What is the National Bird of Italy?

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Italy has no national bird! Some places on the web claim that the national bird of Italy is the “bluebird” but this is so untrue that it does not make sense. Europe, let alone Italy, doesn’t have bluebirds.). The lack of a national bird is not because Italy has a paucity of birds or a lack of interest in symbols. Here, for example, is the emblem of Italy, adopted by the Italian Republic in 1948. ……… Birds Italy national bird

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Animals are Victims of Italy's Earthquake Too

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Activists Hit Max Mara Managers in Italy

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From Bite Back: Redecorated with paint and oil the opulent houses of Luigi and Ignazio Maramotti in Albinea (Reggio Emilia). Locked the main entrances. Redecorated with paint also the house of the sister Maria Ludovica located in Reggio Emilia. All these people represent the top management of Max Mara Fashion Group, they torture and kill animals for profits of their company.

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Marchesi Biscardo – Corvina della Provincia di Verona (2017)

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Operated by sommelier and importer Nicola Marchesi, the eponymous label Nicola Biscardo Selections works with smaller, family-owned estates all over Italy to bring these wines to a wider audience around the world.

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“The Pines of Florence”: Castellare di Castellina Chianti Classico (2018)

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Birding Food Reviews Birds and Booze finches Italy Tuscany White-winged Crossbill winter finches

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Castellare di Castellina: Chianti Classico (2019)

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Birding Food Reviews Birds and Booze butcherbird Italy Red-backed Shrike shrikes Tuscany wine

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Zenato “Alanera” Rosso Veronese (2016)

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Birding Food Reviews Barn Swallow Birds and Booze Italy swallows wineTo paraphrase Aristotle via Aldo Leopold, one swallow does not a summer make, but zero swallows, that is fall.

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Lovely Owls

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VICE went to Italy to play, squeeze, hug, and cuddle some of the most adorable owls in the land! You might recognize one of the owls in the video below. They are all very sweet. Luckily they made a video that we can share with you! cute animals cute video

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Trips Europe flamingos ItalySo last week I was in Sardinia. Many fine wines were drunk, and many fine meals were eaten. We also looked at some racing cars, which I guess was sort of the point? But of course, also and above all that, I saw birds. The White Wagtails , omnipresent on all my other trips to Europe, were not around this time.

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Love “Roller”coaster: Castellare di Castellini Chianti Classico (2016)

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Birding Food Reviews Birds and Booze European Roller Italy rollers Tuscany Valentine's Day

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Little Fanaticos Soccer Dog Jerseys

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They carry USA, Germany, Brazil, England, France, Italy and more. Love soccer? Does your dog love it too? If so, then Little Fanaticos is the site for you! Just look at how adorable the soccer jersey for dogs looks on Baby the Maltese! This is such a fun item, very unique and something that looks great as well. It is very well made, and fit her perfectly. It’s sometimes hard to find clothes for dogs that fit just right, but the soccer dog jersey could not have fit better.

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Isle of Arran Distillery: Amarone Cask Finish Single Malt Scotch Whisky

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Its core lineup of single malts is aged in American white oak bourbon barrels and European oak sherry casks, but this week’s featured dram continues its maturation in Amarone wine casks from Italy’s Veneto region (and a robust, full-bodied red wine we discussed in passing in this review ).

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The Hidden Qualities of House Sparrows

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As we move from Spain towards the east however, it starts getting interesting as soon as we reach Italy. Italy has an almost endemic … well … “form” of Sparrow, the Italian Sparrow , whose taxonomic affinities and rank have been a matter of dispute ever since scientists started to think about it. The Italian Sparrow is not entirely confined to Italy but – not surprisingly – also occurs in neighbouring areas of Austria and Switzerland.

Cuckoo for Congo

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Funny story about that – though they did take widely divergent paths they have come back together : Three of the birds, Chris, Martin and Kasper, flew down through Italy and straight across the Sahara desert. Back in August we linked to an article about cuckoos that had GPS transmitters attached to them in England and how they had taken widely divergent paths to get to Africa.

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Collaborative List – September 2019 – (Red-letter version)

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10 Beats have been out in 9 countries (Argentina, Brazil, Serbia, China, Costa Rica, USA, UK, Italy and Mexico) and have shared 125 lists to account for 916 birds. Italy is the newest country to feature in our collection of Countries/Territories/SARs/Kingdoms/Principalities and brings this list to 51. The autumn is upon us. Southbound migrants are passing through in torrents. Are you getting any action? The beats have been ranging far and wide.

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The Red-billed Leiothrix of Tuscany

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And while most of these introduction attempts failed, the species has now become firmly established as a “countable” species in several areas of France and Italy, and even Spain so far as I was able to find out. Celebrated awesomeness: Trips Europe invasive species Italy

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De arte venandi cum avibus: San Martino Siir (2015) – Aglianico del Vulture DOC

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Whatever they may be, the image makes a handsome label for this week’s wine, the 2015 Siir from San Martino, a vineyard in the Aglianico del Vulture region of Basilicata in Italy. Aglianico vines are still grown in southern Italy today, particularly in area around Mount Vulture, an extinct volcano in Basilicata.

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Quinta do Casal Branco: Lobo e Falcão Reserva (2016)

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After three visits to southern Italy, followed by a lone excursion to Belgium, we’ll head back south to end our month-long “Grand Tour” of falconry-themed wine and ales in Portugal. Incidentally, Italy, Belgium, and Portugal are among the eighteen countries where falconry is inscribed as a living human heritage by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESC0), attesting to the great heritage of this sport in many parts of the world.

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The slaughter tourism trade in Serbia

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The cargo was meant to be sold as delicacies to restaurants in Italy. But by then, all surviving Turtle Doves are already in Africa, and those less fortunate await in deep freezers for their final flight to Italy. Twenty years ago, flocks consisting of a thousand European Turtle Doves were a common sight in Serbia in spring. Ten years ago, those flocks were reduced to a few hundred birds. Nowadays, the flocks are even smaller, merely a few dozen birds.

Notable Mentions: Digiscoper of the Year 2011

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Here is just a small handful of some of the wonderful images that have moved me this year: The subtle brown hues in mclaudio’s (Italy) Dotterel ( Charadrius morinellus ) image wonderfully place the bird within a habitat – and imagined landscape – context.

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Brewery Ommegang: Idyll Days Pilsner

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This early weathercock once graced the church of Santi Faustino e Giovita in Brescia, Italy, but now resides at the Museo di Santa Giulia in the same city.

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Bird Conservation News: The Good, The Bad (and Ugly), and More Good

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Confiscated from a poacher in Brescia, Italy, this robin will be released to fly away into an uncertain world, where habitat is threatened and predators and poachers await. The survival of songbirds depends in part upon eliminating illegal hunting. Photo by David Guttenfelder, courtesy of National Geographic ). If you are a migratory bird in Europe and western Asia, this is your sweet spot.

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The true “Mediterranean” Gull

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The coast of the Mediterranean Sea is used mostly as a wintering ground, with just a handful of breeding colonies between Greece, northern Italy and eastern Spain (and recently through central Europe all the way to Ireland). It has come to my attention that this blog needs more gulls.

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The Birding in Costa Rica is Always Good at Lands in Love

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Sandy was a fifty-something guy who had immigrated to the Falls from Campobasso, Italy. “Seen anything good”? How many of us have heard that open-ended question while birding in the USA, Canada, and Costa Rica? How many of us aren’t sure how to answer it? Since we all know that what falls into the “good bird” category is relative, I guess you can answer it any way you want.

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Birding the Cyclades: My my, how can I resist you?

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Tha dropping numbers are suspected in Greece and Croatia, and confirmed in Italy, France and Malta. I am half-awake, but keep my eyes closed. Listening to the wheeping of stays and shrouds and screeching of fenders against the next sailboat, I do not want to wake up. Still, we are sailing out of the marina soon and I should have some coffee before that. We are in the village of Finikas on the island of Syros in the Cyclades archipelago of Greece.

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“One for the crow”: Dancing Crow Vineyards Zinfandel (2017)

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“One for the rook, one for the crow, one to wither, and one to grow.”

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Easy, Bonus Birding at Cano Negro, Costa Rica

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It even entices those of us who seriously dig the fromage (did I ever tell you about the amazing, heavenly provolone I ate at a rest stop somewhere in Italy? There are lots of great birding sites in Costa Rica. In fact, go anywhere with a good amount of natural forest and the birding is gonna be good.

What Winter Wonders Wait?

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Just before I left for Italy, I took a trip to the Lee Metcalf Wildlife Refuge for a healthy dose of migration. It was loaded with waterfowl – lots of Mallards and Green-winged Teal , a few Gadwalls and Northern Shovelers , a solitary Pintail and an equally lonesome Eared Grebe , and of course tons of my old favorite the American Coot (or as I like to call them, the Devil’s chickens.)

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Birds of Bolivia: Field Guide–A Book Review

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One of these days, Jeopardy will feature a category called “Field Guides” and the first clue will be: “This landlocked South American country finally got its own bird field guide in 2016, but it wasn’t available in the United State until 2019.”

The Parakeet of City Streets, the Monk Parakeet

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Monk Parakeets are established not only in New York City, but in at least seven states (Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Louisiana, New Jersey, New York, Texas), Puerto Rico, the Bahamas, and Quebec, Canada in North America; Belgium, Italy, England, and Spain in Europe; cities in South America (where they are considered introduced since these are not rural areas), and possibly even Japan.

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First Outbreak of Usutu Virus in Germany

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It subsequently spread to Budapest/ Hungary (2005, 2006), Zürich/ Switzerland (2006), and north-east Italy (2008/2009). Okay, I meant to write an entertaining post. I honestly did. But I have been sick with different kinds and forms of cold since the beginning of December with no interruption, and so has my entire family. And I am sick of winter, too: first there was no winter at all, with scarcely a night below freezing all through December and January and only rain, rain, rain.

Superheroes and the Birds

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Along with her team (including her lover Jenny Sparks, the living Spirit of the Twentieth Century) she destroyed an alternate Italy to prevent the invasion of her world and took over the United States in order to run it better than Congress. With the release of the widely anticipated Avengers film this week and the latest Batman film set to hit later this year, I thought it might be fun to look at some comic books for a change.

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The Eurasian Woodcock

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Anyway, that paper looked at the concentrations of heavy metals in soils, earthworms, and tissues of woodcocks in Quaderna Valley, northern Italy. This article is about birds. For information on the male porn actor, see www.pornstarswithbirdnames.com (disambiguation).

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The Domestic Turkey and the First Thanksgiving

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Dates of first arrival listed by Schorger (1966) are: Italy 1520, Germany 1530, France 1538, England 1541, Denmark and Norway 1550, Sweden 1556. This is the time of year that we rightfully contemplate the noble Turkey. The very first thing we notice about this large member of the Galliformes is that there is a wild version and a domestic version, and although the two are rather different, they are both given the same species name, Meleagris gallopavo.

German Birding Blitz

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Europe… with such low herp diversity the locals split any sub-population of a species that occurs on either the Iberian Peninsula or Italy as a new species just to make them feel better out themselves, naturally is the continent that rose to the top of my trip list. Andy Avram is a lifelong resident of northeastern Ohio, just east of Cleveland.

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Idlewild Wines: Flora & Fauna Red Wine (2018)

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While this quail belongs to California in both name and range, the wine it adorns is the product of a Sonoma County winery committed to the varietals and techniques of Italy’s Piedmont, in the Alpine foothills of that country.

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Collaborative list – December 2019

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35 countries were visited during 2019 , 7 of them ( Belgium , France , Germany , Italy , Thailand , Indonesia and Barbados ) bringing new blood to the Country/Territory/Emirate/Republic/Pricipality/Kingdom/Special Administrative Region list which now stands at 55. They came home exhausted.

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Jochen’s Top 10 birds of 2016

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My trips abroad were limited to short family vacations to the Cote d’Azur during the first days of January and a week-long vacation to northern Tuscany / Italy in May. Scopoli’s Shearwater , Tuscany, Italy. Great Spotted Cuckoo , Tuscany, Italy. Northern Gannet , Liguria coast, Italy. Birding-wise it turned out okay, largely due to a few nice days in April / May here in Germany, a few good days in Italy and the Sylt trip at the end of the year.

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‘Tis the Season: Notable Bird Books (and Booze and Binoculars) of 2020

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Aglianico is a rustic and savory red wine from Southern Italy made from a venerable grape of the same name. This has been a great year! For bird books, we mean – reference works and field guides, books of essays and reminiscences, novels, and works on birdsong and other specialties.

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