The State of the Animal Rights Dialogue

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This opinion piece is from the Christian Science Monitor in 2002. It may be almost 7 years old, but I think it is as relevant now as it was then. Worth reading and, I think, some reflection.

Lion Population Decreasing in Kenya

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Kenya's lion population has dropped from an estimated 2,749 in 2002 to 2,280 in 2004 and probably just 2000 individuals in 2009. I've been reading a lot about threatened elephants and primate populations in Africa and wondered about lions. One rarely hears about how they are doing. But, unfortunately, they are in trouble too. This article talks about the specific situation in Kenya. The storyline is all too familiar.

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Dreaming of Congo rainforest: Gabon, Republic of the Congo and the Central African Republic

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Loango Lodge beach safari by UNDP There are 13 national parks in the country, all created in 2002 when President Omar Bongo established Gabon’s National Agency for National Parks.

Check out Birding Experiences in Costa Rica

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Costa Rican born and raised nature lover, birdwatcher and entrepreneur, working as a Certified Naturalist Guide since 2002. 10,000 Birds is running a series of articles by and about tour guides, tour companies, eco-lodges, and other birding travel organizations.

Rocky & Bella, Inc. earns National Animal Supplement Quality Seal

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Since 2002, NASC has been the leader in educating consumers, veterinarians and business partners about credible animal supplement products and companies that have successfully completed facility audits of specific, nationally recognizes standards through the Quality Seal Program. Bryn Mawr, Penn.—Pet Pet supplement company Rocky & Bella, Inc.

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Why Is the Federal Government Awarding Contracts to a Company That Was Involved in Smuggling Primates?

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But, according to , they have been successful in getting other government contracts" WORLD WIDE PRIMATES INC (16450 SW 180TH ST in MIAMI, FL; small business): $362,855 in 5 contracts from 2002 to 2006 Contracts for Live Animals, Not Raised for Food, Laboratory Equipment and Supplies by Army, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Institutes of Health Signed by year: 2000: $0; 2001: $0; 2002: $42,000; 2003: $0; 2004: $37,145; 2005: $282,120; 2006: $1,590.

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What is the Hummingbird Big Day Record?

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Nick Athanas, Iain Campbell, Paul Coopmans, and Richard White set the record back in March of 2002 in Ecuador and I can find no record of someone having topped that mark since. Pat O’Donnell over at Costa Rica Living and Birding maps out a potential hummingbird-only big day route that could net the ambitious birder forty species of hummingbird in one day in Costa Rica (and potentially more).

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Thinking Pink for Pups

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Dogtopia was founded by Nichols in 2002 in Tyson’s Corner, VA. Founded in 2002, Dogtopia® prides itself on being a place where pets are valued as family and where dogs enjoy endless playtime and spa treatments in a positive environment. Breast cancer is something that is near and dear to our family. Both of my grandmothers had it, one of whom lost their life to it. So of course when we got this press release we were more than happy to share the word.

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Finding birds in Deliblato Sands Reserve, part 2/3: the Labudovo okno Ramsar Wetland

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Nature reserve since 2002. LABUDOVO OKNO Ramsar Site and an Important Bird Area represents a section of the Danube floodplain downriver from Belgrade, Serbia, and situated in the south of the Deliblato Sands Special Nature Reserve.

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Birding Jianfengling, Hainan (A-H)

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Wikipedia, everybody’s main source of scientific information, also lets us know that there is a Nicolas Huet, a French snowboarder born 22 July 1976 who competed in parallel giant slalom [whatever that is] at the 2002 Winter Olympics, where he placed 4th.

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Happy 50th Anniversary Jane Goodall Institute

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theses; More than 30 books (including the best-sellers by Dr. Goodall In the Shadow of Man in 1971, Through a Window in 1990, Reason for Hope in 1999, and a number of books for children); Nine films (including those produced by the National Geographic Society and Animal Planet, and an IMAX film with Science North in 2002); Hundreds of popular articles, secondary writings, radio and television interviews; and.

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Deconstructing Slate's "Pepper" Series

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Scientists mapped out the entire mouse genome in 2002 and the rat genome in 2004.) For those who didn't read the five-part Slate series " Pepper, the stolen dog who changed American science " by Daniel Engber , I recommend it for the history, but also for the misconceptions and assumptions that you might want to discuss on the Facebook discussion about the series. Let's deconstruct: Part I: Where's Pepper? I addressed this one last week.

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Pet Paradise Resort to donate ALL pet hair clippings

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Pet Paradise was formed in 2002 and currently has 13 facilities in operation of which nine are located throughout Florida; two are in Houston, and one each in New Orleans and Charlotte. We sure love to share great press releases like this one! Did you know that pet hair clippings (and human hair too) can be used to help clean up oil? Read on to learn what Pet Paradise is going to do to help with the massive oil spill.

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Environmental Groups Call For End To USDA Wildlife Killing

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The number of carnivores killed has also increased since 2005, which is of particular concern to conservation biologists, since these animals play vital roles in ecosystems; • Dangerous - Between 2002 and 2006, Wildlife Services failed several federal audits to safely inventory, store, and control access to chemical weapons, and in 2007 the agency itself admitted that it had experienced a “wake of accidents.” Environmental groups have called on Obama to get rid of the USDA's Dept.

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What’s in a Name: Snipe Hunt

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It’s the one that arises when people use eBird without realizing that the Wilson’s Snipe was split from Common Snipe back in 2002, and trigger a rare bird alert by using the name of the Asian species for everyday American birds.

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How Many Birders Are There, Really? (Updated)

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However, at least one source reported that way back in 2002, there were approximately 700,000 copies in print of the Sibley Guide to Birds and 250,000 of Kenn Kaufman’s Field Guide to Birds of North America. How many birders are there in America?

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Confused about Dog Day Care?

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Dog lover and entrepreneur Amy Nichols is President and CEO of Dogtopia, an upscale dog day care and spa franchise started in 2002. Live in Bethesda, MD? Then you are lucky enough to have access to a great doggy day care called Dogtopia. If not, this article from Dogtopia CEO Amy Nichols, can still help you make a good choice in doggy day care in your area. Unleashing’ 5 Facts.

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Steven M. Wise on Legal Rights for Animals

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In 2002 the German Parliament amended Article 26 of the Basic Law to give nonhuman animals the right to be “respected as fellow creatures” and to be protected from “avoidable pain.” The legal rights of nonhuman animals might first be achieved in any of three ways. Most agree that the least likely will be through the re-interpretation or amendment of state or federal constitutions, or through international treaties.

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The Eurasian Collared-Dove Explosion: Coming to a Town Near You!

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The following maps I created on eBird show the dramatic growth in the spread of the Eurasian Collared-Dove from 2002 to 2014. This first map is data from 2002 through 2003. The Eurasian Collared-Dove ( Streptopelia decaocto ) was first released in the New World on the island of New Providence, in the Bahamas. In the mid-1970s, a local breeder was burglarized and a few of his birds escaped, after which the breeder released his remaining stock of about 50 birds 1.

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Polyandry and Polygynandry on the Tundra

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The most common mating strategy in birds is social monogamy, found in roughly 92% of birds species in the world (Jenni 1974, Owens 2002). Social monogamy is where one male and one female pair and share the responsibilities of nest building, incubation, and chick feeding (Jenni 1974, Owens 2002). phalaropes, jacanas, etc) (Jenni 1974, Owens 2002).

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Pied Oystercatcher broken wing display

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This bird was originally banded in Roebuck Bay in 2002 and has used Cable Beach to nest for at least 12 years. Her partner from 2007 has disappeared and she is currently with a new mate, which was also caught and banded in 2002 on the same day… so they are old friends! We are into the second attempt at breeding for this season in Broome for Pied Oystercatchers.

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What is the National Bird of Panama?

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” Many share her fascination with this bird of prey, and it was designated Panama’s official bird in 2002. In her book, “ On a Wing and a Prayer, “ Sarah Woods describes the bird that captured her interest when she first visited Panama: “At more than one metre tall and able to kill a monkey with a single swipe of its powerful, knife-like talons, [H]arpy [E]agles are incredibly hard to find.”

Preparing Your Pup for a Trip to the Park

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After researching industry trends and carefully planning the venture to serve dogs and their busy owners, Amy founded the first Dogtopia, a full-service dog day care, spa and boutique, in 2002. This is a guest post from Amy Nichols, founder and CEO of Dogtopia. With June here and the weather heating up, more and more dog owners will be treating their pups to an afternoon at a neighborhood dog park.

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Do Snowy Owls really belong in genus Bubo?

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2002). Over the past two weeks, an incursion of Snowy Owls ( Bubo scandiacus ) has spread rapidly across the Great Lakes region and down the Atlantic Coast, as far south as North Carolina. The haunting image above is from another year, by Kate Ter Haar.). It’s the third year in a row for a significant, hunger-driven push south by these spectacular predators of the far north, so commanding of the imagination with their striking plumage, remote origins, and wondrous peregrinations.

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Bird Talk: An Exploration of Avian Communication–A Book Review

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It’s a joy to witness, hear, comprehend, and know. * Flight Calls of Migratory Birds by Bill Evans & Michael O’Brien, originally available in CD-ROM format in 2002, is now available free at [link]. ** For more on female bird song and The Galbatross Project, see [link].

Lake Apopka – Florida’s Inland Rarity Hotspot

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Consider these numbers recorded by long-time local birder Harry Robinson: 1,230 common nighthawks (the highest recorded count for Florida) on September 11th, 2002; 1,560 swallow-tailed kites on July 26th, 2006 and 1,660 black-bellied whistling ducks on February 5th, 2010. Lake Apopka Restoration Area in Lake County Florida is fast-becoming one of the best bird magnets in all of Florida.

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Rarities at the South Florida Bird Observatory

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Since 2002, the five most numerous species banded at the nets are as follows in descending order: Black-throated Blue Warbler, Ovenbird, American Redstart, Gray Catbird and Black-and-white Warbler. This migration season in Florida is fast coming to a close but it has not been without its high points. The Florida Keys Hawk-watch broke the world record for number of Peregrine Falcons recorded in a single day – a stunning 651 birds!

Birds of the West Indies by Kirwan, Levesque, Oberle & Sharpe

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As an homage, a contemporary edition of the Bond’s field guide Birds of the West Indies was featured in the twentieth 007 film, Die Another Day (2002), where Bond (Pierce Brosnan) in Cuba poses as an ornithologist. Or How a Serbian Suave Playboy Promoted Birding the Caribbean. Oh, the joys of slipping through the pages of a new book that has just arrived, the Birds of the West Indies by Kirwan, Levesque, Oberle and Sharpe.

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A Corn Crake in New York State!

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The last sighting in New York State was November 2, 1963 in Orient, Suffolk County, where the Crake was shot in a field of rye (Bull’s Birds of New York State, 2002). No one expected a Corn Crake. But, then, no one expected a Common Greenshanks in New Jersey. And, the message on the NYSbirds listserv this morning was clear: A Corn Crake (this is no joke) is currently feeding on the north shoulder of the Ocean Parkway east of the Cedar Beach marina … Ken & Sue Feustel.

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I Remember Elephants

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A different research says, from 2002 to 2011 the known populations of forest elephants declined by 62%. Late last month, while searching for bears , woodpeckers and spirits of Greece, I deliberately avoided checking any news, especially from my home country. Every now and then, I need to cut the world off and clear my mind.

The return of the Long-tailed Finch

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By 2002 we were seeing them a lot less regularly and the Double-barred Finch was the daily visitor to our garden instead. So, it is now officially winter! After several weeks of temperatures dropping to 10c (50f) we really feel like we are experiencing Winter here in the Tropics! A true Dry Season brings us these chilly nights and there has even been frost further north in the Kimberley, so be prepared if you are heading north!

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What It’s Like to Be a Bird: A Review of the New Sibley Book

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His books since have included regional editions of his guide, The Sibley Guide to Bird Life and Behavior (2001), Sibley’s Birding Basics (2002), and the Sibley Guide to Trees (2009).

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Citizen Science or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love eBird

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The talk described eBird’s origins in 2002 and traced its history as a project aimed at using “citizen science” to help researchers and conservationists learn more about birds. My husband’s nickname for me is “Analog.” I go to the bank to deposit a check, whereas he snaps a picture of the check with his phone and drops it in our account without leaving the couch. I use envelopes and stamps instead of online billpay, and pay tolls with coins instead of a plastic transponder.

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Little Curlew in a local park

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A flock of over 10,000 birds was present to the south of Broome in 2002 and the previous record number observed was 50,000 in 1985 on Roebuck Plains. The Little Curlew Numenius minutus is a medium sized shorebird and the smallest curlew to visit Australia. It is usually present in the Broome area from mid-September, but this varies from year to year. They often appear at the ephemeral lakes and also on the school ovals-sports fields.

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Greenland’s Arctic Tern

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The Arctic tern is one of the most scrutinized Greenlandic birds and was especially studied in 2002­2006. Greenland is the world’s biggest island taking up more than 2,000,000 km2 of the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans. Greenland is a beautiful place with a rich flora and fauna, and the Greenlandic birdlife is especially fascinating. Thankfully, travel writer Mia Petersen has offered us the inside scoop on what makes birding Greenland special.

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The New “Birds of Thailand”

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Since Craig Robson’s “Birds of Thailand” (2002) is taxonomically outdated, the choice was Robson’s “Birds of South-East Asia” (the updated second, 2014 edition of the 2001 classic). Perhaps you don’t know it yet, but with more than 1000 bird species, palm-fringed sandy beaches, developed tourism infrastructure, moderate prices and political stability, Thailand is a country you definitively want to visit.

A special Pied Oystercatcher

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On July 1st 2007 an egg was laid by a Pied Oystercatcher that was known to be an adult in 2002 and had been banded in nearby Roebuck Bay. I have followed the breeding activity of the Pied Oystercatchers in Broome along Cable Beach since July 2000 when I found the first nest site and the birds have continued to use the same territories, though there have been some partner changes.

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Evil Twin Brewing Falco India Pale Ale

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The blend itself has nothing to do with falcons, but was named in memory of Oregon brewer Glen Hay Falconer, who met an untimely death in 2002. If there’s a “ trash bird ” in the world of craft beer, it’s unquestionably IPA. Like starlings and pigeons, these flamboyantly hopped beers are everywhere, aggressively crowding out more modest offerings in taprooms and in the beer aisle, and always leaving a bitter aftertaste, whether you want it or not.

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Florida’s Mysterious Wintering Brown-crested Flycatchers

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Between 1960 and 2002, more than 50 official documented records were recorded in Everglades National Park alone. The C-111E Canal, one of several canals crossing the main road into Everglades National Park, provides another point of access to the same block of semi-continuous tropical hardwood hammock and lower scrub found at Lucky Hammock.

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The Million Dollar Duck (2016) – A Film Review

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One short clip features Ron Louque, the 2002 contest winner chuckling, “only a fool would go there expecting to win the contest!” As a birder, this 72 minute documentary film about the Duck Stamp Contest didn’t accomplish what I was hoping it might – get people excited about the Duck Stamp, or at least wildlife conservation. It did neither. The film began with a very brief history of the stamp, which is probably not well know by most casual observers.

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Faithful Loons and Human Lunacy

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Two fairly recent NRDA studies investigating the impacts of marine oil spills on Common Loons in New England (North Cape in 1996, Buzzards Bay in 2002) would have benefited from knowing whether Common Loons exhibited winter site fidelity. Every year there manage to be two Loons out in front of the cabin, up in Minnesota’s lake country.

2015 72

How Many Birders Are There, Really?

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However, at least one source reported that in 2002, there were approximately 700,000 copies in print of the Sibley Guide to Birds and 250,000 of Kenn Kaufman’s Field Guide to Birds of North America. Jason A. Crotty is a birder and lawyer living in Portland, Oregon. Jason’s first contribution to 10,000 Birds tackled the importance of the National Wildlife Refuge System. How many birders are there in America? As it turns out, there are very few estimates.

2016 62

Parrots: Brazil’s Colorful Avian Clowns

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The Bald Parrot was only described as a separate species in 2002. Parrots captivate me more than any other bird family. I am a self-proclaimed psittacophile. For one, they are remarkably diverse with a little over 380 species spread over every continent except Europe (only introduced) and Antarctica.