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Caring for the homeless cat population in Los Angeles, FixNation , offers free spay and neuter services to caregivers of community cats. FixNation uses Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR), which is a community-based program that involves trapping homeless, free-roaming cats, getting them spayed or neutered, and then returning the cats to the exact spot where they were trapped so they can live out the rest of their natural lives.

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City of Albuquerque Being Sued for Trap-Neuter-Release Program

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The lawsuit alleges that the City of Albuquerque partnered with animal advocate groups to implement a Trap, Neuter, Return (TNR) program in which stray or feral cats are trapped, sterilized, vaccinated, and then abandoned at the location at which they were trapped.

National Feral Cat Day Didn’t Go As Planned

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They have been so successful in suckering cities and other municipalities into believing that they can solve their feral cat problems through Trap-Neuter-Return (T-N-R) that now citizens of those towns have had their eyes (and their noses) opened to what happens when the inmates run the asylum. “Obviously the Spay, Neuter, Release program is just not working – cause where are the kittens coming from.”

Cat Wars: The Devastating Consequences of a Cuddly Killer

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The traditional, supposedly humane answer to the glut of feral cats has been institution of “TNR” programs – trap, neuter, return. TNR has repeatedly been shown to fail to reduce free-ranging cat populations,” the authors say (perhaps because the rate of sterilization in a discrete population has never been close to one hundred percent); and, in any event, neutered or not, feral cat lives are nasty, brutish and short.

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10,000 Birds Launches Alley Rat Allies

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After careful consideration of all of the enlightened arguments that have been made by those in favor of Trap-Neuter-Return for feral cats in recent blog posts , we here at 10,000 Birds have been completely convinced by their well-thought-out, logical, and airtight conclusions. After all, if feral cats should be allowed to roam free without fear of poisoning, being trapped-and-euthanized, or otherwise coming to harm then why not give rats the same treatment?

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Why Did The National Audubon Society End Their Contract With Ted Williams?

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On 14 March, 2013, the Orlando Sentinel published an opinion piece by Ted Williams under the headline “Trap, neuter, return programs make feral-cat problem worse.” The other is trap and euthanize.

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Feral Cats in American Cities

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… The ordinance would allow Minneapolis residents to establish cat “colonies” where abandoned and wild cats can be fed but also vaccinated, neutered and identified in an effort to humanely cut their population and control disease. The practice they would have to abide by is known as “trap, neuter and release,” and it would be under Board of Health regulation. Bresnahan said trapping cats is difficult enough. These are live traps that do not injure the cat.