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Animal Rights Activists Jailed in Europe

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They are members of Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC). The group had targeted about 40 firms as part of an international conspiracy to force the closure of Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS), an animal research laboratory based near Cambridge. The members of Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC) posted hoax parcel bombs to staff and offices, carried out criminal damage, threatened violence and made abusive phone calls, Winchester Crown Court was told.

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On Fighting for "Animal Rights"

Animal Person

A couple of years ago I wrote about whether it's a good use of my time to be a purist about the term "animal rights" when most of the world doesn't have the same understanding of the term as I do. would call HSUS an animal rights group (after all, HSUS doesn't even do that). Or how a paragraph would refer to animal rights and animal welfare as if they're interchangeable. It helps them focus on what's really being done to animals.

"Bold Native" is Film About Animal Rights

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Animal Rights: The Guide

Profile of Peter Young, Animal Rights Activist

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Fascinating spotlight on an activist known for freeing imprisoned animals. Tags: activism animal rights From the San Jose Mercury News. He was himself eventually imprisoned for two years as a result.

Undercover Animal Rights Investigator Interviewed

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Really interesting interview with an animal rights undercover investigator. Tags: animal abuse undercover investigation animal rights factory farm This is very important work and an enlightening, though short, piece. I admire these people tremendously, whether they go undercover on a factory farm or a research institute. I could never do what they do. I don't have the guts.

Animal Rights Lawyers Continue to Emerge

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When conservation and animal rights collide

10,000 Birds

In responding to Suzie’s post defending wildlife rehabilitation I began to think again about the areas in which animal rights and animal welfare overlap with the field of conservation, and the ways in which they don’t. Not from an environmental perspective but from a “don’t you like animals?” If you like animals you will generally not want them to suffer and you won’t want them to go extinct. Conservation Animal Rights

Animal Rights in the Middle East

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Interesting article on the challenges faced by animal rights activists in the Middle East. Tags: developing countries animal rights Middle East Even though they are often met with condescension, the fact that they are out there means a lot. Hell, I'm met with condescension in my own country and my own home. And I'm in a "progressive" environment.

Examples of FBI Tactics Against Animal Rights Activist

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Animal Rights: Direct Action$ % ! &

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Animal Rights

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Good leftist that he is, Peter Singer doesn't let a crisis go to waste. Addendum: The argument seems to be as follows: It is inconsistent both (a) to eat meat and (b) to condemn (or mourn) the killing of Harambe; I condemn (or mourn) the killing of Harambe; therefore, I may no longer eat meat. Here are some objections: The first premise is false. The first premise is true, but I don't care about inconsistency.

FBI Discussed Ways to Discredit Animal Rights Activists

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The FBI and a previously-unknown informant in the animal rights movement discussed, among other topics, how to disrupt political activism, according to FBI documents. activism FBI animal rightsThis from the blog Green is the New Red. Read the full post here. The topics discussed echo COINTELPRO-era tactics of the 1960s, including the possibility of discrediting activists through planting rumors.

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Animal Rights Now On Our Ethical Radar?

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New York Times opinion piece by Nicholas Kristof on animal rights. Tags: activism animal rights political movement Fascinating and uplifting (for a change!) I totally overlooked it back in April.

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Animal Rights is a Social Justice Issue

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Oklahoma Editorial About "Rising Animal Rights Terrorism"

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This editorial in the web version of the Oklahoman denounces animal rights terrorism; however, it finishes off by supporting medical research on animals. Tags: animal rights medical research What about the terror and violence involved in that? But they do try to cover themselves by pointing out they oppose cosmetics research.).

Animal Rights: Consider Fungi

Speaker: Funguss Amonguss

Amy Goodman Interviews Former Animal Rights Prisoner

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Here's a video and transcript of Amy Goodman's interview with Andrew Stepanian, an animal rights activist who was jailed at a secretive prison known as a Communication Management Unit, or CMU. He was jailed along with six other activists for violating the Animal Enterprise Protection Act. Tags: animal rights

The State of the Animal Rights Dialogue

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Book Chronicles History of Animal Rights

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The Longest Struggle: Animal Advocacy from Pythagoras to PETA by Norm Phelps came out in 2007. In a brisk, readable narrative, The Longest Struggle traces the campaigns of animal rights pioneers like Henry Spira, Alex Hershaft, and Ingrid Newkirk, as well as leaders who have come more recently on the scene like Heidi Prescott, Karen Davis, and Bruce Friedrich. Tags: animal rights

Ocean Advocacy and Animal Rights

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I'm not sure how this fits into my support of animal rights though. Tags: oceans marine animals We support two ocean protection organizations: People for Puget Sound (local) and the Ocean Conservancy. I was reading Ocean Conservancy's magazine today. For the past couple of issues I've read, it has had a "sustainable seafood recipe." I understand that they are trying to encourage people to eat fish and other marine life that are not part of a collapsing fishery.

Animal Rights: Go Outside

The Gap Between Wildlife and the Animal Rights Movement

10,000 Birds

Today I’m exploring a couple questions that have been bouncing in my head for a while…I’d love to hear your thoughts…I’m not calling into question animal rights, just the focus of the movement. – The Great Ornithologist Felonious Jive Animal rights. Unfortunately, once we discuss anything beyond this basic point, people vastly disagree on what is right and wrong. Politics Animal Rights I Am Birder PETA

Excellent Group for Animal Rights in Asia

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Please consider Animals Asia for your future donations. animal abuse animal cruelty china asiaI love this organization and have supported them for a few years now. They do important work.

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On "Animal Rights Conferences"

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" Two Animal Rights Conferences: Will you be there? " by Drew Wilson at Care2's animal welfare blog has yet to have any comments about rights and welfare. The post itself doesn't actually intentionally differentiate between the terms, but does align TAFA with reform and AR with rights (and then mentions Vegan Outreach). I don't know how big the readership of that blog is, but it is international if that matters.

What's the Difference Between Animal Welfare and Animal Rights?

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Animal Rights 201

Speaker: Owen

UK Animal Rights Activists Profiled

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Here is n article in the Guardian about several activists involved in SHAC (Stop Huntington Animal Cruelty

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Animal Rights Activists in Spain Bare All.and More!

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The article asks whether nude activism for animal rights has lost its effectiveness. They are pretty intense , especially the one in which the activists are clothed and holding dead animals. Tags: spain animal rights The reason I post a link though is for the photos.

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National Animal Rights Conference in LA Starts July 16

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Some of the groups attending will be: FARM In Defense of Animals Sea Shepherd ACT Radio Anti-Fur Society E/Environmental Mag Eko Zone Healing Species League of Humane Voters Mercy For Animals Stop Animal Exploitation Now! Tags: animal rights You can sign up here.

Is There Danger of Elitism in the Animal Rights Movement?

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I believe that we have to be inclusive in the animal rights movement and attack the system using all kinds of methods in all sorts of fields. If a meat eater eats meat, but hates the factory farm system or animal experimentation, do we discount anything we can get out of them because they are not "pure." Tags: activism musings animal rights animal welfare

Animal Rights: Unleash the Beast

Speaker: A bear

New Hub for Animal Rights

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Stephanie Ernst, formerly of , has started a new space called " Animal Rights and AntiOppression " and she has invited yours truly to post there! The tag line is: "Challenging oppression and injustice, against nonhuman animals, humans, and earth — one vegan, environmentalist, feminist, social-justice-loving, all-around-progressive post at a time. I am Mary Martin, and my first post is " On the Neglect of Animals by The Left."

Animal Rights

Animal Ethics

I'm a longtime proponent of animal rights, but this suit is ridiculous. Applying it to nonhuman animals is a stretch. Second, it is not a necessary condition for the possession of rights (legal or otherwise) that one be a person. Nonhuman animals can suffer. That fact alone suffices to grant them a legal right not to be made to suffer. The right is defeasible, of course, as it is in the case of humans.

Animal Rights is Pernicious Nonsense?

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In " 'Animal Rights:' Pernicious Nonsense for Both Law & Public Policy ," Massachusetts attorney and "sportsman" Richard Latimer is on the mark with some concepts, and way off with others. However, both his perceptions and misconceptions are based on: 1) observing the work of PeTA and HSUS; and 2) the assumption that those two organizations are in the same category--"animal rights." Now, I know you're saying: That's not what animal rights is.

Beliefs About Animal Rights

Animal Ethics

Forty years ago, the suggestion that nonhuman animals have moral rights—indeed, many of the same rights as human beings—would have been met with incredulous stares, if not outright ridicule. If you are among the growing number of Americans who think that animals deserve the same moral rights as people, you can help promote their rights by refusing to purchase products from industries that harm and exploit animals.

Webinar 5.9.22

Speaker: Steve Romanco

Animal Rights

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I support the goal of legal rights for nonhuman animals, but this approach is wrongheaded. Instead of using the 13th Amendment, the original understanding of which did not include animals, proponents should work for a constitutional amendment, or simply for national legislation. Take it to the people

Animal Rights Zone Launches Today

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I'm excited to be a blogger for Animal Rights Zone because its target market is people who don't usually subscribe to blogs. More >> Animals. Rights. You can search Animal Person's content (posted on AR Zone) using the search box on the right, under the AR Zone badge. Today is the launch of. Also, it has the added bonus of organizing my content better than I have.

New Book on Animal Rights Activism

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It's titled "The Animal Activists' Handbook: Maximizing Our Positive Impact in Today's World" by Matt Ball and Bruce Friedrich. One guy runs Vegan Outreach and the other is a VP at PETA (they have those?). Here's a review on Huffington Post. Looks like it has some interesting ideas.

Animal Rights Activists Arrested in UC Attacks

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They trespassed on his front yard, chanted slogans and accused him of being a murderer because of his use of animals in research. From the looks of it, they aren't charging them with any firebombings or anything like that. Crimes arrested activists are accused of Oct. 21, 2007: A group of 20 protesters demonstrated outside of a UC Berkeley professor's home in El Cerrito. Some wore bandanas to hide their faces.

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