Lots of Birds Being Killed in Ireland and the UK

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It's just weird how many birds are being killed in England, Scotland and Ireland. A horrific total of 6 eagles, 10 buzzards, 3 red kites, a Peregrine falcon and a sparrowhawk have all been poisoned in recent weeks across Ireland, England and Scotland. Tags: wildlife crime UK Ireland May 2010. And these are just the ones that we know about and have been discovered.

Irish Senator Complains of Animal Welfare "Cabal"

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This complaint is the result of proposed legislation to ban puppy mills in Ireland. Tags: Ireland legislation puppy mills dogs Legislators are being contacted by people around the world to support the legislation. They are blaming the dastardly Green Party whose leader proposed the legislation. The dog breeding legislation, intended to outlaw “puppy-farming”, was prepared by Green Party leader and Minister for the Environment John Gormley.

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From the Animal Rights Action Network re: Greyhounds

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Brief commentary follows this e-mail I received regarding greyhounds, animal rights and Ireland. But yet every single day in Ireland there are greyhounds all over the country been dumped into rivers with rocks tied to their little feet and their ears cut off so that they are non identifiable, this is the Irish greyhound racing industry at it's best when they no longer want the ones who are 'useless' or 'unwanted'. Also, John Carmody is PETA's spokesperson for Ireland.

On "Discarded" Greyhounds

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The modern day racing greyhound's life is conditioned purely by economics - if it’s too old or slow to compete as a gambling medium - it will be disposed of as cheaply as possible and swiftly replaced with one that can, from endless supply which are bred in Ireland with the aid of EU funding.

5 great Irish pets

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Medium, 8-10 pounds) This cat originated on the Isle of Man, an island off the coast of Ireland. Happy Saint Patrick’s day! Here is a fun bit of trivia for you, 5 great Irish pets. The 5 great Irish pets are: 1. Irish Setter. Large, 60-70 pounds) This popular bird dog is best known for its flowing red hair. A high energy dog, the Irish Setter requires lots of room to run, but its sweet, stable personality makes it a great family pet.

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Irish Travel Agency Removes Matador from Advertising

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