Woman Leads Fight Against Circuses in Portugal

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I like this story because I can only imagine the conditions of circus animals in Portugal. animal abuse europe regulation portugal circus lionWhen I was in the Azores, there was a circus called Atlas I think and there were horrible, gaudy posters. I just had a sick feeling about the possible treatment of those animals. Being of Azorean heritage, and, therefore, Portuguese, I know personally that animal welfare is not a cultural value.

Noudar Nature Park, Portugal

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I had the good fortune to be asked to represent one of the UK’s national birding magazines ‘Birdwatching’ on a press trip to Southern Portugal earlier this month. Co-funded by two of the regional tourist boards, Alentejo and Algarve, we were led by one of the very best birders in Portugal João Jara who as well as running his own guiding business Birds and Nature , has served as Chairman of the Portuguese Rarities Committee and a is a thoroughly nice chap to boot.

Economic Troubles in Portugal Lead to More Abandoned Animals

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From the Portugal News Online.sad stuff. Thousands of pets are being abandoned across Portugal, either being dumped at the gates of charitable associations or simply taken far from home and left behind, as owners struggle to make ends meet due to the continuing financial crisis. animal abandonment economics portugal

EU Sends Inspectors to Portugal for Farm Animal Welfare

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My 2010 resolution is to try and track animal rights issues in the homelands of Spain and Portugal. Spain is much more advanced than Portugal in this area, but both need improvement (as do we all.). Tags: europe portugal farm animal welfare This happened earlier in the month, but I'm posting it anyway. The inspectors found nothing wrong, but at least they responded to the issues raised by Animal Angels, based in Germany.

Portugal Pursued by EU for Poor Environmental Policies

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From the Portugal News. The European Commission said on Wednesday it is pursuing legal action against Portugal for breaching nature protection legislation. The Commission said it is sending Portugal a final warning over an inadequate impact assessment for a tourist resort development in the south of the country which falls under the Natura 2000 programme.The case concerns the Montinho da Ribeira resort at Algoceira in the Alentejo region.

Portugal Deals with Same Issues Around Dogfighting

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There are dog fights and dog attacks in Portugal and, per the December 5 post , the government came up with some legislation without consulting any animal rights groups. Tags: dog attacks portugal dog fighting This link is to ANIMAL's blog , written in Portuguese. Essentially, it sounds like they are having the same issues as we have in the US regarding dog fights and dog attacks.

Nesting Eagle Killed in Portugal, Another Brilliant Move

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Miguel Rodrigues, spokesperson for SOS Lynx, stated: "Irrational attitudes constitute one of the main barriers to predator conservation in Spain and Portugal. Tags: Stupid eagle portugal fox hunting I come from a Portuguese family and I have no problem dumping on the Portuguese. This makes me angry. It has nothing to do with poverty, just stupidity. March 2009.

Herdade do Esporão Bico Amarelo Vinho Verde (2019)

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As with our last Birds and Booze post , we’re in Portugal yet again, this time revisiting what is perhaps the world’s most quenching style of wine: vinho verde. Birding Food Reviews Birds and Booze blackbirds Eurasian Blackbird Portugal wine

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Quinta do Vale da Perdiz Cistus Reserva Douro (2016)

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Vale da Perdiz means “valley of the partridge” in Portuguese, and the label features a Red-legged Partridge ( Alectoris rufa ), which I believe is the only partridge found in most of Portugal. Birding Food Reviews Birds and Booze partridges Portugal Red-legged Partridge wine

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Casa Ferreirinha ‘Papa Figos’ Vinho Tinto (2017)

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The label Casa Ferreirinha dates to 1845, when Dona Antónia Adelaide Ferreira took over her family’s port business in the Douro Valley of Portugal. Birding Food Reviews Birds and Booze Eurasian Golden Oriole fruit orioles Portugal wine

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Casa Santos Lima: Valcatrina – Vinho Regional Alentejano (2015)

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For much of its history, Portugal has sat secluded at what was long considered the very end of the known world — at least from a Western point of view. Birding Food Reviews Birds and Booze Common Pheasant pheasants Portugal Ring-necked Pheasant wine

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Indian Government to Protect Bulls from Entertainment Use

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India blood sport portugal bullfightingThe Indian government has decided to add bulls to the list of animals protected from entertainment uses. This prevents them from being exploited in Goa, an Indian state that had considered reviving the tradition. Goa was once part of the Portuguese empire which is where the bullfighting ridiculousness comes from.as a Portuguese-American, I can say that.) There are still illegal events though.

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Portuguese Anti-Bullfighting City Forced to Host Bullfight

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For the whole story, go to Portugal News On-Line. blood sport bulls portugal bullfightingAs a Portuguese-American, I find this just revolting. Prótoiro, the Portuguese Federation of Bullfighting Associations, placed an injunction again Viana do Castelo Town Hall this month after their refusal to allow the event to go ahead on municipal land.

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Some Portuguese Are Just Like Me

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I like reading the blog for ANIMAL, the animal rights group in Portugal. I have no idea how big or effective they are, but it's nice to know that there are people in Portugal who feel the same about animals as I do. Tags: portuguese-americans portugal animal rights I'm Portuguese-American, which is obviously different, but I have yet to meet ANYONE in this ethnic group, hybrid or not, that agrees with me. VIVA ANIMAL!

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Quinta do Casal Branco: Lobo e Falcão Reserva (2016)

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After three visits to southern Italy, followed by a lone excursion to Belgium, we’ll head back south to end our month-long “Grand Tour” of falconry-themed wine and ales in Portugal. Incidentally, Italy, Belgium, and Portugal are among the eighteen countries where falconry is inscribed as a living human heritage by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESC0), attesting to the great heritage of this sport in many parts of the world.

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Portuguese City Tries to End Killing of Strays

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Portugal is NOT known for its kindness to animals so this is a significant development for a Portuguese city. From the Portugal News Online. Tags: animal shelters portugal strays

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British Student Attacked by Portuguese Fur Shop Owner

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A British student studying in Porto, Portugal, was handing out leaflets in front of "Beigel," a fur shop. Tags: fur portugal The post in the ANIMAL blog is in Portuguese , but here's the gist of it. She was volunteering for ANIMAL. She had already been threatened by the owner on Wednesday for trespassing on her premises. On Friday, the owner really lost it and attacked her, leaving marks on the student's arms.

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Quintas das Arcas: Bicudo Vinho Verde (2017)

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We also have a hoopoe gracing the label of this week’s wine, the 2017 Vinho Verde “Bicudo” from the Quintas das Arcas vineyards in northern Portugal. Vinho Verde is both a style of wine and a demarcated denominação de origem controlada (DOC) that dictates its production in what was historically the Minho province in the far northwest corner of Portugal (it now comprises the districts of Braga and Viana do Castelo).

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Preserve the Priolo: Azores Bullfinch Fundraiser

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Conservation bullfinches crowdfunding PortugalThe Azores Bullfinch ( Pyrrhula murina ), also known as the Priolo or São Miguel Bullfinch , is an understated beauty endemic to the island of São Miguel in the Azores. This bird is also highly endangered, with a known population of just over 1,000 birds.

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Lisbon is pretty crazy

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I am on a quick trip to the Lisbon area in Portugal and – I must admit – I was taken completely by surprise about how this conglomeration of people, water and nature are put togerther. Portugal is evidently the world’s largest produced of cork and its production still takes place in a way that reflects a deep care for the natural environment. Destinations Europe Lisbon Portugal

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Sea Shepherd Attends Whaling Conference

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First up, Paul Watson goes through Portuguese Customs: At one point the officer came into the room and asked if I had ever been in trouble in Portugal and then added, “Something about a Dutch ship about 10 years ago?” A few moments later he returned and said, “Excuse me, did you do anything illegal in the 70’s in Portugal?” “I Well, it appears that you did something in Northern Portugal in the 70’s,” He said. “Oh, This makes for an entertaining read.

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Companhia das Lezírias ‘Tyto alba’ Vinhas Protegidas Tinto (2013)

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The 2013 ‘Tyto alba’ from Companhia das Lezírias is a red wine from Portugal’s Tejo region, and – as you may have guessed from its name – there is in fact a Barn Owl ( Tyto alba ) on the label. Birding Food Reviews Barn Owl Birds and Booze Portugal wine

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Down in the Dumps: White Storks Find a New Food Source

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Instead of wintering in Africa and breeding in Europe, growing numbers of the birds now appear to be staying put in Spain and Portugal. Are they stork raving mad, or just smart cookies? Either way, Europe’s White Storks seem to have found a year-round food source, and it’s changing their migration habits, according to new research. Move over gulls, you’ve now got competition at the landfills.

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Azure-winged Magpies

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As well as the population found in East Asia, another smaller population also occurred in the Iberian Peninsula, in Spain and Portugal. I’m back! And what a bird I have for you today. The Azure-winged Magpie is a pretty member of the crow family found in Eastern Asia, from Siberia and Japan down to Hong Kong. It was in Hong Kong that I caught up with the species, as it is easy to find in the splendid wetlands of Mai Po.

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Where Are You Birding This Final Weekend of March 2012?

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Blue skies with perhaps a touch of smog over the scintillating central coast of Portugal (Find out why Dale Forbes finds Lisbon birding pretty crazy …) a. The month may be winding down, but March Madness is reaching a fever pitch. Sure, college basketball is a big deal, but I’m thinking about the burgeoning spring. Think your coworkers would be up for an office pool to pick the next early migrant to arrive?

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The longest way to Costa Rica goes around the world!

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Reachable by direct flights from Portugal, the island country of Sao Tome and Principe lying in the Gulf of Guinea, in the armpit of Africa, has about 140 bird species and 28 endemics – more endemics per square mile than anywhere else on Earth. Presuming that you want to bird Costa Rica, you would book a southbound flight (from N. America) or westbound (from Europe). Yet, for most people, birders are all eccentric. What if you were truly eccentric?

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Serbia – birding overview of a year in the Central Balkans

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As Serbia is not a large country (about the size of Portugal or Austria; or the US states of Indiana or Maine) and the infrastructure is reasonably well developed, it is possible to explore it in about a week and, with some advance planning and guidance from the local experts, build up a list of 80 to 90 species in winter and 120 to 140 in the spring. Serbia has 317 eBirded species so far, or 89% of the 356 in the national checklist.

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Birds of the West Indies by Kirwan, Levesque, Oberle & Sharpe

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Late June night at the Casino Estoril, then the largest casino in Europe, located in the neutral Portugal where spies of all colours met. Or How a Serbian Suave Playboy Promoted Birding the Caribbean. Oh, the joys of slipping through the pages of a new book that has just arrived, the Birds of the West Indies by Kirwan, Levesque, Oberle and Sharpe. I am checking the References and one name, expectedly, stands out: Bond, J.

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A Gull at the End of the World

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Cabo da Roca in Portugal is actually slightly farther west, but at the time accurate measurements were not much on people’s minds. The Camino de Santiago wasn’t always de Santiago, and it didn’t always end in the saint’s namesake city. According to some legends, the path was first trodden by pagan seekers following a route indicated by the sun and the Milky Way to the westernmost edge* of the continent — in their view, the end of the world, Finis Terra.

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Purple Swamphen: Supertramp or superspecies?

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The colorful Purple Swamphen ( Porphyrio porphyrio ) lives in wetlands from Portugal and Senegal all the way east to New Zealand and the Samoan Islands, and a feral population is now well established in Florida.

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A Bird Rehabber Goes Birding. Sort Of.

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Portugese workers brought in to trim the local trees clustered around the television set, drinking heavily and watching a Portugal-Spain soccer match; during a moment of celebratory elation, a shirtless man raced by with a Portugese flag stuck down the back of his pants, the red and green banner snapping jauntily as he disappeared out the door. You see those white things at the edge of the marsh out there? They’re either Great White Egrets or White Storks. I don’t know which.

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Where Tulips Come From (It Ain’t Holland)

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When he returned to Portugal in disgrace after usurping his position from the rightful governor, Sampayo supposedly took tulip bulbs with him from Sri Lanka. Kazakhstan, May 2009 During the two days spent out in the steppe in Kazakhstan I couldn’t help but notice the sheer number of flowers that dotted the grassy steppe. It seemed that anywhere one looked some kind of flower, whether it was an iris, a tulip, or something else, was blooming.


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Talking to Jan Södersved the editor of the Birdlife Finland magazine Linnut whilst we were both in Portugal in early October suggested that all of the owl species in Finland had had a very productive breeding season. I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for owls. Wander through my front door and glance upwards and you’ll find at least two watching you, a Tawny Owl and a Barn Owl , both sadly gathered as roadkills. Above our fireplace is a large painting of a Barn Owl.

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Tsunami Pics from Midway Atoll

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The Eurasian Nuthatch

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The Nuthatch , which only visiting birders refer to as an Eurasian Nuthatch , is found throughout temperate Europe and Asia from Portugal to Japan. We North Americans are spoiled with nuthatches. White-breasted and Red-breasted Nuthatches can be found across almost the entire continent, Brown-headed Nuthatches are common in the southeastern United States and Pygmy Nuthatches liven up outings in the mountain west. Pity the poor European birders.

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Birding Lodges – Part 2 – Punta Cana Resort & Club

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Polygynandry and avian swingers

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Phillipps’ Field Guide to the Birds of Borneo: A Book Review

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She currently lives in the Algarve, Portugal and Quentin splits his time between London and Sabah, according to the brief biographies in the back of the book. The danger of reviewing a field guide to the birds of an exotic country you’ve never been to is that you become obsessed with visiting that country, no matter how far away and how expensive it may be.

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