White-throated Dipper in Switzerland

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Though originally from Switzerland he now makes New York City his home where I (Corey) have had the great fortune of meeting him, birding with him, and photographing wildlife with him. All images and text here are copyrighted by Francois Portmann and don’t let us catch you stealing them… I encountered a pair of White-throated Dippers ( Cinclus cinclus ) during my trip to Switzerland last summer.

Swiss Activists Try to Ban Seal Products

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I had no idea that Switzerland is NOT part of the EU. canada seal hunt seal hunters SwitzerlandTherefore, the EU's ban on seal products does not apply to them. But activists are trying to change that.

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Everything new is Old (World) again

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One sang very insistently outside our lodgings in Interlaken, Switzerland. But our most common October company, as we travelled from Paris to Switzerland, Bavaria, and Austria, was the Carrion Crow. Birding birding Austria birding Europe birding Munich birding SwitzerlandSome of my readers may recall that my wife and I went to Spain a few months ago. That was a work trip, although I still managed to find a few mornings to bird.

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Kamikaze Pigeons and a War to Extinction

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This time it is not in Serbia, but in Zurich, Switzerland, where this particular Serbian pigeon fancier / blogger lives. There were several incidents involving poisoned Peregrines in that area, so the police and the SVS / BirdLife Switzerland started to investigate the case, assisted by the group of conservationists from Serbia ( the news in German ). Conservation Peregrine Falcon poisoning Serbia Switzerland A Hooded Crow. Two Feral Pigeons. Three Feral Pigeons.

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Legal Rights for Animals

Animal Ethics

Sharon McEachern has a blog post about animal rights in Switzerland

Animal Rights Activists Jailed in Europe

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Some employees from firms in Britain, France, Germany, Sweden and Switzerland had "puppy killer" and "scum" daubed on their houses. They are members of Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC). I support their cause, but am uncomfortable with their tactics. From Reuters. The group had targeted about 40 firms as part of an international conspiracy to force the closure of Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS), an animal research laboratory based near Cambridge.

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1 in 4 Species Face Extinction Threat

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Our results paint a bleak picture of the global status of mammals worldwide," the team led by Jan Schipper of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature in Gland, Switzerland, concluded. "We This sucks. We estimate that one in four species is threatened with extinction and that the population of one in two is declining," the researchers said in a report to be published Friday in the journal Science.

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Old World waterfowl… and other waterfowl in the Old World

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Visiting the continent after the end of most of the autumn migration meant that the number of bird species I could see in northern France, Switzerland, southern Germany, and Austria was much reduced. As I mentioned last week, my wife, son, and daughter-in-law spent much of the month of October in Europe.

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Serbia self-drive birding tour planning

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It turned out Raphael Nussbaumer is a keen ornithologist who just completed his PhD in Lausanne (Switzerland). Long gone from my country of residence (Switzerland) and close to disappear from where I originally come from (Alsace, France), I was particularly happy to encounter a singing Crested Lark while driving near Fruska gora NP–Neradin, Vojvodina, S49367224. This October, a previously unknown name shined in the eBird alerts in Serbia: Raphael Nussbaumer.

Birds of Bolivia: Field Guide–A Book Review

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Michael Kessler, born in Peru and currently working in Switzerland, has researched birds, plants, and overall biodiversity in Bolivia and South America, and, his bio says, fulfilled a lifelong dream by contributing his artwork.

The Hidden Qualities of House Sparrows

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The Italian Sparrow is not entirely confined to Italy but – not surprisingly – also occurs in neighbouring areas of Austria and Switzerland. Bird blogging in May always gives me the creeps. This ridiculous focus of the Birding Internet on North American wood-warblers is boring on a quiet day and highly annoying during peak migration.

Baby Bird Books, Little Bird Books

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Another great example of a little bird book is, yes, Little Bird , written by Germano Zullo, illustrated by Albertine, recently brought over from Switzerland and translated by Enchanted Lion Books. This beautiful book, an a import from Switzerland, is a joy to look at and read. Several years ago, I was asked to visit my nephew’s preschool class and talk about birds.

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Winging It In Tulsa

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I live in New York; I’ve also lived in Maine and Switzerland. “OOOOOOOklahoma where the birds come sweepin’ down the plain…” I know – it’s supposed to be the wind, not the birds. No matter. I recently traveled to Oklahoma to help spread the word of wildlife, finding all kinds of adventure along the way.

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The mysterious international Lesser Scaup

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It has been seen near Luzern (85 km away) in Switzerland, so it is not a very local bird at all. Because of all the places it could have called its winter home, it chose the Rhine separating Huningue and Weil am Rhein, the border triangle of Switzerland, France and Germany. Over much of North America, the Lesser Scaup Aythya affinis is more than just common. Rather, it could be considered the aythyian background noise against which to discern the other, more appreciated species.

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From the Mailbag

Animal Ethics

25 well-known scientists, philosophers and politicians from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, The Netherlands and the United States informed in a comprehensible manner and on a high level about the current status on animal ethics studies, answered open questions and introduced their approaches. Hello!

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Birding Botswana’s Borders

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I slept in hotel in Zurich but didn’t leave the airport or even clear immigration, so I can’t really say I’ve been to Switzerland either. I’ve never been one to be overly concerned about whether a bird “counts” People, and organisations, have complex and elaborate rules about whether a bird you saw or heard actually is a bird you saw or heard, which seems a very unnecessary way to add complexity to an already complex hobby.

10 Countries, 10 Top Birds in 2016

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Switzerland: The Armchair Tick Award Cause I’m a Terrible Birder Award. Well, that year was something else. Like a lot of people I know, the body blows of the news the world at large were tempered by a year that was personally rather good. I managed to actually beat my year list total, as accounted by eBird, by one bird. I went to Ethiopia. I bought a house. I saw Painted Wolves again, my favourite species ever.

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First Outbreak of Usutu Virus in Germany

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It subsequently spread to Budapest/ Hungary (2005, 2006), Zürich/ Switzerland (2006), and north-east Italy (2008/2009). Okay, I meant to write an entertaining post. I honestly did. But I have been sick with different kinds and forms of cold since the beginning of December with no interruption, and so has my entire family. And I am sick of winter, too: first there was no winter at all, with scarcely a night below freezing all through December and January and only rain, rain, rain.

Scaup are the Worst Duck

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Birders there had to invent games to make seeing a scaup interesting: Because of all the places it could have called its winter home, it chose the Rhine separating Huningue and Weil am Rhein, the border triangle of Switzerland, France and Germany. Of all the ducks in the world scaup are the worst. They are unattractive, ubiquitous, and uninteresting. Whether they are Greater Scaup or Lesser Scaup , no one cares.

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Collaborative List – October 2019

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Visited this month were; Germany , France , Austria, South Africa, Hong Kong, USA, UK, Serbia, Costa Rica, Australia, China, Indonesia , Switzerland and Singapore). 14 countries were birded this month by 13 beats; a record participative effort! 172 lists were shared and 1004 species were seen, both records for October, so well done beats! The country list (which also includes Principalities, Territories, Special Administrative Regions, Autonomuos States, Kingdoms, Caliphates, etc.)

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Collaborative List – March 2017

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With Corey’s February jollies to The Bahamas (when he should have been at home looking for GGOs), Lichtenstein, Austria and Switzerland our country/province/principality/kingdom/territory list has swollen to 37. Lists from nine countries have been shared this month with Cuba appearing for the first time.

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