Angel’s Miracle

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Within weeks, with lots of love, patience, and socializing with other tenants and pets, she was a totally different dog. We live in a high-rise building on Lake Superior with other seniors and/or disabled tenants. When I got there, I found Angel sitting next to one of our tenants who was on the ground lying in a fetal position, his walker nearby. The next day, I called the hospital and talked to the tenant whose name is Wayne. My name is Jan.

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Burrowing Owls of Cape Coral

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There were three burrows, each with a tenant. Birding in Florida is unique in that so much of that state’s plenty is evident even to the casual observer. There are few places in the United States where simply driving around can leave you with a list of 30+ species, many of them large and spectacular. I’ve spent the last week in southwest Florida. It’s a family vacation, sure, but there’s always time for birding and in Florida, the birding often finds you.

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It’s Time to Clean Out Your Nest Boxes

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First and foremost, with regular, frequent visits to each nestbox, you may be able to spot problems threatening your tenants. Birds can be attracted to your home simply by offering food, water and shelter. Trees and shrubs that yield fruit, berries, seeds, nuts and cones will provide food. Birdbaths or pools can be built to supply water, and feeders strategically placed around the yard will furnish supplementary food for the birds when natural sources diminish.

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From the Mailbag

Animal Ethics

Not only does she have no intention whatsoever of declawing her cats, she wants to stop the management from requiring this of its tenants. Hi I have a friend who lives in San Diego, CA who has recently run into some problems with her apartment management.

The Secret Hummingbird

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one of the tenants of our community, and one tightly held by many of us, is that information about unusual birds should be freely accessible. There’s probably nothing in the birding world that engenders as much ire as the perception of suppression. That’s why we have listservs, and rare bird alerts, and the like. When a bird that people want to see is discovered, the idea is that people should get to see it. Of course, that’s the ideal.

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Western Bluebirds Are Back

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From the 1913 USDA Farmers Bulletin #513, Fifty Common Birds of Farm and Orchard: “The bluebird is one of the most familiar tenants of the farm and dooryard. Its favorite nesting sites are crannies in the farm buildings or boxes made for its use or natural cavities in old apple trees. For rent the bird pays amply by destroying insects, and takes no toll from the farms crop. The largest items of insect food are grasshoppers first and beetles next, while caterpillars stand third.

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Playback of Bird Calls Benefits Some Birds

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Once you get them, they can be very loyal tenants but I always dreaded someone with very little bird knowledge coming in to purchase a Purple Martin house. The use of digital devices to attract birds is getting more and more attention. It’s been brewing on birding listservs for years. I wrote about it for WildBird Magazine a few years ago and recently David Sibley tackled it in his blog.

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I and the Bird: What is a Wren?

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While plain, House Wrens are frequently seen , and even more frequently heard, across much of the hemisphere from Canada to Argentina , and in the eastern United States there are few birds as well known as the Carolina Wren , whose propensity for nesting in just about any covered spot, from barbeque grills to unused outhouses to mailboxes, makes them both an endearing and occasionally frustrating co-tenant.

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“Your Rent, Your Rottweiler, and Your Rights”

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Keep in mind, most housing laws are municipal or township ordinances, so if you ever move, you’ll need to check the Web site of your township or county and look up the laws that pertain to landlord-tenant rules there. This is a great guest post from Amy Epstien. An important read for pet owners about their legal rights. Enjoy! “My sister Robin has always loved dogs but she’s never had a one to call her own.