The Urban Birds of Austin, Texas

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Though I have been birding for a few years now, I had only birded west of the Mississippi once before my recent trip to Austin, Texas. Austin is growing rapidly, someone on the plane telling me the city added over a hundred people every day. Like I said, Austin is changing, but in this neighborhood it is clearly still okay to leave your farm birds out and about! Austin had one more life bird in store for me. Trips Austin Texas Urban Birds

VCA Offers Free Boarding for Pets Affected by Texas Wildfires

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To help those affected by the Texas wildfires, select VCA Animal Hospitals in the state of Texas (in and around both Austin and Houston) are offering free boarding for companion animals. Here is a list of those who are available to help: Austin-area hospitals: VCA Ben White Animal Hospital. VCA Northwest Hills Animal Hospital. VCA Tanglewood Animal Hospital. Houston-area hospitals: VCA Tomball Veterinary Hospital. VCA Woodlands Animal Hospital. VCA Spring Animal Hospital.

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American Pets Alive! Creating a No Kill Nation

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is dedicated to making America No-Kill by hosting a yearly National Conference that shares Austin Pets Alive!’s Can you imagine America becoming a No Kill Nation? American Pets Alive! can and it is our mission. ’s innovative No-Kill programs to … Continue reading → The post American Pets Alive! Creating a No Kill Nation appeared first on 4 The Love of Animals

AETA Charges Dismissed

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This is very good news from July 13, reported in Action for Animals Austin. A U.S. district court judge today dismissed federal charges against the AETA 4, four activists charges with acts of terrorism under the Animal Enterprise Terrorist Act. In his ruling the judge stated that federal prosecutors did not show how any of the supposed activities these activists were engaged in amounted to crimes. In fact, he said their activities were protected free speech.

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Bird Litigation: Is the Golden-cheeked Warbler Still Endangered?

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The striking Golden-cheeked Warbler nests only in the hills of central Texas near Austin but a substantial part of those breeding grounds have leveled in favor of development. One of the fastest growing cities in America, Austin is the capital of Texas and home of the University of Texas. Fueled by a dynamic economy, it is now the 11th largest city in the country: more than 2 million people now live in the metropolitan area. On December 27, 1990 , the U.S.

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Dog Whisperer: Seven, Sara, and Madelien

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Then meet Austin and Karrie’s “Hairy Houdini&# of a dog, a German shorthaired pointer named Sara with a knack for getting away. Just got news that there is a new Dog Whisperer on Friday, November 6, at 9P ET/PT (World Premiere)! This one sounds like it will be really interesting. Here is a description and a sneak peek for you.

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5 Pet Projects to Bring the Family Together

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He lives in Austin. Simple, constructive activities to make pets happier. If your family is starting to get a little stir-crazy as summer winds on, it’s a good idea to find constructive ways to keep everybody occupied. If you’re looking for a fun project, why not do something for the furry and feathered friends in your life? Build a cozy doghouse.

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Internet Wildlife Rehabilitation

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Linda runs a wildlife rehabilitation center in Austin County, Texas, and one night she wrote to our listserv that a woman had called her that afternoon and told her that Mockingbirds had gotten into her house, taken over her brain, and were telling her what to do. “I Rehabbers are all – well, almost all – connected by the internet.

Secret Agent … Bird?

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If you were going to recruit an avian James Bond (or Austin Powers), would a Kestrel be your go-to spy? This Kestrel may have been carrying bugs, but an X-ray showed they were not of the surveillance type. Image from DHA/Dogan News Agency). . In truly absurd, I am not making this up news, villagers in Turkey recently accused a bird of being an Israeli spy. There’s a joke in here somewhere stemming from the fact that the country’s name is Turkey.

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Birding New Orleans

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Back in November, I saw my first Monk Parakeets on the streets of Austin, and now here they were again! New Orleans. The Big Easy. There’s no doubt that it is one of the most famous cities in the south, and I spent 24 hours there over the weekend! While I did not go NOLA to bird specifically, I always keep my eyes out. The Garden District. I arrived with my cousin and husband Saturday evening, checking into our room at the Crescent Palms and taking an Uber into the city.

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Animal Ethics

He has been busy with his studies at UT-Austin I almost feel guilty about not posting more often (and more substantively) on this blog, given its expanding readership. This past month, there were 5,208 visitors to the blog, which is an average of 173.6 per day. The previous records (set in March 2008) were 4,200 and 135.4. I have a number of posts about animals waiting in the wings, but I have been saving them for summer, when I have more time.

The Golden-cheeked Warbler and Conservation Banks

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The endangered Golden-cheeked Warbler breeds only in Texas Hill Country near Austin and San Antonio, but much of its nesting grounds have cleared in favor of subdivisions. Given the explosive growth of the region, development will continue , placing additional pressure on the warbler’s vanishing habitat. One way developers are navigating the warbler’s endangered status is by utilizing conservation banks. What is a conservation bank? # # #.

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Linda Hufford: A Rehabber Comments on “Collecting” Rare Birds

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She runs Birds of Texas Rehabilitation Center in Austin County, Texas. This week’s guest blog was written by Linda Hufford, who has been a wildlife rehabilitator specializing in raptors for over twenty years. A number of years ago I was granted the privilege of flying into the Kuparuk Oil Field, above the Arctic Circle in the remote regions of the North Slope Borough in Alaska.

Evil Twin Brewing Falco India Pale Ale

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Birds and Booze News: Blue Owl Brewery of Austin, Texas has teamed up with the Travis Audubon Society to create a beer to raise awareness for the endangered Golden-cheeked Warbler. If there’s a “ trash bird ” in the world of craft beer, it’s unquestionably IPA. Like starlings and pigeons, these flamboyantly hopped beers are everywhere, aggressively crowding out more modest offerings in taprooms and in the beer aisle, and always leaving a bitter aftertaste, whether you want it or not.

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From Today's Wall Street Journal

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Chantelle Wallace Austin, Texas The irony of this article, which is reminiscent of Irish author Jonathan Swift's suggestion of eating "excess children" to shock and awe his readers, isn't lost on an intelligent reader. Jonathan Safran Foer's pup-in-cheek essay " Let Them Eat Dog " (Weekend Journal, Oct. 31), while humorous enough, masks more serious issues. Beyond the environmental impacts of meat production there is a basic ethical issue involved.

15 Australian Birds (Episode 3)

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As long as you do not have British friends (or people who have watched “Austin Powers”), you can also refer to it as Little Shag without embarrassment.

A great week for Wood-Warblers

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We have a selection of books that we have found over the years in bookshops and one of our favourites was published in 1949 and is The Birds of South Africa by Dr Austin Roberts. It really has been great to see such beautiful pictures of wood-warblers all week, especially when it has been so long since we saw any in the USA. It made us reach for our field guide for North America, but that really does not compare to the real thing.

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