Angel’s Miracle

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Within weeks, with lots of love, patience, and socializing with other tenants and pets, she was a totally different dog. We live in a high-rise building on Lake Superior with other seniors and/or disabled tenants. When I got there, I found Angel sitting next to one of our tenants who was on the ground lying in a fetal position, his walker nearby. The next day, I called the hospital and talked to the tenant whose name is Wayne. My name is Jan.

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From the Mailbag

Animal Ethics

Not only does she have no intention whatsoever of declawing her cats, she wants to stop the management from requiring this of its tenants. Hi I have a friend who lives in San Diego, CA who has recently run into some problems with her apartment management.

“Your Rent, Your Rottweiler, and Your Rights”

4 The Love Of Animals

Keep in mind, most housing laws are municipal or township ordinances, so if you ever move, you’ll need to check the Web site of your township or county and look up the laws that pertain to landlord-tenant rules there. This is a great guest post from Amy Epstien. An important read for pet owners about their legal rights. Enjoy! “My sister Robin has always loved dogs but she’s never had a one to call her own.