Mistletoebird family

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Here are some of the photos that I have taken over recent days of the Mistletoebird family. Since I first told you of the Mistletoebird nest that was built in the bush close to our home there has been a lot of activity.

A Tawny Frogmouth family

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You will notice that it is a year ago that I wrote about the family of Tawny Frogmouths at Cygnet park in Broome. Once again there is a family there, but we don’t know if it is the same pair. Tawny Frogmouth family.

Pied Butcherbird family

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We have been observing the Tawny Frogmouth family again during the week at the same park in Broome. There are also two Pied Butcherbird families in the park and they are also growing fast. The post Pied Butcherbird family appeared first on 10,000 Birds.

Bird Families of the World by Winkler, Billerman and Lovette

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It seems to me that Lynx Edicions must know Vedran, too, and it was with him in mind that their authors, David W Winkler, Shawn M Billerman and Irby J Lovette, chose the “Bird Families of the World: A Guide to the Spectacular Diversity of Birds” as the full title of their new edition.

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On Betraying Your Family

Animal Person

Yesterday, in the comments of An Affront to the Idea of Family , Brian wrote: I understand your concern for those cows that were beat by that man and the unfortunate death of all the cows that died in the snow storm. I am always working for the best environment and the most comfortable situation for my cows, who I consider part of my family. You say that "Family Farms do not exist and that they don't care about their animals." who I consider part of my family.".

Family 166

Pheasant Coucal family

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Despite the fact that they are part of the cuckoo family they do actually raise their own young. The post Pheasant Coucal family appeared first on 10,000 Birds. It is currently Pheasant Coucal breeding season.

A Radjah Shelduck family

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Last week during a camping trip to Kununurra we encountered a Radjah Shelduck family in one of the irrigation channels around town. The Radjah Shelduck family last week were swimming in the irrigation channel right against the road and so we could pull over and admire them. This would have to be one of the few families of Radjah Shelducks we have ever observed and definitely the smallest ducklings. Radjah Shelduck family.

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Family Comedy RESCUE DOGS Finds its Four Legs

4 The Love Of Animals

A first of its kind family comedy, RESCUE DOGS features real rescue animals in the starring roles of this kid-friendly narrative feature. A heartwarming story about how rescue animals can sometimes return the favor by saving their owners with their … Continue reading → The post Family Comedy RESCUE DOGS Finds its Four Legs appeared first on 4 The Love of Animals.

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Pets Are Family, Not Fighters

4 The Love Of Animals

Pets Are Family! This is Sam, an American Pit Bull Terrier that was rescued from a life of dogfighting. He was rescued by the Humane Society of the United States, and has since earned the nickname “Bulletproof Sam”! Even with his harsh past and permanent cosmetic damage, he is in no pain and he shows nothing but true happiness since being rescued!

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Turtles of the World: A Guide To Every Family–A Book Review by a Turtle Lover

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I happen to be particularly fond of turtles because my family has taken care of a small box turtle for 30 years (beware–turtles are extremely low-maintenance pets but will outlast your child’s youth and probably your life). Turtles of the World: A Guide to Every Family.

Tawny Frogmouth family at Cygnet Park-Broome

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There has been a family of Tawny Frogmouths at our local supermarket car-park in other years. I left the family of Tawny Frogmouths to sleep during the day and they will be out after dark feeding. The post Tawny Frogmouth family at Cygnet Park-Broome appeared first on 10,000 Birds.

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National Family Pack Walk Giveaway

4 The Love Of Animals

This year’s National Family Pack Walk will prove, once again, that it’s not your average walk in the park. All proceeds from the National Family Pack Walk events will be donated to the Cesar Millan Foundation, which raises awareness and supports the rescue, rehabilitation, and re-homing of abused and abandoned dogs. Scooby-Doo, Cesar Millan, four-legged friends and their pet parents from around the U.S., will walk to raise money to save the lives of shelter dogs. The 1.5

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A.A. Badenhorst Family Wines ? The Curator White Blend (2016)

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Badenhorst Family Wines. Badenhorst Family Wines – The Curator White Blend (2016) appeared first on 10,000 Birds. This week’s wine is a very easy-drinking white blend from the South African winery A.A.

2020 59

Second Annual National Family Pack Walk

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Cesar Millan, and Scooby-Doo have partnered again for the Second Annual National Family Pack Walk on September 29 in Washington, D.C. with the large-scale National Family Pack Walk taking place on the National Mall. The series of community Pack Walks coupled with the National Family Pack Walk, known as the One Million Paw March, will unite pack families from all walks of life in support of the primary causes of the Cesar Millan Foundation.

Family 142

On The Goode Family and Infiltration

Animal Person

Image via Wikipedia I found The Goode Family disappointing on the vegan side. Is The Goode Family Good for the Environment? Tags: Activism Current Affairs Ethics animal rights Animal welfare Nutrition The Goode Family Veganism Vegetarianism Yeah, lots of mockery, but I didn't laugh. I didn't think the show was all that funny, like, say, The Simpsons. The bit about the purity dance and marrying your father was okay, but still not that funny. Maybe it's me.

Family 100

A Pied Oystercatcher family

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It has been twelve weeks now since the first pair of Pied Oystercatchers attempted to breed along the stretch of beach that we survey and as with each year there have been setbacks. In theory the eggs are laid, the adults share the incubation of the eggs for 28 days and then fluffy chicks emerge. The chicks are then fed and encouraged to feed themselves and after approximately 35 days they are able to fly and escape danger. If only it was that easy!

Rescue Dogs, a fun, family film saved over 150 animals

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FAMILY FILM THAT HELPED SAVE 150+ ANIMALS NOW AVAILABLE ON ITUNES Continues to Give Back to Animal Rescue Community Hollywood, CA (July 26th, 2016) — Busted Buggy Entertainment is proud to announce Rescue Dogs, a first of its kind family … Continue reading → The post Rescue Dogs, a fun, family film saved over 150 animals appeared first on 4 The Love of Animals

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Sooty Oystercatcher family at Kalbarri

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We rarely encounter family groups of Sooty Oystercatchers Haemotopus fulginosus ophthalmicus at home in Broome, but more commonly we encounter a flock of approximately thirty non-breeding Sooty Oystercatchers at the northern end of Cable Beach. On our recent trip away we encountered a family group of Sooty Oystercatchers at Kalbarri and they were feeding on the reef along the coastal strip of the Kalbarri National Park near Blue Holes. Family of Sooty Oystercatchers.

2018 40

Haiwaiian Honeycreeper Family Tree

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The honeycreepers of Hawaii now have a family tree, with researchers from the Smithsonian having used DNA to map the entire family. Good news for an endangered family of birds! Asides

Tawny Frogmouth family

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Tawny Frogmouth family. A few weeks ago I told you about our discovery of a Tawny Frogmouth nest near Ellendale Rest Area and we were wondering what became of it. It made sense to go and have a look! It is only 309 kilometres (192 miles) away and it is still another 87 kilometres (54 miles) before we reach our next town going north, which is Fitzroy Crossing.

2016 40

Mohouidae, the newest bird family

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If you’re into family ticks, and into armchair ticks, well, I hope you’ve been to New Zealand, because the island just got another endemic bird family. That the three species of mohoua (genus Mohoua ) are New Zealand’s newest family is hardly a surprise. Like many of the new families they represent a lineage that no one could quite work out where to put.

2013 62

My large Pied Oystercatcher family

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Having found my large Pied Oystercatcher family last week I have spent a lot of time with them this week. The Pied Oystercatcher family, which almost looks like a small flock, have remained in the same place at high tide all week. Once the tide dropped they moved forward as a family and wandered along the exposed sand looking for food. Pied Oystercatcher family looking for food. The family of Pied Oystercatchers.

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Birders As Family

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I recently heard Kenn Kaufman refer to the birding community as a family and on the one hand I like that idea, but one the other, I feel like it’s one big uncomfortable Thanksgiving Dinner with odd relatives and awkward conversations and all you can think about is drinking as much as possible or eating extra dessert to keep from verbally exploding. What is up with the birding community in the northern part of the US recently? Have we all gone completely mental?

5 Pet Projects to Bring the Family Together

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If your family is starting to get a little stir-crazy as summer winds on, it’s a good idea to find constructive ways to keep everybody occupied. Then, the whole family can braid the fabric into the desired shapes. The post 5 Pet Projects to Bring the Family Together appeared first on 4 The Love of Animals. Simple, constructive activities to make pets happier.

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Big Ticks; What Was Your Last New Family?

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But there is one kind of tick that I genuinely do enjoy, and as I do more and more birding it becomes harder and harder to get; new families. Getting entirely new families is easy when you start birding. Sometimes you gain armchair big ticks, like the White-tailed Blue-flycatcher I saw in Uganda in 2005 which later turned out to be in the Stenostiridae, a recently erected family. ”, what was the last new family that you got? Birding bird families listing

Here’s the new bird family tree. It’s amazing.

10,000 Birds

’s bird family tree in a new tab and follow along as you read. The magnificent history and diversity of birds on Earth came into sharper focus this month with the publication of 28 new scientific papers in Science and other journals. How birds came to be what they are today — all their dazzling triumphs over time, oblivion, and gravity — is a much more interesting story than most of us had imagined just 20 years ago. American Flamingo photo by Dick Culbert).

2014 87

Pied Oystercatcher family starts to disperse

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I mentioned last week t hat the large Pied Oystercatcher family that had successfully raised three chicks this year for the first time may soon become a smaller family group. They were wandering further apart and I knew that it would not be long before the family group became smaller. No doubt it really is only a matter of days now and the Pied Oystercatcher family group will have dispersed completely.

2014 55

The Dog Who Healed a Family

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I recently got a chance to read a charming new book called The Dog Who Healed a Family: And Other True Animal Stories That Warm the Heart & Touch the Soul. The Dog Who Healed a Family: And Other True Animal Stories That Warm the Heart & Touch the Soul is available online at Amazon.com. The Dog Who Healed a Family originally appeared on 4 The Love of Animals on August 25, 2010.

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Birding Dilemma No.23 – Taking family for granted.

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Feeling (only slightly) guilty that I had dashed out so quickly, I took the first brief sighting as my tick and got back to the families. This dilemma comes from a visit to see my sister this week and being squeezed for time. She happens to live in the middle of the New Forest, 94,000 acres of heath and woodland, protected as a National Park and probably the UK’s best area in which to find Dartford Warbler.

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Sand Point Family Vineyards: Cabernet Sauvignon (2015 Lodi Appellation)

10,000 Birds

To celebrate this minor listing milestone, I chose a 2015 Cabernet by Sand Point Family Vineyards of Acampo, California, whose logo is an adorable California Quail sitting on a swing (we can presumably eliminate the similar Gambel’s Quail by range here). Sand Point Family Vineyards: Cabernet Sauvignon 2015 (Lodi Appellation). The post Sand Point Family Vineyards: Cabernet Sauvignon (2015 Lodi Appellation) appeared first on 10,000 Birds.

2018 43

Sandpiper family reorganization on the way

10,000 Birds

A recent proposal ( 555 ) to the AOU’s South American Classification Committee deals with newly published information about relationships within the sandpiper family, Scolopacidae, and what it means for the classification of these wonderful, fascinating birds. Black-tailed Godwit ( Limosa limosa ) in the Netherlands cc-by Frank Vassen Sandpipers The birds known as peeps, stints, knots, turnstones (which were once awarded their own family!),

A Family Outing at Point Lookout

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Late Saturday morning our little family had to decide what it was we were going to do. We hadn’t been to an ocean as a family since we were in California back in December so we decided to head out to Nassau County’s Point Lookout, which is nicely situated on the west side of Jones Inlet. We had a grand old time building sandcastles for Desi to smoosh with his dump truck and I occasionally turned my focus from family to birds, especially when the sun was shining.

2013 57

Birds of a Feather – A Fun, Family-Friendly Card Game

10,000 Birds

I’ll admit, I wasn’t expecting much from a card game about birding. I mean, birding is about being outside, enjoying nature, the thrill of the chase. Birding is most emphatically not about sitting around a table playing cards. But the idea still intrigued me and the thought of a card game that might further indoctrinate the five-year-old tyrant of our house, Desi, into birding seemed worth exploring.

Game 70

Tawny Frogmouth family in a supermarket car park

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Last year I introduced you to a Tawny Frogmouth family north of Broome and the nest that they built followed by the family that they raised. The Tawny Frogmouth family is actually in a tree between two rows of cars and appear oblivious to all the comings and goings, though they are nocturnal birds and very well camouflaged. These photos are recent and the Tawny Frogmouth family are busy watching the world go by from their tree in the supermarket car park.

2017 44

Royal lineage: Kinglets and crests in the bird family tree

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So naturally, I got to thinking about kinglets, and their Palearctic kin, the “crests,” and where they belong in the avian family tree. The family Regulidae comprises six small, hyperactive species that range through the great boreal and temperate forests North and Middle America, North Africa, and Eurasia. Within the family group, Ruby-crowned Kinglet is unique in many aspects of morphology and voice and is not closely related to the other members of its family.

2013 64

Animal Activists Steal Ashes From Grave of Novartis CEO's Family

Critter News

Animal rights activists from a group called The Militant Forces Against Huntingdon Life Sciences went to a cemetery and dug up an urn belonging to the family of Novartis CEO Daniel Vasella. We kidnapped the ashes of one of his immediate family members in order to teach him that in life and death all beings are equal and deserve to be treated so. Yeesh. This happened at the end of July.

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Do nine-primaried oscines represent 16 different families?

10,000 Birds

Some scientists have lumped them all into one enormous family (e.g., Sibley and Monroe 1990), but more often, they have been treated as several families. This approach, though, has lead to much confusion over which birds belong in which families (remember when we learned that Piranga tanagers are actually cardinals ?), and some of the odder members of the group have never really seemed to belong anywhere in the traditional family structure.

2013 64

Tiny Asian bird discovered as sole member of ancient family. Who’s next?

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Instead, it appears to be the sole member of a very old family ( Discovery of a relict lineage and monotypic family of passerine birds , Alström et al.). This vast assemblage is subdivided into several large, distinctive clusters of bird families, for example, Bombycilloidea (waxwings and allies) , Passeroidea (“Old World” sparrows, wagtails and pipits, estrildid finches, nine-primaried oscines , etc.),

2014 85

Vick Allegedly Put Family Pets in Ring to be Killed

Critter News

1 says Vick actually placed family pets in the ring against pit bulls owned by "Bad Newz Kennels" and watched as the animals ruthlessly attacked the domesticated dogs causing "major injuries." This is the allegation as reported on TMZ. In just released report, a person identified as confidential witness No.

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Hang your hammock in the hummingbird family tree

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Hummingbirds have long been classified as most closely related to the widespread, well-known swifts and the treeswifts , a small, predominantly Indomalayan family. As for the hummingbirds themselves, distinctive as the group is, the relationships within the large hummingbird family have been quite difficult to unravel.

2012 70

Who belongs in the Evening Grosbeak’s family tree?

10,000 Birds

Ourselves, for instance; just consider how many sweet or gritty stories you’ve seen about Olympic athletes’ family backgrounds over the last few weeks. We’re going to look at its family tree today, at where it fits in the grand avian assemblage, at what makes it at once unique yet not so alone after all. For centuries, many birds were assigned to these families based primarily on their bill structures.

2012 61

When will the Pluvialis tundra plovers get their own family?

10,000 Birds

In cladistic terms, this means that including tundra plovers in the family Charadriidae with other plovers makes that family paraphyletic with respect to the other groups mentioned above, which are traditionally placed in their own families. The solution is either to lump them all in one family (an approach which no one seems to like in this case) or to place the tundra plovers in their own family, Pluvialidae.

2012 67

Breed Information — Gardner Lane Puppies

Gardner Lane

Cavapoos, Whoodles, and AKC Moyen sized Poodles for your family

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