FBI Lists Animal Rights Extremist as Most Wanted Terrorist

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San Diego has ties to animal rights extremist groups. Daniel Andreas San Diego, wanted for alleged involvement in 2 bombings in San Francisco has been listed by the FBI as one of their Most Wanted Terrorists. He is known to follow a vegan diet, eating no meat or food containing animal products. In the past, he has worked as a computer network specialist and with the operating system LINUX. San Diego wears eyeglasses, is skilled at sailing, and has traveled internationally.

UK Science Minister Says Public More Accepting of Animal Testing

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According to this interview, he credits animal rights extremists for fueling the public backlash against animal protection. Discouraging article.

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Southern Poverty Law Center on ALF

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The SPLC is better known for going after racist extremist groups. Interesting article on ALF from the Southern Poverty Law Center.

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Rumors Circulate over Cancellation of Anthrax Project

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In addition to the threat of animal "extremists," they are also blaming T. Research supporters are going crazy over Oklahoma State University stopping anthrax testing on baboons. Boone Pickens' wife Madeleine, whose husband is a big donor.

Calgary Zoo Set for External Review

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But, of course, this is really all because of some extremists who want to close down all zoos. Since I agree that the excessive number of deaths at this zoo should be investigated, I guess I must be an extremist too. Bowing under pressure, they are allowing an outside group of experts review their operations.

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Another Fake Animal Welfare Group

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The quotes seemed designed to show them as extremists and/or insincere liars. I was browsing for some quotes when I came across this group - The National Animal Interest Alliance (NAIA). They had a page with quotes from animal rights activists, but as I was reading, I noticed that they were very unfavorable quotes from such activists as Wayne Pacelle and Ingrid Newkirk. So, I'm like, waaaaaait a minute. Who are these guys? And here's the answer.

On What the Animal Ag Alliance Thinks of Us

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The industry calls us all "animal rights activists" and of course uses the ridiculous "extremists" (read: a person with a principle manifested in her actions) and the Communications Director of the AAA, Philip Lobo, says of extremists, "many of whom are vegans, who are willing to use drastic measures in their attempts to impose their dietary choices onto others."

Animal Researchers Promote Sob Stories

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I think they are clever cowards who use extremists to hide their work and to obfuscate the truth about what they do to animals and whether it is truly necessary. I don't support animal research and I have no sympathy for animal researchers. I don't believe they are working for human welfare. I don't believe they want an honest dialogue about what they are doing to animals. I do believe they want prestige, tenure, royalties and patent rights.

Ends and Means

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I hate it when someone refuses to denounce extremists. How do actions such as this promote the cause of those who performed them? I can't think of anything more self-defeating. There are, in general, four ways to achieve an end. The first is to use force. The second is to use coercion (i.e., the threat of harm). The third is to use manipulation (e.g., deception). The fourth is to use rational persuasion. Only the fourth is respectful of persons, which is a moral imperative.

The True Costs of the Rhetoric of Terror Continue to Mount – Part 1

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The word ‘extremist’ runs a close second. Extremist’ connotes a fanatical whacko incapable of being reasoned with. Their concerns can’t be legitimate if they are “fanatical extremist terrorist whackos.” With surprisingly little fanfare, President George W. Bush signed the “ Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act ” into law this past Monday (November 27, 2006). The law protects animal enterprises from courses of conduct designed to disrupt their normal profitable functioning.

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