Another Bird Species Goes Extinct

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The report has bad news for bird species all around, identifying 12.5 Tags: birds extinction endangered species This time, it's the Alaotra grebe from Madagascar, according to the 2010 IUCN Red List update for birds, by BirdLife International. percent as being endangered.

More Arctic Species in Trouble

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are wreaking havoc on Arctic species. Tags: climate canada global warming endangered species arctic Global warming and climate change (aren't they one and the same thing?)

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Sandpiper Species Heading Towards Extinction

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Tags: birds hunting endangered species

Newly Found Species Already Endangered

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Tags: vietnam laos endangered species

Unique Sea Horse Species Threatened

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A species of seahorse unique to the waters of the Gulf Coast could face extinction because of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, warns marine conservation organization Project Seahorse. Without careful intervention, the dwarf seahorse (Hippocampus zosterae) could virtually disappear within a few years, while many other fish populations, including several other species of seahorse, face a similarly bleak future as cleanup continues. “We’re

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US Considers Removing Humpback Whales from the Endangered Species List

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Tags: marine life whales us endangered species

Christian Science Monitor Calls for Endangered Species Hour

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I like this opinion piece from the Christian Science Monitor which calls for an "Endangered Species Hour." The Christian Science Monitor rightly points out that citizens and consumers need to get involved in endangered species protection, because at the CITES level, it's all about money and international politics. But jobs that depend on harvesting endangered species will quickly disappear if those species are not protected. "Earth Hour" was held yesterday.

Attempt to Recover Sumatran Rhino Species

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A breeding program in Malaysia will attempt to breed a rescued Borneo Sumatran rhino in order to save the endangered species. Tam, whose species is known for its solitary nature, has been resettled in a wildlife reserve in Malaysia's Sabah state, the last preserve of the Borneo Sumatran rhino _ a subspecies of the bristly, snub-nosed Sumatran rhino.

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Tom Regan on Endangered Species

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The rights view is not opposed to efforts to save endangered species. But though the rights view must look with favor on any attempt to protect the rights of any animal, and so supports efforts to protect the members of endangered species, these very efforts, aimed specifically at protecting the members of species that are endangered, can foster a mentality that is antagonistic to the implications of the rights view.

1 in 4 Species Face Extinction Threat

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We estimate that one in four species is threatened with extinction and that the population of one in two is declining," the researchers said in a report to be published Friday in the journal Science. This sucks. Our results paint a bleak picture of the global status of mammals worldwide," the team led by Jan Schipper of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature in Gland, Switzerland, concluded. "We

You VS Cat; First ever duel species tablet game

4 The Love Of Animals

Friskies just introduced the first duel-species tablet game, “You vs. Cat,” available for iPad and iPad2 tablet devices. Humans aren’t the only species vying for gaming supremacy when it comes to “You vs. Cat.” During the height of college basketball season, Friskies’ top cat gamer, Buddy, trained to challenge the biggest gamers of them all – college mascots – to a little friendly duel-species competition. Have you ever wanted to play a game with your cat on your iPad?

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Endangered Species International

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I added this site to the blogroll

Between the Species

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Here is an online journal that should be of interest to readers of this blog. I will add a link to the blogroll

Water Worries—How We're Drugging Other Species

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Here is an AP story highlighting the impact these pharmaceutical substances are having on aquatic and avian species. For example, exposure to these substances is negatively impacting the reproductive abilities of some fish species, threatening their extinction. Now, we're learning that other fish species have residues of the above array of pharmaceutical substances in their tissues. People used to worry that water fluoridation programs were part of a Communist plot.

Tiger Dies from Poaching Injuries in Malaysia

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Tags: poaching tigers malaysia endangered species

Sad Story about Exotic Animals in Ohio

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These animals include endangered species. exotic animals ohio endangered speciesThe owner released them and killed himself. Now, 48 of the 56 animals have been put down. Tragic. What was he thinking?

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Polar Bears Keep "Threatened" Status

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A federal judge on Thursday upheld a 2008 decision to protect polar bears throughout their range as a “threatened” species under the U.S. Endangered Species Act. The polar bear was the first species added to the Endangered Species List due solely to the threat from global warming. polar bear us endangered speciesThis is good news. For the full story, here's the link to the Environmental News Network.

Nepal is "Poachers Paradise"

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Tags: wildlife crime Nepal poaching rhino endangered species

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Asian Demand for Ivory Pushing Elephants to Extinction

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Tags: ivory wildlife trafficking extinction poaching elephants endangered species

Gulf Coast Wildlife Threatened by Oil Spill

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Tags: louisiana 2010 oil spill Gulf of Mexico endangered species

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No Marine Animal Protection from CITES

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The opening line in this USA Today article says it all, "Every proposal to protect marine species at the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species meeting in Doha, Qatar was voted down." Tags: CITES marine animals Japan china endangered species It's unfortunate, but true, thanks primarily to Japan and China.

Horror in Africa

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ivory africa military poaching elephants endangered speciesAfrican elephants being poached in unprecedented numbers. They are disappearing from the continent as the poachers become increasingly militarized. Full story here at the New York Times.

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Chimpanzee Meat Sold In British Black Market

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chimpanzees UK bush meat primates endangered speciesDisgusting. Sometimes it's hard to read these stories. It makes one feel so helpless.

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All Sea Turtles Finally Protected in the Bahamas

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Five of the world’s seven sea turtle species inhabit the Bahamas, and previously it was legal to kill any sea turtle species found there except one, the hawksbill. Tags: turtles Bahamas endangered species About time. Now, they are all protected.

Mexican Male Caught Smuggling Titi Monkeys

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Tags: wildlife smuggling mexico primates endangered species

"Thin Green Line" Surveys Wildlife Crime in UK

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Tags: wildlife crime UK books endangered species

Interpol Makes Arrests in Tiger Smuggling

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A coordinated international law enforcement operation has led to the arrest of 25 individuals suspected of taking part in the illicit trade of tigers, one of the world's most endangered species. International collaboration in wildlife crime enforcement is critical to protecting species like tigers that are on the brink of extinction," said Fred O'Regan, President and Chief Executive Officer of IFAW, the International Fund for Animal Welfare. From the PR Newswire.

Tigers 116

Efforts to Rescue Lolita the Orca from Miami

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They sued the National Marine Fisheries Service for excluding captive killer whales from listing under the Endangered Species Act. The activists claim Lolita is being "kept in an inadequate tank, without companions of her own species or adequate protection from the sun.". captivity whales entertainment Orcas aquariums PETA endangered speciesRead the rest of the article in the Courthouse News Service.

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Cute Pictures from Mountain Gorilla Births in February

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virunga happy news primates mountain gorillas endangered speciesTwins born in February, a rare event! Here's the link to some cute pictures! Eerie how similar to humans they appear.

Bush Proposes Penguin Protection, Hell Freezes Over

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The Fish and Wildlife Service is proposing to list six species of penguin as threatened species and one _ the African penguin _ as an endangered species. But it has denied protection under the 1973 Endangered Species Act for three others _ including the emperor and northern rockhopper penguins, the stars of such popular movies as "March of the Penguins" and "Happy Feet.".Environmentalists Tags: bush penguins endangered species Not perfect, but still, wow.

Humboldt Penguins in Chile Face Extinction

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rats chile extinction penguins endangered speciesFrom the Huffington Post. Invading rats with bodies up to 8 inches (20 centimeters) long have begun eating eggs and chicks, and some experts fear that unless the rats are eradicated, they could tip the Humboldt penguin toward extinction.

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Asian Countries Score Another Victory Over Marine Animals

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Delegates to the CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) conference in Qatar voted down three of four proposals to protect sharks. China, by far the world’s largest consumer of the cartilaginous fish, for sharkfin soup, and Japan, which has battled to keep the convention from being extended to any marine species, led the opposition. Tags: CITES united nations marine animals Japan china endangered species

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Sydney Morning Herald Spotlights Mountain Gorillas

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Tags: virunga congo gorillas endangered species

Saving Marine Animals that Are NOT Cute

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We hear about the problem with charismatic land species. It's those species that either have a powerful personality or a cute face that endear people to them and garner news attention. It's easier to motivate people to save them as opposed to other species that are vital, but either boring or ugly. Tags: marine life marine animals endangered species

Malaysia is One of the Centers of Wildlife Trafficking

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Tags: wildlife crime wildlife trafficking malaysia endangered species

South African Caught Smuggling Live Crocodiles

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He was caught at an airport with about 70 live animals, including at least three different endangered species and eight inch-long Caiman crocodiles. Tags: wildlife smuggling wildlife crime reptiles crocodile south africa endangered species The article says most are okay , but in varying stages of health. I don't know how these poor animals survive stuffed in luggage. Very cruel.

DNA Bar Codes Could Help Identify Illegal Bush Meat

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One of the major challenges in combating the bushmeat trade is identifying the source species for the meat and products. How is anyone to know if it came from a species that is protected under national or international law? According to a paper published in the September 1 online edition of the journal Conservation Genetics, DNA bar codes can be used to quickly and clearly distinguish the source species of meat or leather goods for many rare and threatened species.

Britain and France to Support Ban on Bluefish Tuna Sales

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We've been overfishing the bluefish tuna to near-extinction along with many other species. Tags: oceans bluefish tuna marine life seafood endangered species This is a good thing. I used to work for a seafood company and my current work still brings me in contact with the industry. Greedy, anti-government, and anti-regulation monstrosities.

France 100

Ligers in China

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Both species are endangered and it is illegal to cross breed them. Cross-breeding two protected species is completely against nature. Tags: zoos taiwan tigers lion endangered species A private zoo operator in Taiwan cross-bred lions and tigers, resulting in three "liger" cubs. One died and the other two were seized for sheltering at a research institution. From Focus Taiwan.

China 109

PETA Exposes Horrible Practice of Reptile Skinning

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Tags: reptiles indonesia lizards crocodile endangered species

US Groups Fight to Save Polar Bear Hunts

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Now that the species is listed in the US as "threatened," hunters can't import the dead body parts (aka hunting "trophies") in from Canada. Tags: canada blood sport polar bear hunting trophy hunting endangered species Supposedly, environmentalists and animal rights activists have "unfairly made the polar bear into 'the panda bear of North America.'" Waaaaaaa! insert crying baby picture here.) Here's the article from the Globe and Mail.

Lawsuit Filed to Protect US Wolverines

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The Department of the Interior ignored scientific conclusions regarding an endangered species. government Tuesday to protect wolverines under the Endangered Species Act, saying the Interior Department disregarded scientific conclusions that the species is in jeopardy. Fish and Wildlife Service denied the species protection in March and said that even if wolverines disappeared from the lower 48 states, the species would survive because there are larger populations in Canada.

Leopards Threatened by Extinction Too

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Tags: India leopard endangered species