No Marine Animal Protection from CITES

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The opening line in this USA Today article says it all, "Every proposal to protect marine species at the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species meeting in Doha, Qatar was voted down." Tags: CITES marine animals Japan china endangered species It's unfortunate, but true, thanks primarily to Japan and China.

Tom Regan on Endangered Species

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The rights view is not opposed to efforts to save endangered species. It only insists that we be clear about the reasons for doing so.

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Christian Science Monitor Calls for Endangered Species Hour

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I like this opinion piece from the Christian Science Monitor which calls for an "Endangered Species Hour." It's in response to the pathetic CITES conference which basically screwed marine animal protection. The Christian Science Monitor rightly points out that citizens and consumers need to get involved in endangered species protection, because at the CITES level, it's all about money and international politics. "Earth Hour" was held yesterday.

Bush Proposes Penguin Protection, Hell Freezes Over

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The Fish and Wildlife Service is proposing to list six species of penguin as threatened species and one _ the African penguin _ as an endangered species. But it has denied protection under the 1973 Endangered Species Act for three others _ including the emperor and northern rockhopper penguins, the stars of such popular movies as "March of the Penguins" and "Happy Feet.".Environmentalists Tags: bush penguins endangered species Not perfect, but still, wow.

All Sea Turtles Finally Protected in the Bahamas

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Five of the world’s seven sea turtle species inhabit the Bahamas, and previously it was legal to kill any sea turtle species found there except one, the hawksbill. Now, they are all protected. Tags: turtles Bahamas endangered species About time.

Lawsuit Filed to Protect US Wolverines

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The Department of the Interior ignored scientific conclusions regarding an endangered species. government Tuesday to protect wolverines under the Endangered Species Act, saying the Interior Department disregarded scientific conclusions that the species is in jeopardy. Tags: us fish and wildlife endangered species Oh, what a surprise. Again. And it's up to the environmental movement to stop it. Again. Environmental groups sued the U.S.

India Takes More Steps to Protect Tigers

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India is to amend its wildlife crime laws to protect the country's tigers, a government minister said. Environment and forest minister Jairam Ramesh said that speeding up justice as well as hefty fines are needed to strengthen the Wildlife Protection Act. Tags: India tigers wildlife endangered species But is it enough? From the Press Association.

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Sea Shepherd Goes on Mission to Protect Bluefin Tuna

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Looks like they'll need to since nobody else wants to protect them. Greenpeace says the New Zealand Government voted against the ban – spelling disaster for the future of the species. In Qatar yesterday nations voted down a proposed ban on exporting Atlantic bluefin tuna. Foreign Affairs Minister Murray McCully wasn’t available today to confirm how New Zealand voted. But Mr Watson is unfazed by the outcome in Qatar.

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Should the Military Force Protect the Environment?

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Thought-provoking article in the Boston Globe.some green thinkers are now coming to a surprising conclusion: In exceptional circumstances, they say, the only effective way to protect the environment may be at the barrel of a gun. For example, a government might refuse to protect - or even willfully destroy - its own natural treasure, as when, in the 1990s, Saddam Hussein's regime drained the wetlands that were home to the persecuted Marsh Arabs.

Sea Shepherd to Head to Mediterranean to Protect Tuna

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Sea Shepherd will be sending the Steve Irwin and Bob Barker to the Mediterranean to help protect Bluefin Tuna. Announcing their venture into the Mediterranean, the organisation's founder and president, Captain Paul Watson, said: "We need to bring to the attention of the international public that one of the most unique fish species in the world, the Bluefin tuna, is on the brink of extinction due to the illegal fisheries driven by Japan's insatiable demand for this expensive fish.".

Polar Bears Keep "Threatened" Status

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A federal judge on Thursday upheld a 2008 decision to protect polar bears throughout their range as a “threatened” species under the U.S. Endangered Species Act. The polar bear was the first species added to the Endangered Species List due solely to the threat from global warming. polar bear us endangered speciesThis is good news. For the full story, here's the link to the Environmental News Network.

Interpol Makes Arrests in Tiger Smuggling

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A coordinated international law enforcement operation has led to the arrest of 25 individuals suspected of taking part in the illicit trade of tigers, one of the world's most endangered species. International collaboration in wildlife crime enforcement is critical to protecting species like tigers that are on the brink of extinction," said Fred O'Regan, President and Chief Executive Officer of IFAW, the International Fund for Animal Welfare. From the PR Newswire.

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Efforts to Rescue Lolita the Orca from Miami

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They sued the National Marine Fisheries Service for excluding captive killer whales from listing under the Endangered Species Act. The activists claim Lolita is being "kept in an inadequate tank, without companions of her own species or adequate protection from the sun.". captivity whales entertainment Orcas aquariums PETA endangered speciesRead the rest of the article in the Courthouse News Service.

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Asian Countries Score Another Victory Over Marine Animals

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Delegates to the CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) conference in Qatar voted down three of four proposals to protect sharks. China, by far the world’s largest consumer of the cartilaginous fish, for sharkfin soup, and Japan, which has battled to keep the convention from being extended to any marine species, led the opposition. Tags: CITES united nations marine animals Japan china endangered species

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Ligers in China

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Both species are endangered and it is illegal to cross breed them. Cross-breeding two protected species is completely against nature. Tags: zoos taiwan tigers lion endangered species A private zoo operator in Taiwan cross-bred lions and tigers, resulting in three "liger" cubs. One died and the other two were seized for sheltering at a research institution. From Focus Taiwan.

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DNA Bar Codes Could Help Identify Illegal Bush Meat

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One of the major challenges in combating the bushmeat trade is identifying the source species for the meat and products. How is anyone to know if it came from a species that is protected under national or international law? According to a paper published in the September 1 online edition of the journal Conservation Genetics, DNA bar codes can be used to quickly and clearly distinguish the source species of meat or leather goods for many rare and threatened species.

Cameroon Sets Up Park for Gorillas

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Let's keep our fingers crossed that it provides effective protection. Cameroon, with one of Africa’s highest rates of deforestation, has set up a new national park to protect gorillas, chimpanzees, elephants and a rare type of antelope called bongo. Tags: conservation africa park gorillas endangered species cameroon

2010 Declared the Year of the Tiger.So What?

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The intention is to focus on saving the tiger species which is being decimated. China is the single biggest threat to the tiger and it won't participate seriously in its protection. Tags: Traditional Chinese Medicine poaching tigers china endangered species The Kathmandu Global Tiger Workshop declared 2010 to be the Year of the Tiger. I say so what? It's just lip service.

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Central London Shop Raided for Illegal Wildlife Products

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The raid took place on the day an amendment to the law controlling illegal trade in endangered species came into effect. The regulations closed a legal loophole which enabled traders to pretend animal products came from countries with lower levels of protection. Tags: wildlife crime UK wildlife trafficking Traditional Chinese Medicine tigers endangered species Not surprisingly, they raided a shop selling Chinese traditional medicines. From the Telegraph.

Wolves & Eagles No Longer Endangered in Michigan?

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Michigan's removal of the bald eagle and gray wolf from the list will be the most significant change in species protection the state has seen in years. Since 1976, Michigan's endangered and threatened species listing has been modified only six times--a fact [DNR's former endangered species coordinator, Todd} Hogrefe attributed to the tremendous amount of time and effort it takes DNR staff to decide which animals to include and which to leave out.

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Portugal Pursued by EU for Poor Environmental Policies

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The European Commission said on Wednesday it is pursuing legal action against Portugal for breaching nature protection legislation. The resort falls within a site protected by the Habitats Directive and in the vicinity of a Special Area of Conservation for wild birds (Costa Sudoeste sites). Tags: habitat europe portugal environment wildlife endangered species Oh, it's no surprise that the Portuguese are allowing rampant development for tourism.

Mountain Gorilla Ranger Slain in the Congo

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Protecting mountain gorillas in the Congo is dangerous work. Tags: virunga war congo gorillas endangered species Just last week, a 33-year-old ranger was killed by Mai Mai rebels. Mai Mai rebels are described as community-based militia groups frequently involved in banditry.

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Palin Now Going After Endangered Whales

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At issue is the population of {the Cook Inlet beluga) whales, which were put under the protections of the Marine Mammal Protection Act eight years ago, which scientists argue hasn't sped their recovery: Palin begs to differ. Her administration argues that that the belugas are faring just fine under the protections in place, and the population is even beginning to show signs of recovering. Tags: beluga whale Palin alaska endangered species

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Things Continue to Look Up for Mountain Gorillas

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The Rangers in Virunga can continue their daily routines of removing poachers snares (536 snares were found during the recent census taking), filming newborn gorillas and simply enjoying the results of their tremendous sacrifices to protect the gorillas. Tags: virunga africa congo gorillas endangered species Not only are there new babies in Virunga, but also the arrest of the Congolese rebel leader General Nkunda has brought some peace to the area.

France's Ugly Secret: Eating Endangered Songbird

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In a co-ordinated protest, members of the League for the Protection of Birds (LPO) destroyed hundreds of traps and set free the birds inside. Tags: poaching france endangered species Now France can add another to its long list of gastronomic sins.eating ortolan, an endangered songbird. From the Guardian. The time had come, they said, to prioritise biodiversity over gastronomy.

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Extraordinary Growth in Mountain Gorilla Population

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The population—made famous by a series of murders in 2007—has grown by nearly 13 percent in the last 16 months, despite having no protection from civil war or poaching for 15 months, park rangers said Monday. Tags: global warming virunga africa congo gorillas endangered species Surprisingly, the mountain gorillas have prospered under the rule of the Congo rebels. In contrast, the 2007 murders of 10 gorillas occurred under the Congolese government's control.

Gorilla Rangers Return to Virunga

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It is a huge step that all sides have agreed that the protection of Virunga as a World Heritage Site and its mountain gorillas is of sufficient priority to transcend political differences," said Virunga Park Director Emmanuel de Merode. Tags: virunga africa gorilla congo endangered species More than 120 Park Rangers of the Congolese Wildlife Authority, ICCN, today returned to Virunga National Park - 14 months after fleeing violent hostilities between rebels and government soldiers.

Virunga Wildlife Rangers On the Offensive Against Militias

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The Congolese rangers protect the wildlife in Virunga National Park, the most famous inhabitants of which are the 700 remaining mountain gorillas. Tags: virunga rwanda africa congo gorillas endangered species These rangers are very brave people with possibly the most dangerous jobs in the world. And they don't get paid very much at all. They've just launched an offensive against the militias that are destroying habitat in order to get charcoal.

Huge Effort to Rescue 60 Elephants in Malawi

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Jason Bell-Leask, IFAW Director Southern Africa} said "For years the herd has been maimed by local villagers, sometimes using appallingly cruel methods to protect their crops and granaries from raids by the elephants. Tags: malawi africa animal rescue elephants endangered species They are being moved to a wildlife sanctuary. There has been a lot of violence between the elephants and subsistence farmers (unfortunately, I think the violence is pretty one-sided.)

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Former Virunga Park Officials In Prison

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Four senior Wildlife Officers have been arrested and imprisoned after the state Congolese Wildlife Agency (ICCN) pressed charges for complicity in the destruction of the protected forests of Virunga National Park in the east of DR Congo. Tags: wildlife crime virunga congo gorillas endangered species And these particular guys deserve it.

Wild Chimpanzees Threatened in the Congo

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Sadly, there is evidence that the bushmeat trade is spreading rapidly into the Bili and Rubi-Tele protected areas, both of which have been recently invaded by illegal miners. Tags: chimpanzees poaching congo endangered species Two of my favorite issues are chimpanzees threatened in labs and mountain gorillas threatened in the Congo. Let's combine the two and look at chimpanzees threatened in the Congo. Because they are in serious trouble there too.

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Sea Lions Shot Near Seattle

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The deaths are a violation of the Marine Mammals Act and, because it’s a protected species, the shooting death of a Steller sea lion also violates the federal Endangered Species Act. This is in our own backyard. Total cowards. I hope they're caught because they could face a 50 thousand dollar fine.

"Creature Quotes" Is Here!

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" Creature Quotes: Advancing Toward Freedom For All Species ," compiled and edited by SBH Clay, is now available. We unwittingly partake of activities that hurt, physically and mentally, the very creatures we admire and seek to protect from harm (5).". Or, open to change, he can take the message in the ensuing pages to heart, let it shift his mind and stir his soul, and thus begin, right now, his advance toward freedom for all species (7)."

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On Jeff Corwin's 100 HEARTBEATS

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It has entertaining stories, includes animals people care about because they like them (and also addresses that concept), and it describes how the numbers of various species decreased to the point of being classified as "endangered" or worse.

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Dead Sea Lions in Puget Sound - Again

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The animal protection group Seal Sitters says a necropsy showed that the sea lion had suffered a shark bite and had twisted intestines in addition to a bullet wound. KING says one of the Nisqually casualties was a Steller sea lion, protected under the Endangered Species Act. The one found in West Seattle was a California sea lion, protected under the Marine Mammal Protection Act. This has happened before.

PETA's Orca Lawsuit Dismissed by Federal Judge

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Do whales deserve constitutional protection against slavery? Before the ruling, PETA’s attorney Jeffrey Kerr told HuffPost that the animal rights group’s argument was based on the belief that “slavery doesn’t depend upon the species of the slave, any more than it depends upon the race, gender or ethnicity of the slave. SeaWorld’s attempts to deny [orcas] the protection solely based on their species is the same kind of prejudice used to justify any enslavement.

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Big Cat Week 2012 Starts Sunday!

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These big cats are a species under constant threat from poachers and farmers who fear that the leopards are attacking their livestock. But experts can’t protect them without knowing more about them. Nat Geo Wild presents the third annual Big Cat Week starting Sunday, Dec 9th.

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Finless Shark Found in the Phillipines

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Eleven of them signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) pledging to protect the whale sharks. The participants also agreed to advance the protection of seven shark species that needed protection—the Basking Shark, Great White Shark, Whale Shark, Spiny Dogfish Shark, Porbeagle Shark, and Shortfin and Longfin Mako Sharks. The shark's fins had been cut and he was still alive when found, but sadly died.

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Uganda Benefits from Mountain Gorilla Survival

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The tourism revenue creates an incentive for Uganda to protect the endangered species at the same time that it contributes to human welfare. Uganda is seeing a growth in tourism dollars from visits to see its mountain gorillas. This is very important. This is a kind of symbiotic relationship that only benefits both members of the relationship. Lets hope it continues to flourish. There are only about 700 mountain gorillas left in the world.

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Sarah Palin Thinks Bush Administration Too Environmentally Friendly

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The state has sued Interior Secretary Dirk Kempthorne, seeking to reverse his decision to give polar bears protection under the Endangered Species Act. Thank god we have people like her to protect oil companies from the likes of George Bush and Dick Cheney How far off the reservation do you have to be to sue the Bush administration over environmental issues because they are too strict? That's what Governor Pallin did in order to suck up to oil and gas interests in Alaska.

Blinded Turtle Finds New Home in Aquarium

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The aquarium said it hoped Homer would help raise awareness about the plight of his species. Dangers include fishermen deliberately blinding the animals to protect fishing equipment. I'm not posting this because of the rescue (which is a good thing), but because of HOW this turtle was blinded. From the BBC. The Archelon rescue centre in Greece previously looking after Homer believes this is what happened to him. Homer, who is about 40-years-old, could have another 60 years of life.

On Dolphins as a Gateway to Animal Rights

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Riddle me this: If you're in camp #3, do you think it's bad to pursue personhood for individual species, or is it just something you're not going to spend your time on because of the various problems with the process (e.g., Would you actually actively campaign against rights for some species? They can also learn how "to hold sponges over their snouts to protect themselves when searching for spiny fish on the ocean floor."

Best Dad Award!

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He protects his pups, plays with them, brings their mother food, and takes over to cuddle them when their mother takes a break.

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