Texas May Allow Aerial Hunting of Wild Pigs

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Sid Miller of the Fort Worth area wants to bring more firepower to the task by issuing permits to sportsmen This doesn't sound good. Millions of wild pigs weighing up to 300 pounds have been tearing up crops, trampling fences and eating just about anything in their path in Texas. But now they had better watch their hairy backs. A state lawmaker is proposing to allow ordinary Texans with rifles and shotguns to shoot the voracious, tusked animals from helicopters.

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Peeps and Beer!

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It was with a mix and horror and skepticism that I first read about the unholy marriage of Peeps and beer recently perpetrated by Fort Worth brewers The Collective Brewing Project and their partners in this crime at Lone Star Taps & Caps. But its release party is tonight, if you’re in the Fort Worth area.

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Here is what it says on the editorial page of my local newspaper, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram : LETTERS POLICY Verification: Letters must have a printed full name, address and daytime phone number. As unbelievable as it may sound, I still get comments without full names. Can you people read?

Manfred Kuehn on Kant's Cosmopolitanism

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I'm a citizen of the United States (as well as some of its subdivisions, such as Texas and Fort Worth). Kant's ideas about cosmopolitanism are still hotly debated today. They are dismissed by some as a "Eurocentric illusion," and praised by others as the answer to the problem of humanity's survival. Whether they are the one or the other will be for (still) future generations to discover.

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

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Perhaps I should have gotten the house number and called the Humane Society or Fort Worth Animal Control. It's still hot in North Texas. Today, while running in 84º heat (and excessive humidity), I noticed a dog lying on a slab of concrete in someone's back yard. It looked as though the dog was lying in the shadow of a basketball backboard. When I got done with my 3.1-mile run, I was drenched in sweat. I walked a quarter of a mile to the house to inspect.

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Collective Brewing Project – American Sour Red

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When I got this bottle of American Sour Red from the Collective Brewing Project of Fort Worth, Texas as a gift a few months back, I knew the only time I’d be able to get away with reviewing a beer with such brash, jingoistic imagery was around the American Independence Day holiday on July 4 th.

Birding Morelia

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One of the advantages of Morelia as a birding/tourist destination is that we receive direct flights from Houston on United, Dallas/Fort Worth on American, and Los Angeles, Oakland, San Jose (California), and Chicago/Midway on the Mexican carrier Volaris. If you are like me, you can get a fair amount of birding done while traveling with your non-birder spouse… as long as you make sure you visit places with lots of other interesting activities, to keep that spouse happy.

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