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“This is a wild animal:" Woman awakes to serval, native to Africa, in her Atlanta bedroom

Reddit Animals

submitted by /u/inbetweensound [link] [comments].

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Can the Falcons Win the Super Bowl?

10,000 Birds

The hours are ticking down to Super Bowl LI, a hotly anticipated contest between perennial contenders New England Patriots and the upstart, high-flying Atlanta Falcons. Will the Atlanta Falcons actually win the Super Bowl? Of course, the team who conquered the best of the NFC can win the Super Bowl. But will they?

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Red-tail Without a Cause

10,000 Birds

I was scanning through a few photographs that I captured recently during a visit to Woodlands Garden near Atlanta and was shocked to find one of a young Red-tailed Hawk with a cigarette in its beak. Does anyone else see James Dean? I hadn’t expected to be boldly stared down by a smoking juvenile hawk.

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Podcast Uploaded for Week Ending 12/12/09

Critter News

I apologize for the audio quality of this sound engineer was on the Xbox! Here are the week's stories.

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Miracle Babies; Pandas and Leopards

4 The Love Of Animals

The Atlanta Zoo in Georgia is borrowing Chengdu’s winning technique to help try and have a baby of its own. It is extremely difficult for female pandas to reproduce in captivity, but the city of Chengdu in central China has become the worldwide epicenter for panda reproduction. Meanwhile, at Whipsnade Zoo in the U.K.,

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Wildlife Rehabber Ranting – With Photos

10,000 Birds

This one comes from Vonda Lee Morton, a wildlife rehabilitator who runs Laurens Wildlife Rescue outside Atlanta. Oh, do I love it when I can get somebody else to write my blog for me. She and I have never met in person, but thanks to the internet we’ve been through all kinds of wildlife emergencies together.

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What is the State Bird of Georgia?

10,000 Birds

Brown Thrashers , large, rust-colored songbirds, were so popular in Georgia that they became the namesake of their NHL hockey team, the “Atlanta Thrashers!” ” It comes as no surprise then that the governor proclaimed the Brown Thrasher the state bird in 1953 , and the legislature followed suit in 1970.

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