Raising Money For the RSPCA with MusicMagpie

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Recently, MusicMagpie has launched a new initiative to increase awareness and financial support for charities such as the RSPCA looking after many unfortunate animals. The next step is to select the RSPCA as the charity you wish to donate to and then send off the cds, dvds or video games to the supporting website. MusicMagpie will then donate the money to the RSPCA. RSPCA. The RSPCA is one of the best known charities setting out to help animals.

RSPCA Collects 68,000 Signatures Supporting an End to Animal Research

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The RSPCA collected these signatures leading up to the the 7th World Congress on Alternatives & Animal Use in the Life Sciences in Rome. The conference] began on the 30th of August and runs until the 3rd of September, two members of the RSPCA’s Research Animals Department are attending the event together with worldwide representatives of NGOs, industry and science as well as authorities and decision-makers.

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Nothing Funny About Cat Cruelty

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You can contact your local police or an animal charity like the RSPCA who can investigate the claims and perhaps seize the animal if necessary. What is it about cats and the internet?

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Happy Bunnies!

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The RSPCA is trying to dispel the common misconception that rabbits are easy to look after. Thousands of rabbits come into RSPCA care every year. This year also marks the first time the RSPCA has been an official partner of Rabbit Awareness Week run by Burgess Pet Care.

Pretty Paws Giveaway

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Kelly regularly donates to the RSPCA continuous campaign against cruelty to animals, Pawprints animal rescue and the City dogs home. We have a very fun giveaway from Pretty Paws! One lucky reader will get their choice of a personalized dog ID tag.


Heart U Back

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Heart U Back also supports animal protection agencies on a global level, including Canada (OSPCA and BCSPCA), Australia (RSPCA), and the UK (RSPCA). We recently got a chance to check out a lovely line of jewelry that celebrates animals, and supports the ASPCA!

Quash the Squash

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The RSPCA are trying to raise awareness of its urgent campaign to protect the welfare of UK meat chickens. Right now, the UK government is considering new EU legislation that may increase the number of chickens allowed in rearing sheds.

Animal Research Booming in State of Victoria

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RSPCA state president Dr Hugh Wirth slammed municipal pounds for being involved in the research trade. Animals for research purposes are coming from municipal shelters, breeders and the greyhound trade. Unwanted farm dogs are another source. From the Herald Sun. In 2007, 394 dogs died during procedures for canine and human research. The fate of many others remains unclear. None of the animal shelters contacted by the Herald Sun have come across ex-research dogs in need of a home.

On "Discarded" Greyhounds

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Make sure you look after your pet with insurance

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According to the RSPCA, in 2008 there was a 57% increase in the number of animals abandoned by their owners in the UK. A similar problem is also occurring in the United States, where the Humane society of the United states claims that up to 8 million animals enter animal shelters each year, showing that this is an international problem. It’s hard to ignore the link to the credit crunch, which has likely affected pet owner’s abilities to meet the food and vet bills needed for their pets.