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1045 Animals Seized in Houston

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When SPCA investigators received an anonymous tip Wednesday afternoon about animals in need of medical care at a home in northwest Houston, they had no idea it would turn into one of the largest U.S. Tags: animal abuse Houston. animal seizures in memory. "At They are apparently still trying to figure out whether to charge these people.

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Why Texas? Reasons to Adopt a Shelter Dog from Houston, TX

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submitted by /u/Brianlovescats [link] [comments].


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What to Do at High Island When the Winds are South

10,000 Birds

The sanctuary is of global importance, a complex of mudflats, salt marsh, coastal prairie uplands and open beach owned and managed by Houston Audubon Society. Claybottom Pond was part of a land parcel donated to Houston Audubon in 1994 and at that time no birds were nesting on the island in its center.

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VCA Offers Free Boarding for Pets Affected by Texas Wildfires

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To help those affected by the Texas wildfires, select VCA Animal Hospitals in the state of Texas (in and around both Austin and Houston) are offering free boarding for companion animals. Houston-area hospitals: VCA Tomball Veterinary Hospital. VCA Northwest Hills Animal Hospital. VCA Tanglewood Animal Hospital.

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Texas Oil Spill Threatens Migrating Birds

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Oiled Laughing Gull photograph above by Melissa Phillip/ Houston Chronicle ). Here’s the outlook from the folks on the ground , namely Houston Audubon. If they rest or feed in the affected area , they’re at risk for contamination. That goes for resident birds, too. What can you do to help?

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Trillium Brewing Company: Stumpy Duck American Pale Ale

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Birds and Booze News: It ends tomorrow, but Houston, Texas is celebrating its very first Houston Bird Week , to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of Houston Audubon. Trillium Brewing Company: Stumpy Duck American Pale Ale. Four out of five feathers (Excellent).

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Gulf Coast Ribbon Snake

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Positive reinforcement tells me that I should be finding snakes in Houston, TX. The first one was found simply by accident, but consistent herpetological luck at Houston’s Arboretum makes me look harder and longer until I find one. This is the Gulf Coast Ribbon Snake Thamnophis proximus orarius.