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McDonalds Makes Positive Move to Help Sows

Critter News

The McDonald’s Corporation said on Monday that it would begin working with its pork suppliers to phase out the use of so-called gestational crates, the tiny stalls in which sows are housed while pregnant. For the full story, check out this link to the New York Times article.

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More Clarity About Family Farms

Animal Person

In " Move to Limit 'Factor Farms' Gains Momentum " in today's New York Times , we learn that farmers in Ohio have agreed to phase out gestation crates within 15 years and veal crates by 2017. I work with the hogs every day, and I don’t think there is anything wrong with gestation crates,” he said.


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HBO Special on Factory Farming

Creature Talk

Viewer discretion advised on the clip below… Tags: Animal Cruelty Animal Rights Animal Welfare Factory Farming Farmed Animals animal suffering gestation crates pigs videos. Has anyone else seen it? What were your thoughts?

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On What the Animal Ag Alliance Thinks of Us

Animal Person

Let's deconstruct: The interview reminds me of how the industry views us and how little they know about the community of people who care about the lives of the animals brought into this world for one reason only: to kill and eat them. But I see no evidence of that and I'm not sure how Parker comes to that conclusion.

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Animal Advocates' Successes Have Factory Farmers Running Scared

Animal Ethics

A column entitled "Ag Industry Threatened by Animal Rights" appeared in today's High Plains/Midwest Ag Journal [ HPMAJ ]. The column, which you can read here , is a call to arms to factory farmers to fight back against those individuals and organizations working to protect farm animals from the abuses inherent in factory farms.

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