Good News for UK Birds (and Birders)

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” News Arctic Tern Atlantic Puffin Common Tern Conservation England Great Britain Natural England Roseate Tern Sandwich Tern United KingdomSome of Great Britain’s most cherished seabirds just got an added layer of protection. Officials designated 12 miles along the coast of Northumberland as a Special Protection Area , according to Natural England, the U.K. government’s independent adviser on the natural environment.

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Starting the Year

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Birding backyard birds England New year United Kingdom wetlandsIn contrast to last year, when I began my year in tropical Cairns in Queensland, Australia, I began this year’s birding in my parent’s rural house in Cheshire in Northern England. Where Cairns was hot this place isn’t, but where Cairns was new Cheshire is familiar. It was particularly nice for the first bird to be one of my favourite birds here, a flock of Long-tailed T**s feeding on some peanuts.

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Collaborative list – April 2022

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In April 2022, the Collaborative submitted 216 checklists from 4 countries ( Costa Rica , United States , Mexico , and the United Kingdom ) and observed 735 species. The United Kingdom ranks sixteenth on the Collaborative’s country list with 211 species observed.

Collaborative list – March 2022

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In March 2022, the Collaborative submitted 184 checklists from 4 countries ( Costa Rica , United States , Mexico , and the United Kingdom ) and they included 637 species.

Collaborative list – February 2022

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In February 2022, the Collaborative submitted 127 checklists in 7 countries ( Costa Rica , United States , Mexico , Trinidad and Tobago , United Kingdom , and Serbia ).

Collaborative List – Q2 2022

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During the second quarter of 2022 (April, May, and June), the Collaborative submitted 581 checklists from 7 countries ( China , Costa Rica , Mexico , Trinidad and Tobago , Saint Lucia , the United Kingdom , and the United States ).

Collaborative list – January 2022

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In January 2022, the Collaborate submitted 209 checklists in 5 countries (Costa Rica, United States, Mexico, United Kingdom, and Serbia). The life list for the United States now stands at 692.

Common Yellowthroat in Wales

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It is quite the twitching scene in Rhiwderin for the second record of Yellow-throated Warbler Common Yellowthroat in Wales and the eleventh in the United Kingdom. Over a thousand birders have seen the bird so far. I don’t know why all the excitement – there are plenty of Yellow-throated Warblers in Florida (or Common Yellowthroats in New York ) for the watching… a. Asides

Do Europeans Hate Birds?

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The United Kingdom fosters what may be the most vibrant and fully-developed birding community on the planet, and there is at least one or two Germans out there who love nature deeply and truly. So why is illegal killing of birds such a widespread practice throughout Europe? Birds are shot, trapped, caught with nets, glued to lime-sticks or even soaked with lethal poisons to lure and kill other birds… The creativity of those who break the law to kill a bird is appalling!”

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More Humane Method of Killing Chickens?

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Department of Agriculture (USDA)-approved slaughter method that is currently used to kill 75 percent of turkeys and 25 percent of chickens in the United Kingdom and 10 percent of all birds in the European Union. I realize that the most humane method of treating chickens is to not kill them for food.BUT, as long as there is still a demand for their meat, PETA is advocating "Controlled-Atmosphere Killing" as an improvement over current methods of electric immobilization. Per PETA.

Appeal Denied for Six Activists Convicted Under AEPA

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The company had been a target of animal activists since video footage surfaced on television in the 1990s depicting animal abuse at its laboratory in the United Kingdom. It was a 2-1 decision by the US Court of Appeals. From the Philadelphia Inquirer. Six members of Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty were convicted at a 2006 trial in New Jersey of conspiracy to violate the 1992 Animal Enterprise Protection Act.

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How a Farrier can treat a horse with club foot

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In the United Kingdom, farriers need to be registered according to the Farriers (Registration) Act of 1975. Many organizations exist throughout the United Kingdom to assist farriers and people desiring to be farriers to become registered and remain well educated through classes, training and competitions.

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The Falcon Thief: A Book Review

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The Falcon Thief is the sometimes exciting, sometimes horrifying story of Jeffrey Lendrum, an African-born adventurer who has been arrested multiple times for raptor egg and chick poaching and smuggling in southern Africa, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Brazil.

“The 125 Best Bird Watching Sites in Southeast Asia”

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Publication City/Country Oxford, United Kingdom. The 125 Best Bird Watching Sites in Southeast Asia, edited by Yong Ding Li & Low Bing Wen.

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What is the National Bird of Belize?

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From 1786, when the British appointed a superintendent over the colony of Scottish and British settlers known as Baymen, until 1981, when it was granted independence, Belize, which was known until 1973 as British Honduras, was a colony of the United Kingdom. A bipartisan commission of Belize’s two major political parties, the United Democratic Party and the People’s United Party, decided them all in 1981.

Pallid Cuckoo

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I have also been watching with interest the return of the Cuckoo to the United Kingdom from Africa over the past few days. Having spent so many months in the tropics and then returning to what was supposed to be spring in the United Kingdom it must have been quite a shock to the poor birds. Two weekends ago we went away for a bush camping trip and the weather was perfect!

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Landfill by Tim Dee: Review

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Publisher Little Toller Books, United Kingdom. I have visited my local landfill for the last seven years, usually several times per winter, only to recently stumble upon a book called the Landfill! While I have written several blogs on the topic (e.g., here and here ), Tim Dee devoted an entire book to it and I just had to read it. “‘I haven’t met people who say, I quite like gulls. You’re either into it, or you’re not. “‘I admit, it’s an acquired taste.

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Where am I Birding the Second Week of May?

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Four teams with renowned birders from United States, South Africa and United Kingdom will travel through the diverse and endemic bird rich region of Northern Peru, from May 12 thought May 20, 2014. I was incredibly lucky to be invited –again- to participate on the second edition of the World Birding Rally Challenge in Northern Peru. I participated on the first edition of this event in 2013 as a support member for the South African team.

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Birding the Rainforest Canopy

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These included Sunbird (United Kingdom), Birding Ecotours (South Africa), Aviatur (Colombia), and two teams from the USA; FieldGuides and Surbound Expeditions. Birding in the Amazon Rainforest has its pros and cons. The lure of an staggering number of species at a particular location is a draw for many people. However, rainforest birds live in specific microhabitats and are often much easier to hear than to see in the dense multilayered rainforest.

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Ringing in the new breeding season

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But another race of Red Knot make the High Arctic their home, the species that winters in the United Kingdom and coast of France, ssp islandica. The Scots have left many legacies in the Arctic, from bannock to square dancing to accordians and jigging to a healthy contribution to the region’s DNA thanks to Whalers and Hudson’s Bay Co. As it turns out we can add their birds to that list.

2013 76

Sandwich Tern in New York

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No, Sandwich Terns are rather boringly named after their type locality, Sandwich, Kent, United Kingdom. Until recently I had only ever seen a single Sandwich Tern. It was back in July of 2009 , the day that I saw more species of tern than any other day of my life, and I have no pictures of my first Thalasseus sandvicensis because I had managed to forget my digiscoping adapter that day.

Manx Shearwaters

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Its first flight will take it from its burrow, usually on the west coast of the United Kingdom, to the coast of South America, an extraordinary journey for an unaccompanied minor. You have got to admire the Manx Shearwater. As a youngster of 10-weeks old, it is abandoned by its parents and left to fend for itself.

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Back from the Second Birding Rally Challenge in Northern Peru

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Three quarters through the competition, three teams: the Tigrisomas (USA), the Forest Falcons (United Kingdom) and us the Zululanders were clearly ahead of the rest. I am back home and recovered from the Birding Rally Challenge in Northern Peru (Rally). How do I describe the Rally? Well, I will start by saying I am not new to non-stop birding; some friends and I tried to break the 24-hour record number of birds in Florida (Big day).

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The Incredulous New Caledonian Crows

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It turns out, for example, that “Theory of Mind” is very rare in the animal kingdom. And most recently, a team of researchers from New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and Austria have demonstrated that New Caledonian Crows understand UCAs. We know that the human mind has capacities that are not common in other animals.

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Hoemunsan Recreational Forest

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Now, it’s a pretty big call to tell fellow birders that they will see a bird in a particular spot… especially someone who “dipped&# on a Dipper in the United Kingdom and had thought they wouldn’t see a Dipper in the near future. After my first post on arrival in Busan I had a new friend to go birding with when Grant is at work!

2011 55

Wild Sri Lanka

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Publication City/Country Oxford, United Kingdom. As Bill Oddie noticed in his foreword to ‘Wild Sri Lanka’ (2nd edition) by Gehan De Silva Wijeyeratne, this island paradise is probably the only country in the world where almost all books on wildlife were authored by a single person.

The Crossley ID Guide: Britain & Ireland — A Review of the Book

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Abundance information–number of birds in the UK–is taken from the paper “ Population estimates of birds in Great Britain and the United Kingdom” by A. In Britain, the mergansers are swimming in a lake being used by boaters; in the United States, they are swimming in a marshy area, Osprey nest and water tower in the background. I needed a book showing a Linnet.

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Best Bird of the Year 2012

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2012 has certainly been a bumper year for me with an estimated year list of around 3,000 species after extensive travels to South Africa, Ethiopia, South Korea, Indonesia, the Russian Far East, United Kingdom, Peru, Guatemala and Panama. As 2012 draws to a close we here at 10,000 Birds thought that it would be a great idea if we, like we did in 2010 and 2011 , shared our Best Birds of the Year.

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Birds Of The Twelve Days Of Christmas

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The Greylag Goose is a large, bulky native of the United Kingdom. (All respectable publications should have their holiday traditions. This evergreen post, first written in 2004, has become a 10,000 Birds staple. Merry Christmas!) Everybody knows the Christmas carol, “ The Twelve Days of Christmas.”

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Make sure you look after your pet with insurance

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A similar problem is also occurring in the United States, where the Humane society of the United states claims that up to 8 million animals enter animal shelters each year, showing that this is an international problem. Sheila Stewart, of Capricom Animal Rescue centre in Mold, United Kingdom, said that she believes that this can be overcome by the animal’s owners taking out pet insurance.

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