Birding Eastern Zimbabwe

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Zimbabwe is last in the alphabetical atlas of countries of the world. But eastern Zimbabwe is an almost mythical place and a highly productive birding destination. I have had the privilege of birding Zimbabwe on a handful of occasions. Typical Zim scenery by Adam Riley (Rockjumper Birding Tours) Zimbabwe, or simply “Zim” as we like to call it, is a landlocked country that has recorded close on 700 bird species. Birding Worldwide Birding Adventures zimbabw

Situation Critical for Zimbabwe Wildlife

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In Zimbabwe, activists claim impoverished Zimbabweans are killing elephants and eating them. Tags: bush meat poaching zimbabwe wildlife War and chaos is bad for everyone, human and non-human. Out-of-control poaching is apparently wiping out all sort of wildlife, including hippos.

Sasol Birds of Southern Africa, 5th edition

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And so, back to political entities, this field guide covers Namibia , Botswana , Zimbabwe , the southern half of Mozambique (south of the Zambezi River), South Africa , Lesotho and Eswatini ( Swaziland ).

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Dramatic Elephant Rescue

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This elephant was saved from drowning in a manmade structure in a Zimbabwe national park by a team that is using drones to deter poaching. The rescue was made by the Air Shepherd team in Zimbabwe’s vast Hwange National Park. … Continue reading → The post Dramatic Elephant Rescue appeared first on 4 The Love of Animals. elephants people helping animals

Crime Gang Dealing in Rhino Horn and Elephant Ivory

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From the African Conservation Foundation.the story was actually published earlier in August, but still worth posting A shocking undercover journey reveals that a poaching cartel known as ‘The Crocodile Gang’, led by Zimbabwe’s Emmerson Mnangagwa, is slaughtering rhinos and elephants to fulfill ‘requests’ for horn and ivory. This is big, scary business out there, not some struggling poor people trying to survive.

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China Gets to Buy Elephant Ivory

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It will allow China to bid for more than 100 tonnes of ivory stockpiled in Botswana, Namibia, South Africa and Zimbabwe through culling and natural deaths. I don't know how to call this one.will it help or hurt the elephant population in the long run? Either way, I hate these incredibly intelligent animals being "harvested" as "product." The UN Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) meeting in Geneva voted in favour of China becoming a licensed importer.

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Birding the Kruger Park (4): Letaba area

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As the national bird of Namibia, Zambia, and Zimbabwe, the African Fish Eagle is usually very busy whenever it stays in these countries, giving speeches, opening shopping centers, etc. Letaba is a largish rest camp in the North central part of the park.

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Botswana’s Private Reserves

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The reserve, in the eastern corner of Botswana near Zimbabwe and South Africa, isn’t open to the public in general, so I figured I’d share a few images here by way of showing off. While much of the attention that Africa’s tourism industry gets is for its (deservedly) popular national parks and game reserves, a lot of wildlife viewing is possible away from the big name places.

Where Are You Birding This Second Weekend of 2012?

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Hope you see skies as beautiful as this one over Zimbabwe shot by Adam Riley a. Coming into the second weekend of this new year, we’ve all added a few birds — possibly very few birds — to our year lists. Don’t feel obliged to start a formal list if listing isn’t your style. I gave up year listing a couple of annums back even though I’ve rung up some banner bird bounties in 2010 and 2011.

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I Remember Elephants

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Africa), Hwange (Zimbabwe) and, recently, in Chobe national park in Botswana (the one that was considered so safe that the Clintons have visited it as a presidential couple)! Of those range states, opposed were South Africa, Namibia and, not surprisingly, Zimbabwe. Late last month, while searching for bears , woodpeckers and spirits of Greece, I deliberately avoided checking any news, especially from my home country. Every now and then, I need to cut the world off and clear my mind.

Exploring the Uncharted Bird World

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601-800 sp: Canada, Costa Rica, Panama; Russia; Guinea, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Central African Republic, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Congo (Brazzaville), Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Mozambique, South Africa; Laos, New Guinea (PNG); Australia. Summer is normally the vacation season, for ordinary tourists at least. Birders follow different patterns of bird migration and their local activities and travel accordingly. But – where?

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What is a Palm-thrush?

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They are also found in patches of Zimbabwe and Mozambique, and also north through Zambia, the Congo and Tanzania (just poking into Kenya). A post I wrote a few weeks ago where I made some disparaging remarks about America’s pseudowarblers (and poetry) generated a certain amount of negative feedback, and clearly some apologies are in order. Mum, Dad, I’m sorry I described my childhood as feral.

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Swallows. Swallowed

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So, when they set out to study of the migration and habitat use of these animals in a South African lake in the Mapungubwe National Park, near the border with Botswana and Zimbabwe, they were not necessarily looking for fish flying out of the water. I’ve only seen Tigerfish (Alestidae, genus Hydrocynus , usually Hydrocynus goliath ) in two contexts, but I’ve seen a lot of them. One is on the plate, as dinner. The other is in the form of a fossil excavated from a paleontological site.

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Review: Sasol eBirds of Southern Africa

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In particular the GPS function didn’t seem to work in Botswana and Zimbabwe (I am, I have to confess, guessing there was a GPS function as it seemed to work in South Africa in areas with no signal. The most outrageous of these was in Victoria Falls, where the smart list had the Livingstone’s Turaco (actually found on the other side of Zimbabwe on the border with Mozambique) but didn’t have Schalow’s Turaco , which does occur there.

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Duncan’s 2015 List

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Bateleur ( Terathopius ecaudatus ); Botswana/Zimbabwe Border, Zimbabwe, 3 January. Schalow’s Turaco ( Tauraco schalowi ); Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, 3 January. Lilac-breasted Roller ( Coracias caudatus ); Zambezi NP, Zimbabwe, 3 January. Struthionidae (Ostriches). Ostritch ( Struthio camelus ); Wakkerstroom, South Africa, 22 February. ANATIDAE (DUCKS). White-faced Whistling Duck ( Dendrocygna viduata ); Kasane, Botswana, 1 January.

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Shadows of Africa

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Historical poaching (this population was restocked from Zimbabwe) has clearly left its mark on the gene pool. A dusty-red road leads me through Marico bushveld deeper into the 750 square kilometers large wilderness of the Madikwe Game Reserve – the 4th largest reserve in South Africa, home to 350 bird and 66 mammal species, some 4 hours’ drive from Johannesburg.

Africa’s remarkable long tailed birds

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Photo taken by Adam Riley in Zimbabwe. The scarcer Gurney’s Sugarbird has a wider range through the mountains of eastern South Africa and Zimbabwe, and is reliably found on Sani Pass.

Africa’s Big Five and Little Five

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Prime destinations for seeing African Elephant in the wild include Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Uganda. Lions are most easily found in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. I’m sure you’ve all heard of Africa’s famous Big Five , but do you know there is also an equally fascinating Little Five ?

Birding Botswana’s Borders

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But I have visited Guatemala, Lesotho and Zimbabwe to actually visit them and count them, even though I spent less time in them than I did Zurich. I’ve never been one to be overly concerned about whether a bird “counts” People, and organisations, have complex and elaborate rules about whether a bird you saw or heard actually is a bird you saw or heard, which seems a very unnecessary way to add complexity to an already complex hobby.

South Africa’s endemic birds

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The Sugarbirds are another family endemic to Southern Africa, again with two species; Cape Sugarbird (being a true endemic to the southwestern Cape) and Gurney’s Sugarbird (occurring at scattered sites through eastern South Africa with a small isolated population in the Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe.) My home country of South Africa can only be described as a birding paradise!