Cockfighting Rings Busted in South Carolina

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Humane Society Puts Pressure on South Carolina's Bear Baying

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The training exercise called bear baying is intended to make the bears easier to shoot in the wild and it's only allowed in South Carolina. And while South Carolina's attorney general says animal cruelty laws prohibit bear baying, he hasn't prosecuted any cases. Tags: animal cruelty blood sport south carolina humane society bears hunting Ugh, this is barbaric and right out of the dark ages. From the AP.

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South Carolina Only State that Bans Capturing Marine Mammals for Display

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Man Convicted of Illegally Trafficking Live Deer

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He was transporting them across state lines from Ohio to a hunting preserve in South Carolina. Tags: wildlife crime wildlife trafficking ohio south carolina Lacey Act deer The deer were not tested for disease. He was sentenced to 21 months in prison. I hope he serves the whole term. The deer still got screwed because they ended up at the hunting preserve, but any kind of sentence for wildlife trafficking must be enforced.

Cute Baby Alpaca at Hollywild!

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OneMinuteNews crew took a quick visit to the local Hollywild Animal Park in Upstate, South Carolina. We were told that Miguel, a new baby Alpaca, had just been born there – and wanted to pay him a quick visit. Check out the short video below, and see how adorable Miguel is: cute animals cute video

Clemson Researcher Investigates Impacts of Cages on Laying Hens

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In South Carolina egg sales tally about $90 million annually. It's a study funded by the US Department of Agriculture. One would think it would be elementary. Crowded and filthy conditions mean suffering for hens. But it's not just about the's s about the money. How much suffering can and should they endure without significantly affecting the human pocketbook. Or corporate net income. From the Clemson press release.

Animals as Raw Material

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At Clemson University, such products are being tested at the South Carolina school's Animal Co-Products Research & Education Center, says center Director Annel Greene. I came across this article in USA Today entitled "Waste not, want not: Companies find uses for leftover animal parts."