HSUS Video about Feral Cat Rescue

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So here is a nice story and video about a HSUS rescue of a California feral colony. Tags: HSUS california animal rescue feral cats I've been way overworked and stressed lately. Haven't been into deep posts at all. It makes me want to get back into animal rescue, which is where my animal rights activism started.

Helping Feral Cats in Your Neighborhood

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Cory Williams, of the famed "Mean Kitty" YouTube videos (which are really funny), has a good how-to video about doing a trap, spay/neuter, and release of feral cats in your neighborhood. The video was done on behalf of the Stray Cat Alliance. Tags: feral cats

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Quantico Has No Compassion for Feral Cats

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Quantico Military Base is really behaving cruelly when it comes to the feral cats on its base. We do not support or promote feral animals on the base,” flatly stated Bruce Frizzell, head of the Natural Resources and Environmental Affairs office. Frizzell explained that a large population of feral cats is ultimately detrimental to the overall environmental health of the base, its native species and ecosystems.

No-Kill Conference Already Sold Out

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Financial Resources for Cat Care

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Thanks to Alley Cat Allies , one of my favorite groups, for posting this web page with financial resources for people struggling to care for pets or feral cat colonies. Tags: spay/neuter cats animal rescue feral cats These guys are just awesome.

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Alley Cat Allies Wins Recognition for Financial Efficiency

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We've been supporters of Alley Cat Allies for years, ever since we rescued a feral cat colony living in our apartment building's parking lot 14 years ago (5 of those clowns are aging nicely with us with us now.including Charlotte who's on the masthead). They do excellent work on feral cat issues, but I'm glad to see that they are recognized for their financial efficiency too. Tags: activism feral cats donations advocacy nonprofits

Where Are All the Cats?

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Last summer, Alley Cat Allies conducted an analysis of Illinois Department of Agriculture reports collected from the 247 animal pounds and shelters licensed by the state that handled cats in 2006. More than 60,000 cats were killed in Illinois animal pounds and shelters in 2006. That’s 5,000 cats killed every month, and 160 each day. On top of that, these same facilities couldn’t account for over 17,000 cats. Tags: feral cats

Calling all animal lovers!

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Erubbermaids “Roughneck” homes create the perfect winter sanctuary for feral cats Opossums, raccoons and skunks. Feral cats are exposed to cold temperatures, wind and freezing rain in the winter. Some cats do not survive the winter due to frostbite, dehydration, starvation and exposure to toxic chemicals found under cars and in garages where cats seek shelter. Create a safe shelter for the feral cats and animals in your area by following these directions.

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Are Women More Compassionate Than Men?

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All I know is that the majority of vegetarians, ex-vegetarians, animal rights supporters, animal rescuers, animal shelter volunteers, and feral cat colony stewards that I know are women. It's an intriguing question that would probably get quite a response at any dinner party. Frankly, I don't know. Not all, but the majority. And I find that in conversations, women are more likely to listen and think about what I say than men, who often brush me off as an emotional female.

Fix Nation

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Caring for the homeless cat population in Los Angeles, FixNation , offers free spay and neuter services to caregivers of community cats. FixNation uses Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR), which is a community-based program that involves trapping homeless, free-roaming cats, getting them spayed or neutered, and then returning the cats to the exact spot where they were trapped so they can live out the rest of their natural lives.

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From the Mailbag

Animal Ethics

To whom it may concern, Please consider posting a link on your Web site to this Orange County Register Morning Read story on feral cats that are taught to be good citizens by being cared for by foster families. Julie Anne Ines News Assistant Orange County Register

On Dominance and Animal Birth Control

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We are a far bigger problem on this planet than the (over)population of feral cats, elephants, Canada geese, or any other creature we "manage" or want to manage, "humanely" or otherwise. Yesterday, regarding being a minority within a minority , mikey commented (among other things): While I am fairly new subscriber to this blog, therefore not knowing your particular stance, I've often felt like a minority within a minority for my stance on animal birth control.

Animal Control Officer Shoots Cats Because They Hissed at Him

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A couple of cats hiss at him and he freaks out, gets out a gun and shoots them? Grasso finally got his day in court Monday, testifying that he shot and killed three cats last June only after they had hissed and spat at him from the basement of a Lackawanna apartment complex. “I I opened the door, I took two steps downstairs, and three cats — the mother and two kittens — came at me,” Grasso testified at his daylong trial on two misdemeanor charges.

When Is a Dog Unadoptable?

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I had a couple of dogs when I was a kid, but I mostly grew up with cats. I have a lot of patience with cats. I don't believe that any cat is unadoptable, even feral cats. I believe that a feral may never be a lap cat and they may never even let you pet them. There are also many "feral" and "food-aggressive" personality types in humans, but we don't put them down.)

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On Ducks and Geese

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Now I have the drama of the feral cats and of course the greyhounds. Creatures have come in phases for me: the duck phase, the cat phase, the dog phase, the bear phase (I was living in Vermont--it was unavoidable), the Canada goose phase. This is Girlie Girl. Not to be confused with Little Girl, of course.

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Pahokee Opens for Project Treadstone

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Sure, it takes an hour to get there and I have no idea how I'm going to get 10 cats in my car or even trap 10 cats, but I'm still enjoying the honeymoon phase of the concept and reveling in some kind of victory I had nothing to do with. The cats are getting harder to trap, and I think even if I finally were able to get the spay RV from up north I don't see how I could trap 30 cats in a day at this point no matter how many people volunteer to help.

Unintended Consequences of Predator Control

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The intent was to protect birds by removing one of their predators: cats. It seemed like a good idea at the time: Remove all the feral cats from a famous Australian island to save the native seabirds. What happened was something that hurt the birds worse. But the decision to eradicate the felines from Macquarie island allowed the rabbit population to explode and, in turn, destroy much of its fragile vegetation that birds depend on for cover, researchers said Tuesday

On Charles and Project Treadstone

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There are now about 10 cats who are unsterilized, and next week the women at the site, with a little help from their friends, will start trapping again. It'll be my area's first group dedicated to reducing the feral cat population! Kudos to the cat people of North County who started this much-needed venture! Just in case you were wondering what an 85-lb red fawn greyhound looks like from the back with a couple dozen acupuncture needles in him.

On Keeping "Vegan" Pure

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I'd rather trap a feral cat and have her spayed. Kelly wondered whether the term "vegan" is " worth fighting for " given the latest trend of seemingly oxymoronish (waiting for that one to hit Webster's) terminology from the mouths of people who want to find a way to use animals, yet make it appear that they're not. Okay, that's not what she wrote, but that does seem to be what's occurring.

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Lessons Learned From 4 Years of Animal Person, Part 2

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I wrote about atheism, diabetes (which I do think is important and stay tuned for a video about canine diabetes and how to test blood sugar), dog food, feral cats, and of course, greyhound racing. Yesterday's lessons learned were primarily about blogging. Today they're about language. Lesson #7 Obsessing over language can become counterproductive. And this, coming from a person with a doctorate in Applied Linguistics. I can talk about language all day, every day.

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Creature Update

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From the feral cats of Project Treadstone to Charles' back surgery to problems with Violet's Vetsulin (insulin for dogs), we had more than our share of issues. As many of you know, 2009 was chock full of creature-related drama for me. If I told you what I spent last year doing work-wise, you probably wouldn't believe me and you'd definitely suggest I write a book about it. At least Emily the kitty, though not at all skinny, had an uneventful year.

On Project Treadstone and Welfare, OED-Style

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Project Treadstone If anyone in Palm Beach County wants to get involved in the Trap/Neuter/Return (TNR) of feral cats, now is the time, as the county's Spay Shuttle is back in business (but for a whopping $40/cat rather than the original $15), and Pahokee ($25/cat) is open as well. Appointments must be made, and several may be obtained for each day (the person who schedules me can get up to 10 per day, but I don't think Trapper Man can get 10 cats/day.

Guest Post: Susan Wilson

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Enjoy the guest post (thanks Susan): As I write this, my black cat, Sasha, is going through her pantomime, telling me that she either wants to go out, or she wants to eat. A feral kitten captured and neutered by a small non-profit, somewhat militant organization, was on display at our local Massachusetts Society Prevention of Cruelty Association branch, which often took these feral cats in the hope of finding homes for them.

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