What to Ask to Trust a Pet Sitter

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ALF Activist Receives 21-Month Sentence

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Alex Hall released 650 mink from McMullin Fur farm in South Jordan, Utah in 2008. He received a sentence of 21 months under the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (AETA.) Hall is expected to serve the rest of his sentence in Davis County Jail, rather than be shipped to a federal prison. He is expected to be released in two or three months.

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Activist Indicted on Contempt Charges

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Jordan Halliday, 22, served several months in jail for contempt of court after he said he invoked his Fifth Amendment right against self incrimination. I'm late on this one. The article is from October 5. Fox 13 Now reported. A federal grand jury has indicted an animal rights activist who refused to testify about the release of thousands of mink from Utah ranches.

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ALF Activist Pleads Guilty in Utah to Damaging Mink Farm

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The raid to which Viehl pleaded guilty took place at the McMullin mink farm in South Jordan in August 2008. A man in Utah has pled guilty to "interfering with an animal enterprise" in federal court. Rydalch said the raid consisted of releasing minks and spray-painting parts of the farm, including a barn. She said the plea agreement "stated the damage and loss to real and personal property at the farm exceeded $10,000." Spray painting a barn?

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Rocky & Bella, Inc. earns National Animal Supplement Quality Seal

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The natural, whole-food pet supplement was formulated by Dr. Patricia Jordan, a naturopathic veterinarian with more than 25 years of experience with an education in both conventional and holistic veterinary medicine. Bryn Mawr, Penn.—Pet Pet supplement company Rocky & Bella, Inc.

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