Bird Families of the World by Winkler, Billerman and Lovette

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It seems to me that Lynx Edicions must know Vedran, too, and it was with him in mind that their authors, David W Winkler, Shawn M Billerman and Irby J Lovette, chose the “Bird Families of the World: A Guide to the Spectacular Diversity of Birds” as the full title of their new edition.

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A.A. Badenhorst Family Wines ? The Curator White Blend (2016)

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Badenhorst Family Wines. The wine is called The Curator, and on the attractive, vaguely Art Deco label we get a yellow cockatoo of indeterminate species in a cage. Badenhorst Family Wines – The Curator White Blend (2016) appeared first on 10,000 Birds.

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Adventures of a Louisiana Birder: One Year, Two Wings, Three Hundred Species–A Book Review

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Marybeth learns as she birds, embraces listing goals as a means of engaging with community, unabashedly enjoys a little competition, struggles to balance her absolute joy in birding with unexpected, life-and-death family obligations. Louisiana is a magical place to bird.

Sooty Oystercatcher family at Kalbarri

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The Sooty Oystercatcher Haematopus fulginosus fulginosus is present in an area along the coast of Western Australia roughly south of Carnarvon and to the north the Sooty Oystercatcher is the sub species Haemotopus fulginosus ophthalmicus. We rarely encounter family groups of Sooty Oystercatchers Haemotopus fulginosus ophthalmicus at home in Broome, but more commonly we encounter a flock of approximately thirty non-breeding Sooty Oystercatchers at the northern end of Cable Beach.

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Mohouidae, the newest bird family

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If you’re into family ticks, and into armchair ticks, well, I hope you’ve been to New Zealand, because the island just got another endemic bird family. That the three species of mohoua (genus Mohoua ) are New Zealand’s newest family is hardly a surprise. Like many of the new families they represent a lineage that no one could quite work out where to put.

Six Months Birding in Costa Rica, 620 Species of Birds

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Although Bobolinks are a very rare migrant, lots of other birds are possible, more than enough to rack up hundreds of species over the course of the year. Each January, I hope to identify at least 600 species over the next 12 months, this year, I’m hoping that Marilen and I (aka Team Tyto ) will find 700. Thanks to guiding, I have identified around 620 species six months into the year and Mary has a list of more than 530.

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Big Ticks; What Was Your Last New Family?

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Not that I don’t enjoy seeing new species myself, it’s just that they are an easy target and I am nothing if not lazy and mean spirited. But there is one kind of tick that I genuinely do enjoy, and as I do more and more birding it becomes harder and harder to get; new families. Getting entirely new families is easy when you start birding. Sometimes you may even lose them, like the aforementioned woodswallows which are probably no longer a family.

How to See 300 Bird Species in 3 Days

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Most of all, I love showing people birds, species both common and mysteriously evasive. Whether a birder is eager for eyefulls of common species or needs to test the birding Zen and. Since the country has literally hundreds of bird species, it’s all too easy to try for just ten more, see if you can identify more than the previous day, week, or year. At least a lot of the rain stopped after lunch and that’s when we wondered how close we were to hitting 300 species.

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Sand Point Family Vineyards: Cabernet Sauvignon (2015 Lodi Appellation)

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At last count, there are 25 species of birds named for U.S. But only two states have more than one bird named for them: Hawaii and California, with nine and seven extant and eponymous species, respectively. To celebrate this minor listing milestone, I chose a 2015 Cabernet by Sand Point Family Vineyards of Acampo, California, whose logo is an adorable California Quail sitting on a swing (we can presumably eliminate the similar Gambel’s Quail by range here).

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Sandpiper family reorganization on the way

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A recent proposal ( 555 ) to the AOU’s South American Classification Committee deals with newly published information about relationships within the sandpiper family, Scolopacidae, and what it means for the classification of these wonderful, fascinating birds. And some distinctive-looking species, like Surfbird and Buff-breasted Sandpiper are placed in genera by themselves.

Birds of a Feather – A Fun, Family-Friendly Card Game

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Each player plays a card and can count any species from the same habitat group as the card played. “Ace birds” are worth two points and if you see all seven species from a habitat group you get three bonus points. It would be wonderful for a fact-sheet about the species in the game to be included or a dedicated website set up with pages on each species. I’ll admit, I wasn’t expecting much from a card game about birding.

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Royal lineage: Kinglets and crests in the bird family tree

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So naturally, I got to thinking about kinglets, and their Palearctic kin, the “crests,” and where they belong in the avian family tree. The family Regulidae comprises six small, hyperactive species that range through the great boreal and temperate forests North and Middle America, North Africa, and Eurasia. Within the family group, Ruby-crowned Kinglet is unique in many aspects of morphology and voice and is not closely related to the other members of its family.

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Tiny Asian bird discovered as sole member of ancient family. Who’s next?

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Big news about a small bird broke earlier this month when bird researchers from several nations announced that the species formerly known as Spotted Wren-Babbler ( Spelaeornis formosus ) — a tiny, secretive bird of montane forests from the eastern Himalayas to southeast China — is not a Spelaeornis wren-babbler at all. Instead, it appears to be the sole member of a very old family ( Discovery of a relict lineage and monotypic family of passerine birds , Alström et al.).

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Do nine-primaried oscines represent 16 different families?

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Roughly 10 percent of the world’s birds — about a thousand species — are songbirds belong to a group called “ nine-primaried oscines ,” so named because the 10th primary feather on their wings is greatly reduced compared with most other birds and for the complex sound-producing structures in their throats ( oscine is from a Latin word referring to song). Some scientists have lumped them all into one enormous family (e.g.,

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Hang your hammock in the hummingbird family tree

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They’re also one of the most diverse, with approximately 330 species, all in the Western Hemisphere. Hummingbirds have long been classified as most closely related to the widespread, well-known swifts and the treeswifts , a small, predominantly Indomalayan family. As for the hummingbirds themselves, distinctive as the group is, the relationships within the large hummingbird family have been quite difficult to unravel.

Who belongs in the Evening Grosbeak’s family tree?

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Ourselves, for instance; just consider how many sweet or gritty stories you’ve seen about Olympic athletes’ family backgrounds over the last few weeks. We’re going to look at its family tree today, at where it fits in the grand avian assemblage, at what makes it at once unique yet not so alone after all. For centuries, many birds were assigned to these families based primarily on their bill structures.

How Many Bird Species on Poas Volcano, Costa Rica?

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Recently, while guiding on the slopes of Poas, without too much effort, we had more than a hundred species. Such a birdy day and yet, one that still lacked quite a few species. Since I have spent a fair number of days on most sides and accessible areas of the volcano, I have a fair idea of what lives there but before making the list, I had to delineate the area used for the species tally. Purple-throated Mountain-gem is another of several common hummingbird species on Poas.

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White-breasted Nuthatch is four species, study says

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The family has representatives throughout the forests North America, Eurasia (including North Africa), and Indomalaya. In North America, we have, traditionally at least, four species, the most familiar of which is the White-breasted Nuthatch ( Sitta carolinensis ). Noting these results in combination with long-recognized (if subtle) morphological and vocal differences, the 2011 paper proposes that all four populations could be given full species status.

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When will the Pluvialis tundra plovers get their own family?

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Their rather nondescript winter nature conceals some fascinating secrets, not the least of which is that they and their closest relatives, the three golden-plover species, are among the planet’s greatest flyers. In cladistic terms, this means that including tundra plovers in the family Charadriidae with other plovers makes that family paraphyletic with respect to the other groups mentioned above, which are traditionally placed in their own families.

Stichbirds, New Zealand’s Surprising Family

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When I first visited New Zealand, back in 2000, the Stichbird was just a rare species of honeyeater (Meliphagidae), one of three representatives of that Australian family to be found here. It was the smallest species and the rarest, and I only saw them on one small island (even today they are only found on a handfull of islands, see below). At any rate it was distinctive enough to merit its own family, the Notiomystidae.

Spotted Thick-knee

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home about advertise archives birds conservation contact galleries links reviews subscribe Browse: Home / Birds / Spotted Thick-knee Spotted Thick-knee By Redgannet • March 19, 2011 • 14 comments Tweet Share The Burhinidae family of Thick-knees (also known as Stone-curlews or Dikkops) consists of 9 species in 2 genera, Burhinus and Esacus. In southern Africa, there are two species. I too am fascinated by the name of this species.

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That Awkward Moment With Feral Cats and Family

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I come from a large family: five sisters, two brothers and almost everyone has kids. Most of my family lives in Indiana, but thanks to social media we can easily keep in touch. Case in point: some of my family members have become active with feral cat colony organizations. And if a feral cat colony is near an endangered species, the colony should be eliminated. Then one of my nieces started updating about a feral family she was watching.

Emerald Ash Borers vs. Woodpeckers (and Nuthatches)

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This research suggests that the boom isn’t due to an influx of newcomers, but rather because more local birds are flourishing and successfully rearing families. … Here at 10,000 Birds 20 July – 26 July is Invasive Species Week. We use the term “Invasive Species” in the broadest sense, to encompass those invasive species that have expanded beyond their historical ranges under their own power, by deliberate introduction, or by unintentional introduction.

Stalking a Kiwi Icon

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In spite of this New Zealand does have an iconic family of birds that has served as an emblem for the country for over a century, the kiwi. There are are presently thought to be five species of kiwi with a possible sixth extinct species, all of which have suffered varying degrees of range contraction since the arrival of humans. Both these tours are for the Little Spotted Kiwi , the smallest species and one now one mainly confined to offshore islands.

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Stupid TLC Show Called "My Monkey Baby"

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These families dress their monkeys, feed them at the dinner table and treat them like any other member of the family. The individual primate and the species that is depleted for this "trade." Tags: Stupid entertainment primates endangered species Thanks to Chimpanzee Information for pointing this travesty out. It's a TLC show about humans that adopt monkeys and treat them as their children. This is seriously weird stuff.

Zero Gravity Brewing Company: Bob White

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But come spring, an even luckier few may even find a fellow survivor of their own kind with whom to start a family, unwittingly causing contentious debates among birders about the countability of established feral populations in the process. And because of the resemblance they bear to their New World cousins in the family Phasianidae , they even look the part of an “authentic” wild bird in North America. At last, it’s spring in the northern half of the world.

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India Takes More Steps to Protect Tigers

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Nearly 80,000 to 100,000 families inhabiting core areas of tiger reserves will be relocated and given £12,500 each as part of the measures. Tags: India tigers wildlife endangered species But is it enough? From the Press Association. India is to amend its wildlife crime laws to protect the country's tigers, a government minister said.

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A mob of cockatoos

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The cockatoos are one of the three families of parrots, along with the widespread “true” parrots (which now include the lorikeets) and the recently split New Zealand parrots. This is the most widespread of the black cockatoo species, and not one found in the coastal south east that is where more Australians live, and it was a new species for me. Birds bird families cockatoos Glossy Black Cockatoos parrots

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Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve: the Tiger Afternoon

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She is an excellent mother, managing not only to feed her four large cubs, but their visiting father One-eyed who comes by every now and then (he has two more families and being the good father he is, visits them all regularly, usually around lunch time). Conservation endangered species India Mammals tiger Maharashtra, February 2013. Trying not to inhale so much of the dust cloud that envelops us, I am sporting a bandana tied bank-robber style.

15 New Reasons to Bird the Amazon

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That would reflect the number of new species discovered in the Amazon rainforest over the past five years or so, according to scientists. The ornithologists considered plumage, voice, and genetics in making their determinations; birds had to differ from known species in in at least two of those qualities to be considered new. The 15th is grouped in the Bucconidae family and appears similar to a Striolated Puffbird. Birding Birds News Amazon birds new species

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Pied Imperial Pigeon in the Bahamas

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Way back in February when I was enjoying a family-and-friends vacation on New Providence in the Bahamas I wisely hired the best – and the only – bird guide on the island, Carolyn Wardle , for half a day to show me around some of the hotspots and help me find endemics and other species I wanted to see. Carolyn and I saw at least five of this fine species, all in seemingly good health and free-flying and wild as you could expect.

Dragonflies and Damselflies of Costa Rica: A Field Guide–A Book Review

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Dragonflies and Damselflies of Costa Rica: A Field Guide covers 113 damselfly species and 170 dragonfly species, a total of 283 species. Wait–that adds up to 290 species, but the book only covers 283. SPECIES ACCOUNTS.

A Problem with Gulls

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home about advertise archives birds conservation contact galleries links reviews subscribe Browse: Home / Birds / A Problem with Gulls A Problem with Gulls By Dan • March 4, 2011 • 11 comments Tweet Share Back in the States, identifying different species of gulls was a manageable task, and mediocre birdwatcher though I was, I had no difficulty distinguishing the 5 more common gull species in the Mid-Atlantic region. fuscus – should be separated as species.

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Nisqually Delta Wildlife Refuge

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The last weekend of January found me in the frosty Pacific Northwest, meeting some long over due work and family obligations. Nearly 800 acres of wetlands and tidal flats provide diverse habitat for the local birds, as well as large numbers of migratory species, including thousands of ducks and geese. Birding bird photography Migratory Species National Refuges Nisqually Wildlife Refuge State of Washington

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Edward’s Pheasant

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The Edwards’s Pheasant is a rather smart blue-black member of the pheasant family and it may be on the edge of extinction. It has recently been reclassified as Critically Endangered on the IUCN Red List; this category is reserved for only the most threatened species in the world. If this bird did become extinct, it would be the first pheasant species to have been lost in the 400 years since proper records began.

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Sometimes you get the bird…

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Sharks cruise off the city’s beaches, and just yesterday a deadly species of snake was found in a suburban railway station. Further afield, there is a poisonous mammal, the platypus, many waterways are filled with the carnivorous Saltwater Crocodile, and a species known as the box jellyfish is so dangerous that it causes the closure of every beach across the entire north of the continent for several months each year, and achievement that the sharks can only look at in wonder.

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An Obnoxious Escapee – The female Orange Bishop

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Though they look like sparrows they are weavers from the family Ploceidae or, to be more specific, they are Euplectes franciscanus. Birding dipping Floyd Bennett Field introduced species Orange BishopSaturday of this weekend saw a Le Conte’s Sparrow reported from Floyd Bennett Field in Brooklyn. Somehow, I have never seen a Le Conte’s Sparrow , which leaves a gaping hole on my life list among many other fine Ammodramus sparrows.

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Ovenbirds (but not the Ovenbird)

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The family Furnariidae consists of ovenbirds and woodcreepers, but the actual Ovenbird belongs to the family of New World Warblers – Parulidae. That out of the way, let’s talk about the members of this mega-diverse Neotropical family, the furnariids.

Most Wanted Birds in Brazil

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home about advertise archives birds conservation contact galleries links reviews subscribe Browse: Home / Birds / Most Wanted Birds in Brazil Most Wanted Birds in Brazil By Corey • March 12, 2011 • 5 comments Tweet Share Brazil is an amazing country loaded with a huge number of species of bird that birders the world over desperately want to experience. What follows are the responses that readers offered, a veritable aviary of sought after species.

On "EATING ANIMALS" by Jonathan Safran Foer

Animal Person

He is against it for himself and his family. In the end, they can still have their dogs and eat their pigs, without feeling that they are doing anything wrong by favoring one species over another, or taking someone's life when they don't need to. I immensely enjoyed "EVERYTHING IS ILLUMINATED" (even on the big screen) and eagerly anticipated "EATING ANIMALS" by Jonathan Safran Foer.

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I was asked by a new birder about the site’s potential and I remarked we should expect between 40 to 50 species for our circa two kilometre stroll. Red backed and Variegated Fairy Wrens reeled as they hopped through the undergrowth while a family of Grey Shrike Thrushes took to feeding.

Another Trio

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Many species seemed to come in threes, and today I shall continue my examination of these. Three species of antshrikes are resident in T&T. As with most members of this family, males and females are rarely found far from each other.

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Best Bird of the Weekend (Third of July 2021)

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Our land-locked species in temperate zones tend to become too focused on the little details of perpetuating their species to be sufficiently entertaining. Out on the shore, though, a whole suite of species exists in the places we gravitate to anyway.