Eating Eggs is Eating Cruelty

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Egg laying hens are arguably the most abused animals on today’s factory farms. There have been countless investigations of egg farms conducted by animals rights groups in the United States, and each time we see the same things: dead hens in cages with live ones, birds who have lost their feathers from stress, and egregious abuse of these beautiful birds by farm workers.

Are Introduced Snakes in Florida Learning to Eat Eggs?

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This could be a problem. Asides

Humboldt Penguins in Chile Face Extinction

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Invading rats with bodies up to 8 inches (20 centimeters) long have begun eating eggs and chicks, and some experts fear that unless the rats are eradicated, they could tip the Humboldt penguin toward extinction. From the Huffington Post. rats chile extinction penguins endangered species

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BOCA to Stop Using Eggs by End of 2009

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On March 19, 2009 a company representative emailed Compassion Over Killing: "…I am pleased to let you know the BOCA brand will be eliminating eggs in all of its products by the end of this year. We anticipate all BOCA products will be egg free in 2010." By removing eggs from their ingredient list, BOCA is withdrawing financial support for factory farms that use battery-cages. They are striking a blow against the cruel egg industry.

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Help Cristy Go Vegan

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She eats eggs for their protein. She can't eat a lot of nuts or nut butters, though she does love them so. Not typical ones as she doesn't eat pasta or bread or beans, and I know the books I have are full of those. She's so close. And sometimes cheese. She doesn't tolerate beans and already takes probiotics and digestive enzymes. She might be gluten intolerant. She is very thin and has a history of gut-related issues. She knows going vegan is the right thing to do.

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Crow Roosts

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Yes, these are common birds, yes they sometimes eat eggs and baby birds (even woodpeckers do that) but it’s unbelievable to see that much bird mass in one spot. Have you ever gone to look for a American Crow roost in the United States? In winter, crows gather by the thousands for form large roosts and sleep in the winter time. Some will travel as far as 20 miles during the day to forage, but return in late afternoon.

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Are We Much Better than Michael Vick?

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If you are a non-meat-eating, non-leather-wearing, non-shampoo-using, animal-rights activist for PETA, then it is not hypocritical to judge Vick for animal abuse. I still eat eggs that come from battery hens, even though I do try to buy free range, and I wear leather, even though I only buy it used. This is an excellent opinion piece in the Philadelphia Inquirer. The author, an assistant professor of sociology at Tulane University, poses some important questions.

J. J. C. Smart on the Moral Elite

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I eat eggs though they may come from battery hens. Moreover at present I see no moral objection to eating the flesh of free range cattle, which seem to me to have a happy life which they would not have at all if they were not destined to be eaten. Let us think of the more moral members of society as a moral elite, much as the generality of scientists form a scientific elite.

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Count Your Chickens (In the Florida Keys)

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In 2008, over nine billion chickens were slaughtered for Americans to eat. When we eat eggs we eat chicken eggs almost exclusively. We birders are very particular about the birds that we count. We can, of course, count wild, native, species. We can count vagrant species that made it to the area we are in under their own power. We can count introduced species that have met the criteria of the “Bird Police” for the area to which they are introduced.