Dick Vitale vs. Dolphins in Bracket Challenge

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College basketball legend Dick Vitale has been going head-to-head in a bracket pick ‘em contest against the sports-predicting dolphins of Atlanta’s Georgia Aquarium as part of the Allstate March Mayhem Challenge. Seems that some dolphins are getting in on the March Madness! After the first three rounds of the tournament, the Georgia Aquarium dolphins are only one pick off from tying Vitale for total number of correct game picks (30 to 31).

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Podcast Uploaded for Week Ending 12/12/09

Critter News

The Calgary Zoo is under scrutiny for yet another animal death; Convicted dog fighter Michael Vick is welcomed back to Atlanta; New Zealand is being bombarded with international protests for what many consider to be a transition to “factory farming” in Mackenzie Country; Russia bemoans that fact that it hasn't matched the US in transforming sea lions into military weapons; and a German tourist is caught smuggling 44 lizards out of New Zealand in his underwear.

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Miracle Babies; Pandas and Leopards

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The Atlanta Zoo in Georgia is borrowing Chengdu’s winning technique to help try and have a baby of its own. A wonderful new series on Nat Geo WILD this Tuesday, September 13th and Wednesday, September 14. Nat Geo WILD takes viewers around the world to follow dedicated people working to save Nature’s Miracle Babies – often the last hope for critically vulnerable species.

Tales for the Pet Lover’s Heart

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This program brings to life one of the most powerful human relationships – that between a person and their pet,” said pet owner Melissa Heeter of Atlanta, who was featured along with her dogs in the 2008 Tales for the Pet Lover’s Heart program. “It Nestlé Purina and Cincinnati-based Kroger Co.

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Animal Ethics

Georgia State University Atlanta, Aug. To the Editor: Re “An Ape Types in Iowa” (column, Aug. 9): Gail Collins writes: “Human-ape conversation was a very hot topic back in the late 1960s, when researchers first taught a chimpanzee named Washoe to use sign language. It lost steam once it became clear that while the apes could put together simple statements and requests, they were not prepared to have discussions about their deepest feelings, hopes and dreams.