People Who Want to Ban Circus Animals are Bozos?

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In "Council Bozos Want to Ban Circus Animals in City" Ellis Henican ridicules the New York City Council for introducing a bill to ban the "display of wild or exotic animals for public entertainment or amusement." The only way most of us will ever see an elephant (or a tiger or a hippo) is on the National Geographic Channel, at a circus or in a zoo. The elitist “animal-rights” zealots hate to admit this.

Ringling Brothers Wins Court Case Over Elephant Abuse

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FEI) at the outset of a nine-year-old suit brought by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) that culminated in a six-week trial in March. The ASPCA, Born Free USA (Animal Protection Institute), Animal Welfare Institute, Fund for Animals along with former Ringling animal trainer Tom Rider had accused the circus of shackling, confining and striking elephants with bullhooks, which have a sharp steel hook at one end.

Woman Leads Fight Against Circuses in Portugal

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I like this story because I can only imagine the conditions of circus animals in Portugal. When I was in the Azores, there was a circus called Atlas I think and there were horrible, gaudy posters. I just had a sick feeling about the possible treatment of those animals. Being of Azorean heritage, and, therefore, Portuguese, I know personally that animal welfare is not a cultural value. The EU apparently wants to "regulate" instead of banning circuses.

From Today's New York Times

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To the Editor: Re “ Worry Under the Big Top as Mexico City Moves to Ban Circus Animals ” (news article, June 15): Mexico City joins the growing list of cities that have banned the exploitation of animals in circuses. When not performing, animals spend most of their lives caged or chained in tractor-trailers and railroad boxcars while traveling from city to city.