West Virginia University to Build Animal Research Lab

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Why would this West Virginia University project be the recipient of federal stimulus money? From West Virginia Metro News. Tags: west virginia university animal research Obama tax dollars us Thanks to your tax dollars, federal stimulus money is being used to build a $14.5 million dollar research lab. It is the largest grant thus far under the stimulus package. It will house rodents for use in experiments.

Virginia Fox Smuggler Gets Six Months

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Attorney Julia Dudley said Blevins had bought animals for several years from trappers in different states and brought them to Virginia to sell to the owners of "fox pens." He was caught after a yearlong investigation by Virginia game officials that included the undercover purchases of 54 red foxes and 47 coyotes from Blevins. Howard Glen Blevins, 68, of Asheville, N.C., pleaded guilty in March to five counts of trafficking in wild animals. A statement from U.S.

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Turkey Abuse in West Virginia Aviagen Plant

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Overlooked this one. Another nasty farm animal abuse story. Whatever you think about PETA, I admire them for exposing this crap. It's even got Chuck Jolley from the Cattle Network riled up. Bottom line: If you’re running a business where you allow the kinds of shortcuts that let animal abuse happen, please sell it and leave the industry now. Find another line of work. If you’re caught by PETA or HSUS, please do not plead ignorance and vow to clean it up. It will be too late.

Vick Back Home

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Vick has returned to his home in Virginia. From the AJC: He will spend the next two months being monitored at home and working a $10-an-hour job as a construction laborer. He’s scheduled to be released from federal custody on July 20, and then faces three years of supervised probation.

Ringling Brothers Wins Court Case Over Elephant Abuse

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US District Judge Emmet Sullivan signed the December 30 ruling in favor of Ringling's owner, Virginia-based Feld Entertainment Inc. Pretty heavy blow. FEI) at the outset of a nine-year-old suit brought by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) that culminated in a six-week trial in March.

Virgina Creates Wildlife Crime Watch Program

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Wildlife Crime Watch" is a new program implemented by the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries. This program is a proactive effort to develop a partnership between citizens and the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries. Sounds intriguing. I was particularly interested in the list of program sponsors. They were all hunting associations AND the National Rifle Association.

Supreme Court Strikes Down Depiction of Animal Cruelty Act

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The high court case stemmed from the arrest and conviction of a Virginia-based documentary producer named Robert Stevens who sold videos containing scenes of dogfights. The Supreme Court struck down a law that outlawed the depiction of animal cruelty. Mr. Stevens said his videos were aimed at portraying the aggressive characteristics of pit bulls and the use of pit bulls in hunting. He argued that his documentaries were protected by the First Amendment.

Bowl by Bowl Challenge

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they are sending professional photographer Nanette Martin to take pictures of shelter pets at the Virginia Beach SPCA. We wanted to share this great initiative called “Bowl by Bowl” that challenges negative perceptions of shelter pets as well as helps feed animals in need. Purina One will donate a bowl of food to a shelter for every quiz completed on their Facebook page.

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Giveaway: Puppy Bumpers

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Puppy Bumpers manufactured in Virginia at STEPS, Inc., Puppy Bumpers are stuffed collars that keep dogs from getting out of fences. It’s a patented solution for people with dogs who fit through wrought iron fence rails or balcony slats! Though we haven’t tried them ourselves, we think they are a great solution to a common problem a lot of pet owners have. And, we are lucky enough to have one collar to giveaway !

"Sick" Vick to Get Out of Jail

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after pleading guilty to bankrolling a dogfighting operation at a home he owned in eastern Virginia's Surry County. Already? Imprisoned NFL star Michael Vick will be allowed to finish his sentence under home confinement because there is no room at a halfway house for him, a government official told The Associated Press Thursday. Vick is serving a 23-month sentence at the federal penitentiary in Leavenworth, Kan.,

On Vegan Devastation at PF Chang's

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Northern Virginia? From VegCooking , courtesy of PeTA: The vegan-friendly attitude of P.F. Chang's is largely due to the number of requests that management receives for meatless cuisine. Vegan dishes are among the bestsellers. One manager told PETA Eats that most people prefer the vegetarian lettuce wraps over those with chicken. Wok-seared tofu, red onions, and water chestnuts with hints of mint and lime and served with cool lettuce leaves are a combination that few can turn down.

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Steven M. Wise on Farm Animals

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F]iat justicia, ruat coelumtet," spoke Lord Mansfield, upon deciding that a Virginia slave was a free man on English soil. The problem of the unjust use of farm animals is large, growing, historical, institutionalized, governmentally encouraged, and fundamentally unregulated at either the state or federal level. Farm animals are treated essentially as raw materials.

Getting a Kitten from Kansas

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She has had two for the past ten years, one she bought and had shipped from a breeder in Utah, the other from a breeder in Virginia. I am no fan of breeders, I'll admit it. I think there are many disreputable breeders, I think they are increasing a bloated supply of pets, and I think there are many purebreds already available from shelters. Are there good breeders out there that care for their animals and run their business out of pure love of their work and the animals?

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From Today's New York Times

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To the Editor: Re “ To Revive Hunting, States Turn to the Classroom ” (front page, March 8): Shame on West Virginia if it approves a bill that allows hunting education classes in public schools to become law. We should not use public schools to try to reverse the inexorable decline in the “sport” of hunting. The killing and maiming of animals for sport is a cruel and violent activity that is the antithesis of what schools should be teaching.

Fur Free Fashion Show Winners Announced

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Born Free Foundation was established in 1984 by Bill Travers and Virginia McKenna, stars of the iconic film Born Free, along with their son Will, now CEO of both organizations. Received this press release yesterday.

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The One Animal Product You Should Feed Your Children

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However, 12 states, namely, Alaska, Arkansas, Idaho, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nebraska, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Washington, West Virginia, Wyoming and Wisconsin [Imagine, The Dairy State doesn't protect a woman's right to nurse!],

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