris gallopavo before and I thought folks might like to see the resulting images of the tom turkeys.


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It's been 25 years to the day since I ate turkey. Consequently, no turkey has suffered or died on my account for the past quarter century. Has my abstention from turkey for the past quarter century made any difference? There is still a turkey industry in existence, but I haven't contributed to it in any way in 25 years. It makes me feel good to know that, for a quarter of a century, no turkey has suffered or died on my account.

Turkey Abuse in West Virginia Aviagen Plant

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Tags: PETA farm animal welfare thanksgiving turkey massacre

Turkeys Gone Wild!

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Watch out for Wild Turkeys going wild in western Michigan! It seems that they have taken to crashing through windows and windshields. Though, as the news report points out, it is likely just because it is their breeding season and the hormones are getting to them… a. Asides

A Victory for Turkeys

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Around Thanksgiving last year, People for the Ethical Treatement of Animals (PETA) released undercover video footage of Aviagen Turkeys Inc. slaughterhouse employees abusing live turkeys. I met a few turkeys when I visited Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen. Having heard my whole life how stupid turkeys are, I was surprised to see that they’re actually quite bright animals, and that they, like pigs, cows, dogs, and other animals, have rich emotional lives.

Talking Turkey (Vulture): Great Quotes about Vultures

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Rather than go into great detail about a variety of vultures as we have in the past, I tracked down five great quotes about Turkey Vultures , or, at least, five quotes that are either about Turkey Vultures or generically about vultures. Today is International Vulture Awareness Day !

On Seeing a Turkey Vulture from My Balcony

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I had spotted a Turkey Vulture ! Well, I had looked out the sliding glass door that leads to my balcony and spotted a large bird that seemed to have the flight pattern of a Turkey Vulture but I needed to drop the darned phone and grab the binoculars that live near the door for exactly this purpose. Aah, here we go, there’s the bird, TURKEY VULTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had, up until that moment, never seen a Turkey Vulture in Queens. It was Saturday afternoon.

Hit Out on Staten Island Turkeys?

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We at 10,000 Birds have mentioned before the unpopularity of the Wild Turkeys of Staten Island. Police are looking for a driver who apparently intentionally drove into a flock of turkeys in Dongan Hills, Staten Island, on Monday. Sadly, it seems that someone has taken the hatred to a whole new level. Won’t somebody think of the poults? The poor little poults? Asides Staten Island

Palin Pardons Turkey, Gives Interview With Turkeys Being Slaughtered Behind Her

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This woman is a complete dumbass. And yes, you will be hearing more about her here. We've been following her destructive policies since before she brought her trailer trash values down to the lower 48, and we'll keep following her until she leaves office.

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Who Knew Turkeys Were So Dangerous?

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Oklahoma is weird. Asides

Thrilling Turkey Facts

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With the arrival of another (American) Thanksgiving, it’s time to trot out the turkey facts. This day of thanks is, after all, known as Turkey Day. An overwhelming majority of turkeys polled feel that Thanksgiving is not actually Turkey Day. In fact, it seems a lot more like Anti-Turkey Day. Yes, the Wild Turkey is North America’s largest game bird. Today, there are probably more than 7 million wild turkeys.

Adopt A Turkey!

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Funny lady Ellen DeGeneres and rescue group Farm Sanctuary both want you to Adopt-A-Turkey this Thanksgiving! Says DeGeneres: “Did you know that every year between 250 and 300 million turkeys are bred for slaughter in the United States? So, this Thanksgiving instead of eating a turkey, please join me in adopting one from Farm Sanctuary’s Adopt-A-Turkey Project and you can give a turkey something to be thankful for.”

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Zelda Survived Sandy!

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Zelda, the Wild Turkey who makes Battery Park, at the southern tip of Manhattan, her home, managed to survive the flooding and devastation that Manhattan suffered due to Hurricane Sandy. Asides Manhattan turkeys

Wild Turkey on the 4th of July, or I Am So Patriotic

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After hanging up my mother mentioned, offhand, that my aunt had a pile of young Wild Turkeys in her yard. I called my aunt back, who confirmed the turkeys were still there, made sure Desi had eaten enough pancakes, and then I took the short drive to my Aunt Bonnie’s house to see some Wild Turkeys. Why was I interested in Wild Turkeys on the 4th of July? That and turkeys are just plain cool, especially when you get to see a whole bunch of them at once.

The Flight of the Vultures

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The only bird we saw in every state was the Turkey Vulture. But the turkey vultures would certainly leave the places we saw them – Montana, North Dakota, Illinois and Indiana, Pennsylvania and Ohio and eventually New York – and head south. Birds moving New York turkey vulture No vast kettles, yet, only ones and twos.

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Scanning the skies for Zone-tailed hawks

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Very similar in size and shape to the very common Turkey Vulture , the Zone-tailed Hawk is quite often found circling on the wind currents with those very vultures. Given the scavenger feeding habits of the Turkey Vultures , the small mammals and birds that are on the menu for the Zone-tailed hawks are lulled into complacency by the lack of threat from the vultures. Birds La Paz Mexico turkey vulture Zone-tailed Hawks

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Try a Vegan Thanksgiving!

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Secret Agent … Bird?

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In truly absurd, I am not making this up news, villagers in Turkey recently accused a bird of being an Israeli spy. There’s a joke in here somewhere stemming from the fact that the country’s name is Turkey. The bird in question, a Kestrel (its species wasn’t named), drew the attention of folks in Altinayva, Turkey because of the metal band upon its leg. News Israel kestrel Turkey

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Brian Stoneman has fallen asleep

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After his early retirement due to lung cancer, when doctors were giving him up to two years more to live, he moved to the coast of Turkey where he bought a half-finished house whose foundations were washed by the waves of the Aegean Sea, met the love of his life and cheated the doctors for quite some time. Birding Europe In memoriam Turkey Brian Stoneman (1946-2009) was a friend of mine and a top class birder.

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Wildlife Rehabber Ranting – With Photos

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I saw Vonda’s post about taking in a Turkey Vulture and a Great Blue Heron on Facebook. Birds Conservation Great Blue Heron turkey vulture wildlife rehabilitators Oh, do I love it when I can get somebody else to write my blog for me. This one comes from Vonda Lee Morton, a wildlife rehabilitator who runs Laurens Wildlife Rescue outside Atlanta. She and I have never met in person, but thanks to the internet we’ve been through all kinds of wildlife emergencies together.

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Taking on Turkeys

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Many Americans will spend part of their Thanksgiving holiday participating in “Turkey Trot” fun runs, followed by the annual feast at which turkey is the star attraction. But what to do when the turkey fights back? Helpfully, a Massachusetts wildlife biologist quoted in the article recommends standing up to bully turkeys instead of turning tail. Sometimes, though, running from a turkey might be your best bet. To trot, or not to trot?

Stillwater Artisanal with Oliver Brewing Co.: Tuppence (Feed the Birds)

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I’m not above recognizing a Mary Poppins reference as obvious as this one, but I don’t think these are the birds Julie Andrews had in mind while singing that syrupy tune – yet here we’re presented with a dapper city gent wearing a bowler, tossing crumbs to what appear to be three very out-of-range Turkey Vultures. Food Birds and Booze Black Vulture Turkey VulturesToday is the exact midpoint of winter in the Northern Hemisphere, halfway between the winter solstice and spring equinox.

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Otters Must Be Stinky

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There was a point when Clay and I noticed a bunch Turkey Vultures gathering along the road ahead of us at Viera Wetlands (aka Ritch Grissom Memorial Wetlands). Turkey Vultures find their food by smell, so either this otter had some nasty fish smell from a previous meal or some very ripe sprint nearby would be my guess. Birding otters Turkey Vultures

A Fish From the Blue

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However, the gang of Turkey Vultures and Black Vultures who hang around the zoo were happy to oblige, and soon descended on the fish. Birds black vultures Ospreys Turkey Vultures wildlife rehabilitators This story comes from Melissa Gillmer, a zookeeper and wildlife rehabilitator at the Bear Mountain Zoo. The zoo is part of Bear Mountain State Park , a glorious expanse of mountainous land on the west side of the Hudson River in New York.

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Kathy Hershey: Parker, the Playground’s Vulture

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Parker was an adult Turkey Vulture who enjoyed playing with children. Birds Kathy Hare Hershey Parker the Vulture Turkey Vultures Utopia Wildlife Rehabilitators wildlife rehabilitatorsToday’s blog was written by Kathy Hershey, co-founder of Utopia Wildlife Rehabilitators in Hope, Indiana. The voice on the other end of the phone was panicked. There’s a huge bird chasin’ the kids around the trailer park! You better do something about it, or we’re gonna shoot it!”.

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What’s In the Freezer for Tonight?

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A wildlife rehabilitator friend, newly licensed, recently called to ask if he could feed a recovering Turkey Vulture anything besides defrosted rodents. Birds raptors turkey vulture wildlife rehabilitators Did I have an answer for him. Normally I feed vultures, as well as hawks and owls, defrosted mice and rats. Sometimes a defrosted chick.

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To Save the Northern Bald Ibis

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A breeding program in Turkey has been successful, but civil war in neighboring Syria seems to have posed a significant hazard. Hopefully, while the human conflict rages on, the Ibises in Turkey can cope with their unexpected captivity and look forward to someday once again following their zugunruhe. News Conservation migration Northern Bald Ibis Syria TurkeyJuvenile Northern Bald Ibis photo by Mich77/Wikimedia Commons.

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Some of My Christmas Day Yard Birds

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A Turkey Vulture was soaring above… And a bit later, a Red-tailed Hawk. Birds Acorn Woodpecker Anna's Hummingbird Christmas Dark-eyed Junco Eurasian Collared-Dove House Finch Nuttall's Woodpecker Oak Titmouse Phainopepla Red-shafted Northern Flicker Red-tailed Hawk Turkey Vultures White-breasted NuthatchChristmas morning I looked out my window and saw something I had only seen once before in my backyard, a Phainopepla! I watched as he cautiously approached the water feature.

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A visit to Dog Lake

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A couple of old Ponderosa Pines, killed in a recent fire, served as a gathering spot for nearly 100 Turkey Vultures. Birding American White Pelicans Dog Lake Oregon Turkey Vultures Western GrebeOn the final leg of my “Old Home Week”, I travel out to Dog Lake, a pristine high mountain lake, surrounded by mature Ponderosa Pines.

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Terry, Ray, and Veronica’s Vulture

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The upside of rehabbing Turkey Vultures is they’re smart, funny, cool, fascinating birds. Birds Turkey Vultures vulture wildlife rehabilitatorsThe downside is sometimes they’ll bite you and throw up on you. It’s a small price to pay. This gorgeous guy was hit by a car, I’m guessing, in a town south of me. He hobbled into the driveway of a woman named Terry, limping badly and unable to fly.

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Vulture Follies

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Huddled next to a tree in the darkness she found not a raven but a juvenile Turkey Vulture, almost grown but still sporting tufts of down. She returned home and called every rehabber she knew, looking for a surrogate parent; or, at least, for a companion, as the last thing you want hanging around your house is an imprinted turkey vulture. Birds Turkey Vultures wildlife rehabilitators

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Battle Creek Cellars: Unconditional Pinot Noir (2017)

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Next Thursday is the American Thanksgiving holiday – which means it’s time to trot out that old legend concerning Benjamin Franklin’s opinions on two iconic American birds: The Wild Turkey ( Meleagris gallopavo ) and the Bald Eagle ( Haliaeetus leucocephalus ).

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Thermometer birds

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The Australian Brush-turkey is far enough removed from the American Turkey’s Phasianidae family to not even get considered for wedding and funeral invitations. The scrub-turkey male must also be able to accurately gauge the temperature as he needs to adjust the nest to maintain it at the perfect incubating range between 33 and 35C. Birds Australia Australian Brush-turkey

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Roadside Birding and Flathead Lake

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Sometimes a little too confiding, like the Wild Turkey that wandered out into the road in front of us and brought us to a stop for nearly a minute. However, the year-round stalwarts – numerous Red-breasted Nuthatches with their cheerful squeaks, Northern Flickers , an appropriately lone Townsend’s Solitaire foraging on the rocky beach, and another Wild Turkey that burst the air in its escape as I walked by. Birding interior west turkeys

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