City of Albuquerque Being Sued for Trap-Neuter-Release Program

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From the American Bird Conservancy : The mayor of Albuquerque and the director of the city’s animal welfare department have been named in a lawsuit alleging that the officials have committed animal cruelty by allowing certain illegal and improper animal management practices to occur related to abandonment of stray cats. Blair Dunn on behalf of Marcy Britton, a resident of Albuquerque.

Little Big Year – Week 35: Route 66, Tucumcari and The Albuquerque area

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Our next stop was another mutually agreed upon stop, Albuquerque New Mexico. Jeanne has long desired top photograph the Albuquerque Hot Air Balloon Fiestas ( You can see her photos here )and I wanted to visit the Valle de Oro National Wildlife Refuge. The post Little Big Year – Week 35: Route 66, Tucumcari and The Albuquerque area appeared first on 10,000 Birds.

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Good News for the Alamagordo Chimps!

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The Albuquerque Journal reported in a copyright story Friday that the National Institutes of Health informed Gov. I received an alert from the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. The Alamagordo chimps will be allowed to remain in New Mexico for about two years while the NIH studies the issue of their transference. This gives animal rights activists some time to prepare further defense of the animals. Good way to end 2010. Here's the story as reported in NewsWest.

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Little Big Year – Week 34: We visit Colorado and Texas

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We also are taking a couple of days to photograph the Albuquerque Balloon Festival. With Wyoming and South Dakota in our rear view mirror, we look toward Colorado, and a hot spot I have been anxious to visit. Trinidad Colorado is located just a few miles north of the Colorado – New Mexico border, and home to the Trinidad Reservoir. This area also is where I hope to fill in a few target birds, like the newly spilt Woodhouse’s Scrub Jay, Pinyon Jays and Prairie Falcons.

When a Ring-billed Gull is a Rarity- Tortuguero, Costa Rica

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That or Albuquerque… Yeah, we were pretty happy to see a bird often referred to as a “rat with wings” (by non-birders of course) because it doesn’t usually vacation in Costa Rica. I went to Tortuguero National Park last weekend. Shortly after arrival, I saw a bird that had me yelling for Robert to come down from his room in the Casa Marbella and look in the scope.

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