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Animal Ethics

Several countries, including Austria, Bolivia, Colombia, Greece, Peru, Britain and Paraguay, have already imposed or approved bans. To the Editor: Re “ Worry Under the Big Top as Mexico City Moves to Ban Circus Animals ” (news article, June 15): Mexico City joins the growing list of cities that have banned the exploitation of animals in circuses. Why is the United States lagging so far behind?

Henry S. Salt (1851-1939) on Beefy Morals

Animal Ethics

We interknit ourselves with every part of the English-speaking world," said the journal of the Cosme colony , in Paraguay, describing its Christmas celebration of 1898, "by the most sacred ceremony of over-eating." Nor is it only among schoolboys that over-eating is rampant, for the tables of the wealthy are everywhere loaded with flesh-meat, and the example thus set is naturally followed, first in the servants' hall, and then, as far as may be, in the homes of the working classes.