Another Excuse for Michael Vick

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What Michael Vick did really sucked. Tags: pit bull animal cruelty blood sport Michael Vick sick Sigh. I see a lot of these rationales. Essentially, it goes like this. But everything humans do to animals really sucks anyway. So, let's cut him some slack and forgive the guy. In that case, why do we punish humans for crimes against other humans? We are a pretty cruel society that cares little for children, the poor and the elderly.

Michael Vick Refuses to Visit Victims

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Tags: pit bull animal cruelty blood sport Michael Vick dogfighting sick

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The Rehabilitation of Michael Vick Continues

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Jesse Jackson says that the NFL is keeping Sick Vick out of the NFL just like baseball kept out Jackie Robinson. Reverend Jackson, Jackie Robinson was a good man, but Michael Vick is not. a Michael Vick web site. Tags: pit bull animal cruelty Michael Vick sick I hardly think the two situations compare. This is not a civil rights issue. Stop trying to make it into one. It is an issue of character. Oh, and a preview of things to come.

Nike Reaches Non Agreement with Michael Vick

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Nike does not have a contract with Vick! Nike does not have a contractual relationship with Michael Vick," Nike said in a statement yesterday. "We We have agreed to supply product to Michael Vick as we do a number of athletes who are not under contract with Nike." Tags: Michael Vick Nike Right. They just want to give him free stuff. But that doesn't mean, like, they endorse a guy who hung and electrocuted dogs to death.

Humane Society's Explanation for Working with Michael Vick

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It's the Humane Society explaining why they teamed up with Michael Vick on his community service work. Tags: blood sport humane society Michael Vick dogfighting Found this piece from May 2009. I'm still torn about that, although I certainly understand their logic.

Why the Rush to Forgive Michael Vick?

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What if, instead of hanging and drowning dogs, Sick Vick were involved in hanging and drowning people? Tags: pit bull Michael Vick sick I just don't understand it. Even some people who think he behaved horribly want to give him a second chance. They say it's the only fair thing to do, everyone makes mistakes, he's served his time, it's only the "Christian" thing to do, blah, blah, blah.

Why No Fuss About Michael Vick?

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Michael Silver, some Yahoo Sports guy, has a column about why Michael Vick's return to the NFL has turned out to be so anticlimactic (I was wondering the same thing myself recently.) I know plenty of people still detest Vick for what he did, but if there are protesters at his games or outside the Eagles’ training facility, I haven’t heard about them. I’m not so sure how good Vick is anymore, or whether he’ll ever get another chance to be an NFL starter.

SCLC to Celebrate Michael Vick Day

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The Southern Christian Leadership Conference is sponsoring a Michael Vick celebration in Newport News. Tags: Vick Whether you think he deserves a second chance or not in the NFL, I find it a little strange that they are sponsoring this. What exactly are they celebrating? His release from prison?

Michael Vick Expects to Return to the NFL

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The Debtor has every reason to believe that upon his release, he will be reinstated into the NFL, resume his career and be able to earn a substantial living," Vick's attorneys wrote in a disclosure statement filed before a hearing Thursday in U.S. Campsen, another Vick attorney in the bankruptcy proceeding, said he had not had any contact with the NFL, nor had Vick. Tags: Michael Vick This according to his bankruptcy attorneys.

New Book on Michael Vick Case

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A new book has come out about the Vick case. Tags: Vick You can read about it here.

Going Against The Grain: How Best Friends Defied Convention on Rehabilitating Fighting Dogs

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Best Friends has a good article about how they took in Michael Vick's dogs , going against the conventional wisdom that these animals can't be saved. Tags: Michael Vick Best Friends

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Vick to Play in Game 3

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Michael Vick is now eligible to return in Game THREE instead of just Game Six of the regular season. Tags: pit bull blood animal cruelty Michael Vick dogfighting sick Just realized that we reported this on Critter World News, but never posted about it. Someone up there must like him.

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Vick to Get Own Reality Show on BET

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Looks like BET will have a new reality show based around Michael Vick. Tags: Michael Vick Wonder if he'll talk about the dogs he helped hang and electrocute to death. He'll get paid to tell everyone what a wonderful person he is. Sorry, but I think someone who kills dogs like he did can't just change. That kind of lack of compassion and cruelty is just too cold blooded. Shame on BET.

To Be Fair: An Argument in Support of Vick

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I do not like Michael Vick and would pay to see him in a ring tied to a stake with some hungry bears inside. Tags: pit bull animal cruelty Michael Vick sick But, to be fair, I do want to highlight this very thoughtful piece by Raina Kelley at Newsweek. She doesn't defend what he did, but she makes an eloquent argument for second chances. It's not good enough to sway me.but I admire the level of consideration and sincerity in her appeal.

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Another Former Vick Dog Prospers

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Another happy little story from Best Friends about a rescued pit bull once owned by Michael "Sick" Vick. Tags: pit bull animal rescue Michael Vick Best Friends This story is about Cherry.

Stupid Seattle Seahawks Fans Would Take "Sick Vick"

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An informal poll shows that 51 percent of Seattle Seahawks fans would actually welcome Vick to the team. Tags: pit bull seattle animal cruelty Michael Vick sick Sometimes I can't believe the stupidity and callousness of people. Talk about desperation to win something at any cost. What a pathetic bunch.

"Sick Vick" About to be Signed

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"Sick Vick" is on his way to a new team. Tags: pit bull animal cruelty blood sport Michael Vick sick Who will it be? Early rumors swirled around the Patriots or the Steelers. If it's the Seattle Seahawks, I may have to move.

Get Ready for the Kenny Glenn Apologists

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We saw it with Michael Vick and we'll see it with this kid. Tags: animal abuse animal cruelty kenny glenn Michael Vick I'm thinking they'll start coming out tomorrow. It will fall into two camps. 1) Poor, poor Kenny Glenn. He's just a poor screwed up kid with low self-esteem. He needs a second chance to rehabilitate himself. He's a young boy who made one mistake. AND What, are you kidding me? It's just a cat.

Michael "Sick" Vick Update

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Remember Michael Vick? I came across a September/October 2007 issue of Best Friends in which the editorial was about the Vick dogs. As for Sick Vick himself, he filed for bankruptcy in July and the contents of a storage unit were sold to pay his bills. Tags: Michael Vick That was the big story last summer. I slapped my forehead, "Oh yeah!" It's so easy to forget how BIG that was what with China and wolf-hatin' Palin.

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Find Out How the Vick Dogs are Doing at Best Friends

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Just got this update from Best Friends on two of the former Michael "Sick" Vick dogs (now named Little Red and Handsome Dan.) All the Vick dogs at Best Friends have their own web page if you want to check up on them. Tags: pit bull animal rescue Michael Vick Best Friends

Vick Allegedly Put Family Pets in Ring to be Killed

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1 says Vick actually placed family pets in the ring against pit bulls owned by "Bad Newz Kennels" and watched as the animals ruthlessly attacked the domesticated dogs causing "major injuries." Tags: Michael Vick dog fighting This is the allegation as reported on TMZ. In just released report, a person identified as confidential witness No.

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Great Response to Jesse Jackson's Vick Offensive

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This is a great response to his recent complaining that the NFL is colluding against Vick and his insulting comparison of Vick to Jackie Robinson, the African American who broke the race boundaries in major league baseball. Tags: pit bull animal cruelty Michael Vick sick Jesse Jackson is just a nut I think.

Vick to Be Released Wednesday

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Michael Vick is set to be released from Federal prison on Wednesday and will serve the remainder of his time in home confinement. Yes, that's just what the NFL needs is a man who, according to his indictment : In or about April 2007 Peace, Phillips and Vick executed approximately 8 dogs that did not perform well in testing sessions at 1915 Moonlight Road by various methods, including hanging, drowning and slamming at least one dog's body to the ground.

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Patriots and Steelers Eye "Sick Vick" for Signing

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Plus, I personally have no room for forgiveness for Sick Vick. Tags: animal cruelty blood sport humane society Michael Vick sick Well, I know two teams I may not be rooting for next season. (Of Of course, I've disliked the Patriots ever since their coach was caught with filming other teams. And the Steelers? Not since they were handed the Super Bowl over the Seahawks. Worst officiating EVER!) Others may, but I don't.

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Vick Back Home

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Vick has returned to his home in Virginia. Vick’s construction job is part of his probation, and he was to find out more about the restrictions he faces in home confinement from the probation officers, though it was not clear if those guideline were laid out Thursday. Expect the Great Vick Image Rehabilitation Campaign in the coming weeks and months. Tags: Michael Vick dog fighting

"Sick" Vick to Get Out of Jail

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Imprisoned NFL star Michael Vick will be allowed to finish his sentence under home confinement because there is no room at a halfway house for him, a government official told The Associated Press Thursday. Vick is serving a 23-month sentence at the federal penitentiary in Leavenworth, Kan., Vick's lawyers have said they expected him to be moved any day into a halfway house in Newport News. Already?

Retailer Pulls Vick Jerseys After Complaint.Wait, What?

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Who would be dumb enough to still be selling Vick jerseys? earlier this month after finding replicas of Vick's No. I do, however, think it was a little strange not to notice this considering Vick is already in jail for this. Tags: Michael Vick Why that would be Bealls Outlet Stores. No doubt going after the coveted football loving animal abuser fan base.

PETA Says Vick's Brain Should be Scanned for Psychopathy

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PETA is demanding that Vick be barred from the league unless he has a brain scan to prove he’s not a psychopath. From the PETA Web site: Vick’s behavior seems to fit the American Psychiatric Association profile for anti-social personality disorder (APD). If Vick emerges from these examinations without evidence of psychopathy, this may mean that he has the capacity to express true remorse. Tags: animal cruelty Michael Vick Oh PETA, my PETA.

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Let’s Catch Up!

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Alec Baldwin wrote a great piece for the Huffington Post about the vilification of Michael Vick, and how in a lot of ways it’s hypocritical of a lot of people – specifically, if you are a meat eater, a leather-wearer, and an animal user. Not that what Vick did can be in any way condoned, mind you, but that we all need to look at what we do day-to-day to contribute to animal suffering, and ask ourselves if it’s really worth it?

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“The Champions” documentary now available for download

4 The Love Of Animals

“The Champions” is an important film that tells story of pit bulls rescued and rehabilitated from Michael Vick’s dog fighting ring. The film deliberately avoids visuals of dog fighting and cruelty to animals, so please do not be afraid to … Continue reading → The post “The Champions” documentary now available for download appeared first on 4 The Love of Animals. dogs events movies people helping animals rescues

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December 26 Podcast Uploaded

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This week's stories: PETA demands that the National Institutes of Health take back grant money awarded to the University of Kansas; The Canadian Association of Zoos and Aquariums prepares to investigate the Calgary Zoo next year; Convicted dog fighter Michael Vick receives an award in courage from the Philadelphia Eagles; Canada tries to find a public relations firm to counter anti-seal coverage; and a Washington State man is convicted of selling bear gall bladders.

Giveaway: The Lost Dogs

4 The Love Of Animals

Called the “Vicktory Dogs” by many, the 47 pit bulls who survived Michael Vick’s cruelty have struck a chord with the nation. The Lost Dogs: Michael Vick’s Dogs and Their Tale of Rescue and Redemption tells the tale of how the dogs came to be rescued, and the extraordinary lengths that some very caring people went through to make sure the dogs got a second chance.

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Podcast Uploaded for Week Ending 12/12/09

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The Calgary Zoo is under scrutiny for yet another animal death; Convicted dog fighter Michael Vick is welcomed back to Atlanta; New Zealand is being bombarded with international protests for what many consider to be a transition to “factory farming” in Mackenzie Country; Russia bemoans that fact that it hasn't matched the US in transforming sea lions into military weapons; and a German tourist is caught smuggling 44 lizards out of New Zealand in his underwear.

Thoroughbred Dealer Convicted of Animal Cruelty

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Come on, that's a Michael Vick defense that didn't work with him either. This guy sounds like a real jerk. He didn't know how his horses were being treated on his own farm? Plus, this is the guy's BUSINESS. And he didn't know? Yeah, right. From the Associated Press. Prominent New York thoroughbred breeder and owner Ernie Paragallo was convicted Wednesday of mistreating dozens of malnourished horses on his Hudson Valley farm.

Book: The Lost Dogs

4 The Love Of Animals

Have you ever wondered where the dogs in the Michael Vick case are now? And while we all wactched and know the outcome of what happened to Vick, little is known about what happened to the pit bulls he abused…until now. The first focuses on the case, and even includes “dogs eye view&# accounts of what it might have been like to live on Vick’s property.

Missouri Legislature Attacks Horse Activist

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Michael Frame, D-Eureka. Even when her organization got involved in the high-profile animal abuse case of NFL quarterback Michael Vick, she had never seen such a vitriolic reaction. Now this is just juvenile. Missouri is going to vote on allowing horse slaughterhouses back into the State. An activist organized an appeal in which people from around the country and the world could contact the legislators in opposition to the bill.

Does Vick Deserve a Second Chance?

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Rhoden in " The Case for a Second Chance for Michael Vick? " And I'm not just referring to Vick here. Is Vick a special kind of creep for what he did? Do you agree with the New York Times ' William C. Let's deconstruct the concept: Do you think that people who have spent their lives harming animals by eating them, just like I did and much of my family still does, deserve a second chance? Is fighting and killing dogs the same thing?

Man Who Hung, Electrocuted and Beat Dogs to Death Given Courage Award by Philadelphia Eagles

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Because poor Michael Vick has been through so much. I cannot understand how someone could do what Vick did. Tags: Vick Another reason to root against the Eagles. Sorry but after seeing the victims that he left behind on Dog Town, I still think he's slime. It takes a special kind of callousness and brutality to treat dogs that way. This isn't a bar fight. It's not the mistakes made from being young. This is making dogs tear each other to shreds.

Dog Fighting

Animal Ethics

Michael Vick should be punished to the full extent of the law if he is convicted of the charges filed against him. Is there anything creepier than dog fighting? How could someone support, much less organize, such a vile practice? Dogs evolved with humans. They are our trusted friends and companions. To train them to fight one another, and then to kill the losers of these fights, is barbaric beyond words.

From the Mailbag

Animal Ethics

The site recently posted a section called “How Dog Fighting Works” in response to the Michael Vick court case. Hello, My name is Chad and I am working with the easy-to-understand explanations web site How Dog Fighting Works” is a look into the illegal sport of dog fighting and gives readers information on the issues and its effects.

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DOGTOWN: Tales of Rescue, Rehabilitation, and Redemption

4 The Love Of Animals

A prime example is the story of Georgia, a dog rescued from the Michael Vick dog fighting ring. I recently got a copy of DogTown: Tales of Rescue, Rehabilitation, and Redemption for review on this site. I was so excited to check it out because the show, DogTown, from National Geographic , is so great, I just knew the book would be too. I was not disappointed at all! Be sure to have tissues handy, because if you love dogs, your bound to shed a few tears.

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From Yesterday's New York Times

Animal Ethics

The bill contains sweeping new penalties against animal fighting, included after the Michael Vick case revealed the pervasiveness of this crime. To the Editor: Re “ A Disgraceful Farm Bill ” (editorial, May 16): While the farm bill recently approved by Congress deals with enormous agricultural policy issues, it also includes three important provisions to protect animal welfare.

From Today's New York Times

Animal Ethics

The Michael Vick case shed light on the disgrace of those who cause dogs to fight each other, an event often accompanied by drug sales and prostitution.