How to Plan a Vegan Wedding

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Even in a city the size of Minneapolis, it’s been difficult. What I hadn’t prepared myself for was that I might run into the same problems in Minneapolis. Filed under: Animal Rights , Veganism Tagged: Minneapolis wedding , Minnesota , planning a wedding , vegan food , vegan wedding , Veganism. Animal Rights Veganism Minneapolis wedding Minnesota planning a wedding vegan food vegan wedding

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Want a Career in Animal Rights?

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Compassionate Action for Animals in Minneapolis, MN is now hiring! Compassionate Action for Animals is a nationally-recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit based in Minneapolis, MN focused on eliminating cruelty to animals through vegetarian outreach, education, and community building. Now might be your chance!

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Minnesota Activist Indicted for Animal Terrorism

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From the Minneapolis Star-Tribune.I DeMuth and Carrie Feldman, another activist from Minneapolis have been jailed since Tuesday for refusing to answer questions before the federal grand jury in Davenport. don't see any mention in this article (or in this one from the Chicago Tribune ) about threats to human life in this incident. Straight vandalism and economic loss. Is this a valid prosecution? Is it terrorism?

On the Land Grant University Meat Problem

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If you might wish to thank Utne for helping inform about the land-grant-university (LGU) meat problem and ask them to do more on it, send a brief note to or Editors, Utne Reader, 12 North 12th Street, Suite 400, Minneapolis, MN 55403 -- or ring them up at 612-338-5040 (editors actually answer the phone, but don't take advantage!).

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