Fun with Fish Crows

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Over the last couple of weeks Fish Crows have flooded back into New York City, early harbingers of spring, and those that stuck around have become much more vocal, meaning that birders can now put them on their checklist instead of “crow sp.” ” And it is essentially only birders who realize that Fish Crows are back. But Fish Crows have a certain something that makes watching them entertaining. These Fish Crows were clearly strengthening their pair bond.

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Fish Creek to Buffalo

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I have introduced you to the sections from Foster to Fish Creek and also Foster to Toora. This week I will introduce you to the section from Fish Creek to Buffalo. My journey this week was a return trip from Fish Creek to Buffalo. Approaching Fish Creek from Fish Creek!

Funky Fish

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If you are looking for something fun for you kids, yourself, and your fish, then I have just the thing for you! We were recently contacted by Funky Fish and even got to try out the Rock Band Kit for our fish tank! Funky Fish are super fun, fish themed clings, for the side of your tank or bowl. The company started from a great idea to help kids have more fun with their pet fish, but the clings are great for anyone who loves fish, kids or not!

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Foster to Fish Creek

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From our base, which has been Foster for most of the time and Fish Creek over recent weeks, I have walked the stretch of Rail Trail from Foster to Fish Creek several times. Fish Creek train station building. The post Foster to Fish Creek appeared first on 10,000 Birds.

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Birds Feeding Fish

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There are a couple of YouTube clips out there that seem to show birds feeding fish–just like people. The surrounding fish have figured this out and begin a feeding frenzy around the feeding station. Eating the hard crusty bread without losing it to the surrounding Carrion Crows or…fish. Generally, a gull would dip the bread in water to soften it, but he fish in the pond were wise to this routine and ready. Birds fish gulls Paris Urban Birding

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Opportunistic Herons Catching Fish

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From the bridge over the creek on Beach 22nd Street it is fun to spot herons fishing in the creek and in the early morning the sun is perfectly placed to put good light on them. But why had these herons chosen this particular spot to go fishing? Small fry were being chased to the surface, desperate to escape the death-from-below that were larger fish, completely ignorant of the death that waited above them. Never have I been so glad not to be a fish!

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Bird-Eating Fish

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Usually, it’s “Bird eating fish” but here we have a case of a “Bird-eating fish.” ” The Wels Catfish, Silurus glanis , is the second largest fish in its range, which covers much of Europe and parts of West Asia. From the vantage of the bottom feeder, the fish takes a variety of prey that passes by. So, the modal catfish is a fish that hunts from below, can take large prey, and occasionally eats a bird.

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Birding and Fly-fishing in Belize

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We got our chance on a guided fishing tour out to the mangrove islands, a thirty minute boat ride off the beach. We were all set for a full day of combining our two loves: fishing and birding. I sat in the boat, Floyd, our guide, worked the motor, and Brian fished on the bow. Our first birds came before our first fish. As we reached the mangrove islands, Brian and the guide began looking for Permit, one of the most elusive fish for anglers. Oh Belize.

Birding and Fly-fishing in Pisgah National Forest

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The first time I agreed to join my fiancé Brian on a joint birding/fly-fishing excursion, I wasn’t sure what to expect. While I have known how to fish since I was a little kid, I much prefer my binoculars to a fly-fishing rod, and was worried the pace of the two activities would not fit, the places I wanted to linger would not be those where he wanted to stay, or it would just be, well, not fun. It turns out, fishing and birding are the perfect match.

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Nat Geo WILD’s Fish Bowl Special Event #FishBowl

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Watch as Goldie makes a splash in the first ever Fish Bowl on Nat Geo Wild! The post Nat Geo WILD’s Fish Bowl Special Event #FishBowl appeared first on 4 The Love of Animals Sunday February 2nd, at 6pm EST, Nat Geo WILD will blow Game Day out of the water! Watch Goldie and friends for 4 whole hours of fishy fun.

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A Fish From the Blue

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Uh …” said Danielle, pointing at a large fish lying in a corner of the bear den. That fish just fell out of the sky.”. Melissa immediately began scanning the surrounding area, assuming that Scudder, their long-time maintenance guy, was hiding in the woods and hurling fish at the zookeepers. She walked over to the fish, which was a lovely Brook Trout riddled with talon holes. Melissa left the fish for Clarence and Josephine, but they wanted no part of it.

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US Fish & Wildlife Has Forensic Lab

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US Fish & Wildlife Only Accepting Snail Mail

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Animal Ethics

Here is a New York Times story about seafood

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The Mysterious Case of Fighter the Fighting Fish

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The Mysterious Case of Fighter the Fighting Fish. But there was never anything as fascinating as the Mysterious Case of Fighter the Fighting Fish. My sons and I have had little luck with Siamese fighting fish. Well, as close a bond as a man can form with a Siamese fighting fish. He zoomed to the top of the fish bowl, swam three quick laps, and then, as if surprised by his own vigor, listed portside, slowed, and sank to the bottom.

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When Drinking and Fishing Don’t Mix

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Conservation fishing great blue herons wildlife rehabilitatorsThis photo came over the rehabber network, and I’ve been trying to track down its source ever since. Can anyone lay claim to it? And can we not toss our beer cans?

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Flying Fish and Other Things

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Howell is well worth a visit if only to see his amazing pictures of absolutely stunning flying fish. Who knew flying fish are so cool? This slightly rambling post on the ABA Blog by Steve N. And a flying squid – someone alert PZ Myers !) Asides

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Fishing at Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge

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Fishing is not one of the recreational activities allowed at Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge but apparently no one has passed that information on to the local bird population. ” This golden-footed wonder caught several fish in the short time I observed it… Although the bird moved so fast it was nearly impossible to get a shot of it with a fish in its beak. This is a shot of the egret right after swallowing the fish.

Never Put Fish Down Your Pants

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If you ever wanted to put fish down your pants let this YouTube video serve as a cautionary tale. Never, ever, ever put fish down your pants. Seriously. Just watch the video already, sicko… a. Birds penguins video

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How to Eat Fish Sustainably.

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Snowy Egret Fishing at Arcata Marsh

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Snowy Egret ( Egretta thula ) photos by Larry Jordan (click for full sized images) While visiting Arcata Marsh a couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of watching a Snowy Egret ( Egretta thula ) as it skillfully caught several fish in an inlet or tidal channel of the marsh. I was truly amazed at the number of techniques this beautiful bird used to catch at least a dozen fish during my twenty minute observation. Obviously he or she thought it was an excellent fishing spot.

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Red-winged Blackbird Harassing a Fish Crow

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While at Flushing Meadows Corona Park near my house in Queens this evening putting my new lens through its paces,* I was entertained by the strafing runs that the Red-winged Blackbirds were taking at every Fish Crow that flew by. Be glad you aren’t a Fish Crow flying over reed beds! *I

Japan Mad about Banning Bluefish Tuna Fishing

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I'm not surprised considering their attitude about whale meat. Apparently, it's all "cultural imperialism. Considering Japan's history in East Asia, it is seriously ironic to me that they throw the word "imperialism" around. Give me a break. The article's writer is a bit more objective about this than I am.) By the way, the proposed ban was defeated. We'll see how long this fishery lasts before it too goes extinct.

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Pel’s Fishing Owls, Phantoms of the Okavango

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For many birders, the Pel’s Fishing Owl roosts in a lofty position on just such a list. One of the most highly desirable birds in the world, the Pel’s Fishing Owl is a true phantom. Even still, there are believed to be only 100 pairs of Pel’s Fishing Owls in the entire delta, an area roughly comparable in size to the US state of New Jersey. In full sunlight, at eye-level and eating a freshly caught fish. Birding’s Holy Grails.

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Black-crowned Night-Heron Eating a Fish

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I did not count on sending him home with a fish story though! And while we wanted to do some more birding, and had to hustle to meet Danielle, Nate’s patient and lovely wife, in a timely way, we really needed to see what the outcome of the heron-fish encounter was going to be. When we first spotted the bird this is how it was holding the fish. It quickly flipped the fish around so the head was on the opposite side of its mouth.

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Washington State to Cut Fish and Wildlife Jobs

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More than 100 employees at the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife could lose their jobs. Fish and Wildlife managers will tell employees this week that their jobs may be eliminated to meet an expected multi-million-dollar budget shortfall I expect we'll see this in a lot of other agencies as well.

Great Images of Fish-Eating Birds

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Check out these shots of fish-eating birds at Jamaica Bay National Wildlife Refuge! Do you know what is really annoying? When someone regularly birds the same spots that you do but manages to get much, much, much, better images. Asides Jamaica Bay

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U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Proposes 2015 Expansion of Hunting and Fishing Opportunities on National Wildlife Refuges

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Fish and Wildlife Service Director Dan Ashe today announced as part of Great Outdoors Month the agency is proposing to expand fishing and hunting opportunities on 21 refuges throughout the National Wildlife Refuge System. The Service is committed to strengthening and expanding hunting and fishing opportunities,” said Ashe. “By Fishing is permitted on 271 wildlife refuges. Ardoch National Wildlife Refuge : Open to sport fishing.

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US Fish and Wildlife Offers Ivory Identification Guide

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US Fish and Wildlife has a guide for identification. Wonder if something is made from illegal ivory? From the web page. This is a web version of the Identification Guide for Ivory and Ivory Substitutes by Edgard O. Espinoza and Mary-Jacque Mann, published in cooperation with the CITES Secretariat, and was developed to give information about a nondestructive and visual means of tentatively distinguishing clearly legal ivory from suspected illegal ivory at ports of entry.

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Greenpeace Drops Boulders in Fishing Grounds to Halt Trawling

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Very action oriented for them. Are they trying for their own Animal Planet show?

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Fish Farming

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Here is a New York Times story about fish farming—in the Israeli desert! According to the story, "Fish farming. has become more lucrative worldwide as people seek more fish in their diet for better health, and ocean fisheries increasingly are being depleted

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Fish is a popular choice. Grey Heron: Some sizes of fish seem more suitable than others. Yellow Bittern: A bittern recently stuck me with its beak when I freed it from a fishing net. Hurt a bit, but must be much worse for the fish. Birding China fish food Nanhui

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The American White Pelican Scoops Up Fish As It Swims

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Unlike the Brown Pelican, the American White Pelican scoops up fish while swimming. One interesting fact about the American White Pelican is that they sometimes forage in cooperative flocks, driving fish toward the shore where they are more easily caught. The American White Pelican ( Pelecanus erythrorhynchos ) is a huge bird! With an 8 to 9 1/2 foot wingspan and weighing in at up to 30 pounds, it rivals the California Condor for size and weight.

Owning A Fish Farm Does Not Mean You Can Kill Birds

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Seaside’s employees denied shooting any birds; however, owner Vu admitted to shooting six pelicans to prevent them from eating his fish. This is the lesson that Seaside Aquaculture owner Khan Vu has hopefully learned after being charged, found guilty, and sentenced under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. Both Vu and the company were ordered to pay $40,000 to the Texas Park and Wildlife Foundation and a $5,000 fine and put on eighteen months probation after being found guilty in federal court.

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Henry S. Salt (1851-1939) on Fish-Eating

Animal Ethics

Before leaving this question of "consistency," as affected by the gradations of our duty of humaneness to animals, a few words may be said on the practice of fish-eating. Thompson has only shown his unfamiliarity with the subject, for his novel proposition is in fact an old one, which has been debated and rejected by the Vegetarian Society in its adherence to its original rule of excluding fish, flesh and fowl, and nothing else, from its dietary.

California Legislators Call for Wildlife Official's Resignation

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The wildlife official in question is the President of the California Fish and Game Commission. fish and wildlife california government mountain lions hunting idaho trophy huntingHe is a proponent of trophy hunting and was photographed with a dead mountain lion in Idaho. Full story here.

On the Eating of Seafood

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"We are fighting a war against fish, and we are. That brief trailer could be a gift in the disguise of paradoxical message about how we can still kill and eat fish, yet not be at war with them. As a way of taking the situation into your own hands and not being a part of the problem, the film's site offers you this widget: Now, I haven't seen the film, but here's the message: There's something rotten in the state of the fishing industry.

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What Makes a Fish Organic?

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See here

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Northern Arapahoes Given Right to Kill Eagles for Religious Purposes

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Fish and Wildlife Service granted a permit March 9 to the Northern Arapaho Tribe allowing it either to kill or capture and release two bald eagles this year. bald eagle us fish and wildlife religion native americans hunting us tribesFrom the Seattle PI. A federal government decision to allow a Wyoming tribe to kill two bald eagles for a religious ceremony is a victory for American Indian sovereignty as well as for long-suppressed religious freedoms, the tribe says. The U.S.

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Mexico and US Go at it Again Over Dolphin-Labeling and Tuna

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World Trade Organization economics dolphin mexico tuna trade fishing usFrom the Bridges Weekly Trade News Digest. The long-running dispute between the US and Mexico over Washington’s ‘dolphin safe’ labelling practice for tuna products is likely to see a WTO appeal, after the two parties together asked for an extension of the appeals deadline.

Second Bear Killed On Trans-Canada Highway

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fish and wildlife canada bearInterestingly, we just went on a tour of the Canadian Rockies where the wildlife corridors and fences were lauded by the tour guide as a way for wildlife to avoid the roads. Apparently, there's room for improvement. From the Calgary Herald. The second bear to meet its end this year on the Trans-Canada Highway has prompted an animal rights group to call for immediate repairs to a fence line intended to protect wildlife in Banff National Park.

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Australasian Snapper, Pagrus auratus

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Australasian Snapper ( Pagrus auratus ) Snapper (as they are usually called here) are common inshore fish that eat just about anything. One sample snapper examined in a study found 99 different types of food in the stomach, a mix of crabs, worms, echinoderms, shellfish, fish and other prey items. A pair at Goat Island Marine Reserve Being both large and common means that snapper have long been fished in New Zealand. Sports Conservation fish fishing marine reserves

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Old Crow Distillery Company: Old Crow

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This year it was an American Crow ( Corvus brachyrhyncus ), though at home in Albany, New York, it’s just as likely to be – and has been in the past – a Fish Crow ( Corvus ossifragus ). But which species of crow is our Old Crow – Fish or American? In his The Birds of America , Dr. Crow’s almost exact contemporary John James Audubon observed that “The Fish-Crow is almost entirely confined to the maritime districts of the Southern States, and there it abounds at all seasons.”

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