Echidna-egg laying mammal-500th post!

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When I realised that this weekend would be my 500th post for this website I thought I could broaden the “birding” topic to “egg-laying” topic. In Australia we have two egg-laying mammals. The post Echidna-egg laying mammal-500th post!

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Surprising NYTimes Editorial about National Egg Production

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battery hens eggs egg production hens farm animal welfare agriculture agribusiness chickensSurprising to me at least. The editorial advocates a national standard that establishes humane standards in all parts of the country.

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Trader Joe's Eggs NOT Humane

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I decided to look online for some information regarding the "Organic Free Range Eggs" that Trader Joe's, my favorite store, sells. A Note About Eggs At Trader Joe's we listen to what our customers tell us about the choices we give them. Thanks to their valued feedback, in 2005 we made an important change in our egg selection. As of this time, all Trader Joe's brand eggs come only from cage-free hens. But are they really free-range eggs?

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Robin Egg Blue

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Good luck, egg! And a question: If I hadn’t seen any robins today but stumbled upon the nest without seeing the robin that had just flown off, and identified the egg as a robin’s, could I count robin on my day-list? Birds eggs nest robinsI recently took a walk off-trail at Papscanee Island in Rensselaer County, New York, taking advantage of deer trails to find my way through the thick brush.

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Consolidation of Egg Industry

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So are egg corporations. egg industry continues to consolidate. Some 200 companies have an average flock size of one million hens in a single location, with the top 60 companies producing 85% of all eggs. At the International Egg Commission’s annual meeting, held last month in China, it was noted that animal welfare activists in the U.S. Proposed amendments to Canada’s Criminal Code have egg companies there worried. and is not a major egg exporter.

More Alleged Abuse At Iowa Egg Farms

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Egg Companies Accused of Price Collusion

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Fresh-egg farmers acted together through a series of export shipments, organized by United Egg Producers, an industry cartel whose 250-plus members include virtually all of the nation's big egg producers. By removing a small fraction of eggs that would have been bound for U.S. Tags: eggs factory farm agribusiness The Justice Department has opened investigations. It's in the Wall Street Journal.

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Least Sandpiper at Big Egg Marsh

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These birds were foraging the shoreline at Big Egg Marsh in Queens, probably hoping for some Horseshoe Crab eggs. Birds Big Egg Marsh digiscoping Least Sandpiper Queens shorebirdsNow that landbird migration is largely done here in the northeastern United States we birders have to have something on which to focus our attention.

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Black-fronted Dotterels maintaining egg temperature

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Although I have written about this small resident shorebird breeding in the past I have now been able to obtain photographs of it maintaining egg temperature on very hot and dry days. I immediately thought of the Pied Oystercatchers along Broome’s coast that go into the sea and get their breast feathers wet to then return to their eggs to keep the temperature at a suitable level. Black-fronted Dotterel hovering over two eggs. Black-fronted Dotterel sitting on two eggs.

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BOCA to Stop Using Eggs by End of 2009

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On March 19, 2009 a company representative emailed Compassion Over Killing: "…I am pleased to let you know the BOCA brand will be eliminating eggs in all of its products by the end of this year. We anticipate all BOCA products will be egg free in 2010." By removing eggs from their ingredient list, BOCA is withdrawing financial support for factory farms that use battery-cages. They are striking a blow against the cruel egg industry.

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Radlo Foods Pledging Conversion to Cage-Free Eggs

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Sometime soon, David Radlo of Radlo Foods says his sign in front of the former DeCoster Egg Farm will be coming down and all his business at the massive egg operation in Turner will come to an end. Radlo says he will no longer rely on hens or eggs that come from Maine Contract Farming, the company owned by egg farm magnate Jack DeCoster, one of the nation's biggest producers of brown eggs. Its white eggs, cage-free and organic eggs are not involved.

Lady Lays an Egg

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Lady, believed to be the oldest living Osprey in the United Kingdom, has laid her 62nd egg. It is her 22nd year nesting at the Scottish Wildlife Trust’s Loch of the Lowes reserve in Perthshire. Hat-tip to Redgannet. Asides

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Why is Reuters Putting News Releases From the United Egg Producers on Their Site as "News"?

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The United Egg Producers issues a press release claiming that egg prices will rise 25% if animal welfare advocates get their way. Tags: eggs idiocy All according to a study by some agribusiness related consulting firm. Reuters dutifully puts it on their website , which then gets picked up on my Google news page.

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Killdeer from Egg to Adult

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Killdeer on nest Killdeer eggs One day while we were at work my coworker received a phone call letting her know that the eggs had started to hatch. The Killdeer is a wide-ranging plover. It breeds across much of North America, is present year-round in the Caribbean, northern Central America, and the west coast of northern South America, and in winter is found across the rest of Central America.

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Banded Semipalmated Sandpipers at Big Egg Marsh, Queens, New York

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One of my regular stops in late May and early June is Big Egg Marsh, a wonderful salt marsh just a short distance south of the much-more-famous Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge. It is a great spot for Horseshoe Crabs to spawn and lay eggs so it is no wonder that shorebirds congregate to eat those eggs. … Trips banding Big Egg Marsh Semipalmated Sandpipers shorebirds

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Egg Dumping by the Seaside

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13 different seabird species, chief among them Common Eider and (Eurasian) Oystercatcher , stand accused of egg dumping or laying their eggs in other birds’ nests. Actually, the act seems less nefarious than oblivious since most incidents place eggs in the nests of predators! Looks like cuckoos and cowbirds hardly have a monopoly on brood parasitism. A study of over 69,000 nests around the west coast of Scotland turned up some pretty unlikely culprits.

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The Most Perfect Thing: Inside (and Outside) a Bird’s Egg

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Tim Birkhead, a respected ornithologist with years of research under his belt, doesn’t quite achieve perfection with this book on the totality of that strange entity, the bird’s egg, but he makes a valiant effort of it and comes away with a very interesting book indeed. The Most Perfect Thing: Inside (and Outside) a Bird’s Egg by Tim Birkhead, $27.00. Reviews book review eggs guillemots

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Photo Essay: Green-rumped Parrotlets from Egg to Adult

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Green-rumped Parrotlets: from egg to adult Text and photographs copyright Nick Sly (except Rae Okawa where indicated) and are used with his permission. She lays an egg every day or two until completing a clutch of anywhere from five to ten eggs. The females begin incubation upon laying the first egg, and each egg takes about twenty days to hatch. With such a large, staggered clutch, sometimes the first egg hatches only a few days after the last egg is layed.

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Eating Eggs is Eating Cruelty

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Egg laying hens are arguably the most abused animals on today’s factory farms. There have been countless investigations of egg farms conducted by animals rights groups in the United States, and each time we see the same things: dead hens in cages with live ones, birds who have lost their feathers from stress, and egregious abuse of these beautiful birds by farm workers.

A Quick Visit to a Mud Puddle

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Jochen knows why I thought it was important to share this Yellow-crowned Night-Heron at Big Egg Marsh. Trips Big Egg Marsh Idlewild Park mud puddle birding QueensOh my goodness! I’m writing a blog post! I know, I know, it’s been a long time.

Are Introduced Snakes in Florida Learning to Eat Eggs?

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This could be a problem. Asides

Cage-Free Eggs

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Here is a New York Times story about the latest hot thing

Baby Chicks Ground Up

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Thanks to Mercy for Animals for their undercover work exposing this egg industry practice. Tags: animal cruelty eggs farm animal welfare factory farm What a subject line, but it's true. This is the second time this year that I've heard of this group capturing headlines. I'd never heard of them before. I'm very impressed by their courage and tenacity.

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Steps Towards Ending Factory Farming?

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A recent agreement between farmers and animal rights activists here is a rare compromise in the bitter and growing debate over large-scale, intensive methods of producing eggs and meat, and may well push farmers in other states to give ground, experts say. In another sign of the growing clout of the animal welfare movement, a law passed in California this year will also ban imports from other states of eggs produced in crowded cages.

Clemson Researcher Investigates Impacts of Cages on Laying Hens

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Nearly 95 percent of the 90 billion table eggs produced in the United States come from high-density cage systems. The value of all egg production in 2007 was $6.68 In South Carolina egg sales tally about $90 million annually. Tags: battery hens eggs USDA farm animal welfare us agribusiness It's a study funded by the US Department of Agriculture. One would think it would be elementary. Crowded and filthy conditions mean suffering for hens.

Twenty-Four Hours of Awesome Part One: A Burrowing Owl?!?!?!

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I got rightly dragged but also heard from the finder of the bird, Jen Kepler, that the bird was indeed real, and really was at Big Egg Marsh. We finally made it to Big Egg Marsh with the sun a couple of fingers above the horizon, having alerted some fellow birders on our way. Trips Big Egg Marsh Burrowing Owl owls Queens TwitchingI was home on Thursday evening hanging out with Desi.

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Prop 2 Opponents Accused of Laundering Money

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on Prop 2 charges that the United Egg Producers (UEP), the No on 2 campaign, and its donors are concealing out-of-state contributions to the political campaign against Prop 2 , in clear violation of California campaign finance laws. Tags: eggs california factory farm agribusiness This news is from early September and is reported by Wayne Pacelle of the Humane Society.

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Backyard Birdfeeder Bragging Rights, a Great Adventure for a Great Twitch, and More: This Week in Birding News

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If you’re a cuckoo or cowbird hoping to pawn off your parenting duties on another species, new brood parasitism research shows you’ll have better luck if the eggs you deposit in their nest are blue-green instead of brown. contemplating the pretty blue eggs are American Robins are soon to lay is a good coping strategy.). Let us no more speak of this week’s extraordinary failure by a cast of Falcons to finish off their prey.

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Proposition 2 Poll

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Tags: eggs california farm animal welfare factory farm chickens

Puffin Trip in Maine

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Fortunately, just like when we visited Washington State , Daisy was amenable to taking a boat ride to see some puffins so on the evening of Saturday, 27 May, we (me, Daisy, Desi, and my mother-in-law) found ourselves on a boat in New Harbor watching Black Guillemots swim in the harbor while we waited for our boat to head out to Eastern Egg Rock. Eastern Egg Rock is a tiny, rocky island well within site of the Maine-land. Trips Atlantic Puffin Eastern Egg Rock Maine puffins

Breeding Plumaged Dunlin

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Big Egg Marsh in Broad Channel, Queens, hosts a wide variety of shorebirds that come to fatten up on Horseshoe Crab eggs each and every spring. … Birds Big Egg Marsh Dunlin shorebirds In winter Dunlin are bland birds, the color of sand on a gray morning. Don’t get me wrong, they are nice to see, mostly because in winter we have so few shorebirds around in New York, but they are definitely not going to be the red-letter bird of an outing.

Herring Gulls Enjoying a Puddle

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But the excess rain has also formed some pretty big puddles and the one in the parking lot at Big Egg Marsh at the southern end of Broad Channel, Queens, is one of the biggest that I know of. ……… Birds Big Egg Marsh digiscoping gulls Herring Gull It is hot in New York City as it should be in July. What has been unusual about the weather of late is the rain. For over a week we have been getting heavy rainfall almost every single day for at least a short time.

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A few more Pied Oystercatchers start to breed

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Sadly they were not successful with their first clutch of eggs, but are busily making nest scrapes again. We are hopeful that soon they will have laid another clutch of eggs. Pied Oystercatcher sitting on the eggs.

Bird Surprises

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This happened to me recently on a birding trip, with somewhat egg-on-the-face results. home about advertise archives birds conservation contact galleries links reviews subscribe Browse: Home / Birds / Bird Surprises Bird Surprises By Bill • March 8, 2011 • 9 comments Tweet Share Sometimes we watchers see birds do things that surprise us—things birds are not supposed to do. I was on a birding quest trip with my friend Geoff Heeter.

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Pied Oystercatchers are breeding early again!

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We normally encounter our first Pied Oystercatcher nest with eggs in it around the first week of July. In 2016 one pair of Pied Oystercatchers laid an egg early on June 11th. This year one pair of Pied Oystercatchers had their first egg on June 12th. The first egg laid.

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Northern Cable Beach Pied Oystercatchers

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The first pair of Pied Oystercatchers to breed this year have had a second clutch of two eggs and they had two chicks, but sadly they were lost within a few days of hatching. Another pair of Pied Oystercatchers lost their eggs to a sand goanna.

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Great Horned Owls on camera!

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There are 3 eggs, and high hopes that all will hatch. The family of Great Horned Owls featured on is just hours away from welcoming new chicks! It all started a few years back when the current owner purchased … Continue reading → The post Great Horned Owls on camera! appeared first on 4 The Love of Animals. wildlife

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Third Cable Beach Pied Oystercatcher nest to hatch

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We had been patiently awaiting the arrival of the two chicks since the eggs were laid a month ago. I took a few photos of the chick that had hatched out and the remaining egg. The egg had a clear hole in the upper right where the egg tooth was breaking through the shell.

2020 87

Shop With Your Heart

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The Shop With Your Heart initiative gives consumers the resources to recognize, locate and demand meaningfully welfare-certified meat, eggs and dairy products as well … Continue reading → The post Shop With Your Heart appeared first on 4 The Love of Animals. We are excited to share this new iniative from the ASPCA on behalf of farm animals.

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Vegan Atheist 40+ Parenting

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During the show they give out Good Egg Awards to kids who've performed "acts of kindness." A good egg is one that is edible. Think of what an egg is, people! The young boy says, "you dip the chicken in the egg ." I was going to change Animal Person to Vegan Atheist 40+ Parenting and come back to blogging.

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How to Plan a Vegan Wedding

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But when it comes down to it, I don’t see why I should spend $10,000 on meat, dairy & eggs for one day for my guests when I am morally opposed to buying it for myself or having it in my house. I’m sorry for my incredible inactivity these past several months. I mean, I have been M.I.A. But I have a somewhat reasonable excuse, you guys: in September, I got engaged!

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Pied Oystercatchers and Sand Goannas

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We have often suspected that the Sand Goannas would steal eggs as a food source from the Pied Oystercatcher nests if they found them. The two pairs should have been close to hatching their eggs from their first clutch. We don’t know what happened to the second egg.

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The first Pied Oystercatcher chick of 2020

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Our first Pied Oystercatcher eggs for this year’s breeding season were laid early and were due to hatch last weekend. This pair of Pied Oystercatchers never seems to have a problem with incubating their eggs. The remaining egg still needed to be incubated.

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