Australian Firefighter Rescues Koala

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Here's a video of an Australian firefighter making a big difference to one little koala. Lots of people have died in the wildfires in Australia, and I'm sure a lot of animals have suffered too. This critter was lucky, and was rescued.

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Australian Fireman Honored by Animal Rights Activists

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The fireman who saved Sam the Koala is now an international Youtube star. The defendant faces 21 counts of murder, and Peta also wants to see him charged with cruelty to animals (as) it has been reported that over a million native animals may have been killed in the fires in Victoria, including kangaroos, koalas, possums, lizards and birds,' Peta said in a statement. And getting recognition he deserves for his kindness.Mr

Many Animals Dying in Australian Wildfires

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Hundreds of burned, stressed and dehydrated animals — including kangaroos, koalas, lizards and birds — have already arrived at shelters across the scorched region. We sometimes overlook a story even when it's right under our noses. Not only did we not think about the impact of the Australian wildfires on wildlife, but we didn't see the AP story on our very own sidebar. We are losers. The story says millions of animals may have died.

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