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I was soooo excited about getting to know the Middle East, as well as some of its exotic species. The Streak-backed Oriole shown at the head of this post is far from an uncommon species in Paso Ancho. This female Rose-throated Becard also gave me my best photo so far of its species.

Birding for One Species: American Goldfinch

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But for a week of mornings during a trip to Maine, none of that bothered me, because I was on the lookout for only one species: the American Goldfinch. The post Birding for One Species: American Goldfinch appeared first on 10,000 Birds.

Spectacled Petrel Surprise- New Species for Costa Rica!

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Despite what some outdated sources claim, the list of bird species reported for Costa Rica is much more than 860. The same can be said for Costa Rica’s first Red-breasted Merganser , a species first documented for the nation in 2020.

Welcome to Invasive Species Week!

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Here at 10,000 Birds we are going to dedicate the coming week, from today until Saturday, to invasive species. We plan to use the broadest possible definition of invasive species, including species that are expanding under their own power and even species that are not, to the best of our knowledge, causing harm to species native in the range into which the invaders are expanding. But why are we covering invasive species at all? Will native species suffer?

Invasive Species Week Is Coming!

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No matter where you live on this beautiful earth the odds are good that some kind of invasive species is a familiar part of your avifauna. We at 10,000 Birds are planning on exploring the rich topic that is invasive species for an entire week, 20-26 July. Do you have something worthwhile to say about invasive species? How cool would it be for you to invade 10,000 Birds during Invasive Species Week? … Blogging Invasive Species Week The invasives are coming!

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Another Bird Species Goes Extinct

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The report has bad news for bird species all around, identifying 12.5 Tags: birds extinction endangered species This time, it's the Alaotra grebe from Madagascar, according to the 2010 IUCN Red List update for birds, by BirdLife International. percent as being endangered.

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Sandpiper Species Heading Towards Extinction

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12 countries with the greatest bird species density

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The Species per Square Mile Approach. While Colombia may have almost 2000 bird species, it is a huge country with, still, complicated long-distance travel logistics. On the other hand, small countries with relatively long bird lists offer higher species densities per square mile.

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Are Redpolls Just One Species?

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Furthermore, another redpoll species found in Europe—the Lesser Redpoll—also had extremely similar DNA sequences. In nature, one of the key differentiators among distinct species is assortative mating , that is, members of a group breeding with each other more often than they breed with members of another group. It sure looks like it!

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Invasive Species Week Wrap-Up

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Perhaps our outrage at invasive species can be a bit hypocritical at times. Listers are quick to put aside their condemnation of invasive species once they attain that coveted status of exotic: not native, not fully naturalized, but established well enough to be countable by the prevailing authority. The rapid proliferation of the European Starling is, on the species level, equivalent to incalculable fortunes of billionaire moguls.

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More Arctic Species in Trouble

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are wreaking havoc on Arctic species. Tags: climate canada global warming endangered species arctic Global warming and climate change (aren't they one and the same thing?)

Come@Me: Invasive Species Can Be Awesome

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And hey, speaking of empire – is there any more beautiful clap-back to European colonization than the fact that various species of psittacine, exploited and stolen and in so many cases extirpated by eager collectors, have now become noisily acclimatized free-flying life forms in the parks of Brooklyn and San Francisco and especially London? Sigh… Birds Come@me European Starling House Finch invasive species Mute Swan

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Newly Found Species Already Endangered

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Adventures of a Louisiana Birder: One Year, Two Wings, Three Hundred Species–A Book Review

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Adventures of a Louisiana Birder: One Year, Two Wings, Three Hundred Species is an enjoyable memoir about birding, birding strategies, birding people, community, life and death, and Louisiana (with some Alabama thrown into the mix). Louisiana is a magical place to bird.

Alien species – Rose-ringed Parakeet.

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Apart from the awful noise, they are cavity nesters and dominate the available nesting spaces to the detriment of indigenous species. … Here at 10,000 Birds 20 July – 26 July is Invasive Species Week. We use the term “Invasive Species” in the broadest sense, to encompass those invasive species that have expanded beyond their historical ranges under their own power, by deliberate introduction, or by unintentional introduction.

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Do introduced species count?

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As for introduced or reintroduced species it would only count if it was third generation reintroduced. One preoccupation I have already alluded to in listing is whether introduced species count. Quite aside from how many introduced exotic species we have here (hint, it’s a lot), any number of the native species you might see could qualify as “introduced” by some measure or another.

Africa’s endangered species

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More than 150 bird species are known to have become extinct over the past 500 years, and many more are estimated to have been driven to extinction before they became known to science. The bulk of the recent bird extinctions has been on islands, where species are more susceptible to extermination due to smaller ranges, lower population sizes and a lack of adaptation for coping with introduced predators.

How do bird species compete with each other?

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So these complex ecological interactions and systems must emerge as a result of individual behaviors, which also means to some extent, at levels within (below) the species we see interacting. One of the species that soon becomes abundant in fire disturbed habitats is the bluebird. 4) show that female western bluebirds experiencing increased conflict with individuals from non-bluebird species have more androgens in their eggs and produce sons that hatch early.

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U.S. Endangered Species Act: The System Works

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A prime example is a report newly released by the Center for Biological Diversity which suggests that, by and large, in the United States, the Endangered Species Act is indeed helping to save the birds it protects. Interestingly, researchers found that birds protected as endangered species were better off than unprotected birds—with overall declines of 24% since 1974—because of intensive and active management.

Unique Sea Horse Species Threatened

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A species of seahorse unique to the waters of the Gulf Coast could face extinction because of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, warns marine conservation organization Project Seahorse. Without careful intervention, the dwarf seahorse (Hippocampus zosterae) could virtually disappear within a few years, while many other fish populations, including several other species of seahorse, face a similarly bleak future as cleanup continues. “We’re

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Six Months Birding in Costa Rica, 620 Species of Birds

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Although Bobolinks are a very rare migrant, lots of other birds are possible, more than enough to rack up hundreds of species over the course of the year. Each January, I hope to identify at least 600 species over the next 12 months, this year, I’m hoping that Marilen and I (aka Team Tyto ) will find 700. Thanks to guiding, I have identified around 620 species six months into the year and Mary has a list of more than 530.

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How to See 300 Bird Species in 3 Days

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Most of all, I love showing people birds, species both common and mysteriously evasive. Whether a birder is eager for eyefulls of common species or needs to test the birding Zen and. Since the country has literally hundreds of bird species, it’s all too easy to try for just ten more, see if you can identify more than the previous day, week, or year. At least a lot of the rain stopped after lunch and that’s when we wondered how close we were to hitting 300 species.

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Endangered Species Act: Potential Downlisting for Hawaiian Goose (nene)

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More than 50 years ago, the Hawaiian Goose (Nene) was one of the first birds listed under the Endangered Species Act, part of the inaugural “ Class of 1967 ”. Under the Endangered Species Act, any listing, uplisting, downlisting, or removal from a list requires a formal “rulemaking” process. It provided a summary of the basis for downlisting and analyzed the criteria used to determine whether a species ought to be downlisted.

Grallards: New Zealand’s Next Extinction or Newest Species?

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The obvious choice was the Mallard , that plucky familiar northern hemisphere species that is the father of the even more familiar domesticated duck. In fact, as the species was quickly identified as as creating hybrids with Grey Ducks, the opinion was by the 1920s that the species shouldn’t be released further. His largess in providing birds for release (and ability to get official sanction for this) lead to a much more aggressive attempt to establish the species.

Costa Rica Tops 700 Species on Global Big Day, October 19

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Whatever the reason for getting involved with this massive day of birding, every GBD has been a success where literally thousands of species are found by thousands of birders. I have been able to do that in Costa Rica because literally hundreds of bird species can be accessed in a question of hours. Nearly all of the wintering species are present, flocks of other migrants are passing through, and there are those hundreds of resident species to look for too!

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US Considers Removing Humpback Whales from the Endangered Species List

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US a Hub for Eatin' Them Endangered Species

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Christian Science Monitor Calls for Endangered Species Hour

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I like this opinion piece from the Christian Science Monitor which calls for an "Endangered Species Hour." The Christian Science Monitor rightly points out that citizens and consumers need to get involved in endangered species protection, because at the CITES level, it's all about money and international politics. But jobs that depend on harvesting endangered species will quickly disappear if those species are not protected. "Earth Hour" was held yesterday.

The Lesser Goldfinch: A Common California Species

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Both of these species show gregarious flocking behavior except when nesting. This spunky little finch is the smallest member of the North American genus Carduelis. I caught this male pictured above harassing a female Ruby-crowned Kinglet as she was bathing in the water feature. Unlike the more common American Goldfinch, the Lesser Goldfinch’s ( Spinus psaltria ) plumage does not change color during breeding season.

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Feral Cats Are An Invasive Species in North America (and elsewhere)

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Also, feral Cats on islands seem to be a serious problem, causing the extirpation of some indigenous species. A hungry feral Cat in Minnesota goes and finds new prey in an area it previously had not explored, leaving the last few of one or another bird species alone for a while. They are invasive species. Just as importantly, or more importantly, feral Cats have the invasive species advantage. Nonetheless, this week will be chock full of invasive species.

Which Bird Species Have Gone Extinct in Costa Rica?

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Instead of going on about zip lines and other modern, adventure tourism attractions, the birding crowd talks about taking photos of Resplendent Quetzals , seeing dozens of hummingbird species, and the seemingly odd absence of raptors in Costa Rica but nope, we don’t really talk about extinction. Searches haven’t turned up any suspect Alfaro’s either but maybe we just need to look more, or compare its DNA with other, known hummingbird species. Species.

How to Help Cerulean Warblers, Other Migrant Species, and Resident Birds in Costa Rica

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A wonderful variety of bird species are waiting to be seen and among them are many a birder’s favorite avian group, the wood-warblers. Among the most desired bird species during May migration, brightly colored, beautiful and boldly patterned, how can a birder not get hooked on spring warblers? Threatened by loss of habitat both on breeding as well as wintering grounds, a few species have even become endangered or at least on a perilous track towards that worrisome designation.

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314 U.S. Bird Species Threatened — Many with Extinction — by Global Warming

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Like any birder visiting a new place, I had a target species list I was hoping to seek out during the one day I had available between business commitments. It shows that of 588 species assessed, 314 species in the continental United States and Canada will lose half or more of their current ranges by 2080 if global warming continues at its current pace (which is approximately 8 degrees F of warming by the end of the century). Most species go extinct. Species.

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LSU Sets Big Day Record in Peru with 354 Species!

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How would you like to see a lot of bird species in a day? Like, more species than anyone else anywhere has ever seen in a day? Well, a team from Louisiana State University managed to pull that off on 14 October, seeing an astounding 354 species in one day in Peru. Jealous?

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Attempt to Recover Sumatran Rhino Species

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A breeding program in Malaysia will attempt to breed a rescued Borneo Sumatran rhino in order to save the endangered species. Tam, whose species is known for its solitary nature, has been resettled in a wildlife reserve in Malaysia's Sabah state, the last preserve of the Borneo Sumatran rhino _ a subspecies of the bristly, snub-nosed Sumatran rhino.

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New, Extinct, Species of Shearwater

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This is neat and sad at the same time. Poor Bryan’s Shearwater. Asides

1 in 4 Species Face Extinction Threat

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We estimate that one in four species is threatened with extinction and that the population of one in two is declining," the researchers said in a report to be published Friday in the journal Science. This sucks. Our results paint a bleak picture of the global status of mammals worldwide," the team led by Jan Schipper of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature in Gland, Switzerland, concluded. "We

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Clapper and King rails may represent four or five species

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So, Maley suggests recognizing four species, instead of the two currently recognized. Maley has a forthcoming paper in The Condor ( Mitochondrial and Next-Generation Sequence Data Used To Infer Phylogenetic Relationships and Species Limits in the Clapper/King Rail Complex ) that should provide the published evidence needed for taxonomic bodies to act, or at least open the discussion. I should also note that the abstract for the Condor paper proposes five , not four, species.

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How Many Bird Species on Poas Volcano, Costa Rica?

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Recently, while guiding on the slopes of Poas, without too much effort, we had more than a hundred species. Such a birdy day and yet, one that still lacked quite a few species. Since I have spent a fair number of days on most sides and accessible areas of the volcano, I have a fair idea of what lives there but before making the list, I had to delineate the area used for the species tally. Purple-throated Mountain-gem is another of several common hummingbird species on Poas.

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White-breasted Nuthatch is four species, study says

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In North America, we have, traditionally at least, four species, the most familiar of which is the White-breasted Nuthatch ( Sitta carolinensis ). White-breasted Nuthatch photographed in Ontario by Matt MacGillivray But two studies suggest that White-breasted Nuthatches actually represent four distinctive and largely isolated populations that may deserve full species status. Recommended English names for these candidates await discussion and decisions on species taxonomy.”

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You VS Cat; First ever duel species tablet game

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Friskies just introduced the first duel-species tablet game, “You vs. Cat,” available for iPad and iPad2 tablet devices. Humans aren’t the only species vying for gaming supremacy when it comes to “You vs. Cat.” During the height of college basketball season, Friskies’ top cat gamer, Buddy, trained to challenge the biggest gamers of them all – college mascots – to a little friendly duel-species competition. Have you ever wanted to play a game with your cat on your iPad?

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A Guide to Some Possible Bird Species Splits in Costa Rica

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These and several other species might end up being armchair ticks if and when we take a closer look at their evolutionary history. Taxa that could end up being split into one species occurring north of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, and one south of the isthmus. (2). A species that lives in both Costa Rica and South America but might be two separate species. (3). Two subspecies of the same species that differ within Costa Rica. (4).

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Tom Regan on Endangered Species

Animal Ethics

The rights view is not opposed to efforts to save endangered species. But though the rights view must look with favor on any attempt to protect the rights of any animal, and so supports efforts to protect the members of endangered species, these very efforts, aimed specifically at protecting the members of species that are endangered, can foster a mentality that is antagonistic to the implications of the rights view.