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Some time ago a neighborhood stray cat came to the yard to have her kittens. This little mama cat was super smart and found her way into the hot tub, and here are her little kittens snuggled up in a flower pot. So here is a bit of a reminder to please spay and neuter your pets… it’s so sad that these gorgeous kittens won’t know the fun of having a human servant!


4 The Love Of Animals

KITTEN BOWL III is on Su-purr bowl Sunday, Feb 7th at 12 PM ET/PT, 11C only on the Hallmark Channel. The highly anticipated four-legged game is hosted by Beth Stern with play-by-play announcers John … Continue reading → The post KITTEN BOWL III appeared first on 4 The Love of Animals. Are you ready for some cuteness?!

Alley Cat Allies’ lifesaving spring kitten protection tips

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Now that kitten season is in full swing, we want to make sure that those who care for kittens have the information and resources they need to help those kittens grow up to be healthy cats. Alley Cat Allies’ wrote … Continue reading → The post Alley Cat Allies’ lifesaving spring kitten protection tips appeared first on 4 The Love of Animals.

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Rescue Spotlight: Kitten Rescue

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Kitten Rescue is a wonderful animal rescue organization! They have had truly great success in finding loving new homes for unwanted cats and kittens. Kitten Rescue volunteers place approximately 1,000 cats and kittens into new homes every year. Since its inception, Kitten Rescue has rescued and placed over 10,000 cats into loving homes. Kitten Rescue’s goal is to help Los Angeles become a no-kill city.

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The Kitten Connection

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Kittens are only kittens for a year, but this short time is the most significant stage of a cat’s development. It’s important for kitten owners to recognize how impressionable these animals are and arm themselves with tools and expert advice to ensure their kittens the best start in life. In order to raise a well adjusted kitten to become a healthy, happy and well-mannered adult cat, it is best if owners prepare themselves for their new pet.

Getting a Kitten from Kansas

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Friday she showed me the new kitten she will be purchasing. It's a two-week old kitten from Kansas. Now, this kitten will have an excellent life with my division director. I am no fan of breeders, I'll admit it. I think there are many disreputable breeders, I think they are increasing a bloated supply of pets, and I think there are many purebreds already available from shelters.

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Guest Post: Bonding with your kitten.

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Bonding With Your Kitten. Whether you have bought a kitten, or your cat has given birth to a litter that you intend to keep, you will most likely want to bond with the new member of your family. Household pets can be very rewarding, and by bonding with your kitten you will create a wonderful relationship with it that will continue even when it has grown into an adult cat. A lot of people find that they can bond more with their kitten once they have named it.

Paw Star Game brings the cuteness!

4 The Love Of Animals

Get ready for more kitten cuteness than you can handle! You’ve seen the “Kitten Bowl” but now the most adorable and adoptable kittens are going … Continue reading → The post Paw Star Game brings the cuteness! Hallmark Channel’s newest show, Paw Star Game, will be airing July 12 at 6pm ET.

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Feeling stressed? Try a little #KittenTherapy!

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Who could stay stressed after playing with a bunch of adorable kittens? In true SoulPancake fashion, they built the world’s first ever kitten therapy office for chronic. therapists” (tiny kittens) burst from the wall, providing instant stress relief with belly laughs and awwww’’s. Oh, and did we mention the kittens are beyond cute?! This video is sure to make your day! What happens when you take some stressed out humans and offer them a bit of relaxing therapy?

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Too Cute

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Despite the fact that they use a stupid slide show format , these are some really cute little kittens. Awesome photography

Seeing Eye Kitten (and her blind sister)

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Last month my husband and I were in the Bahamas on holiday when we spotted 2 tiny wild kittens. They assured us that if we could catch the kittens, they would provide medical treatment, and either find a new home or keep them in their new cattery. My husband and I spent the whole day catching the kittens. Since then, their vet has discovered that Fortune, the kitten with the eye problem has a congenital condition called Coloboma. We just had to share this email!

Meet Billy, Rescued from a Puppy Mill

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Please, if you are getting a puppy or kitten, consider rescuing from a rescue or shelter, or find a very reputable breeder. Have a tissue or two handy! Luckily Billy found a happy ending, sadly many puppy mill dogs aren’t as lucky. Sadly too many dogs sold in pet stores come from puppy mills like this one. Gratefully more and more people are becoming aware of puppy mills, hopefully someday, they will be a thing of the past. dogs people helping animals

Cute of the Day: Friday yet?

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This sweet kitten knows how to relax! Is it Friday yet? Maybe we can all take a hint from this cute kitty and relax more often. Cute of the Day: Friday yet? originally appeared on 4 The Love of Animals on March 31, 2010.

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ZooBorns Cats!

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The Newest, Cutest Kittens and Cubs from the World’s Zoos delivers on what it’s title promises, they really are the cutest kittens and cubs. Each page features color photos of rare kittens and cubs from around the globe. These aren’t your regular kittens! Get ready to break your “cuteometer” because this little book is packed with adorable baby cats! ZooBorns Cats!:

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Scarlett The Cat: From Homeless To A Hero

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Before the life-changing moment, Scarlett lived in an old Brooklyn garage in New York, taking care of five kittens not older than four weeks. While gathering kittens into the box, David Gianelli watched how Scarlett, with closed puffy eyes, re-counted her children by pushing each with the nose: only after she was sure everyone is save, the cat blacked out. The story of homeless Scarlett is, probably, one of the most touching, unbelievable and heart-stirring over the last decades.

Animal Control Officer Shoots Cats Because They Hissed at Him

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I opened the door, I took two steps downstairs, and three cats — the mother and two kittens — came at me,” Grasso testified at his daylong trial on two misdemeanor charges. A mother and TWO kittens mind you. And I seriously doubt a mother with kittens is going to "come at him". Seriously, how stupid and cowardly is this guy? A couple of cats hiss at him and he freaks out, gets out a gun and shoots them? Lackawanna animal-control officer Frederick S.

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Casting Call!

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Animal Planet is creating an all new show that is all about the early lives of puppies and kittens! In this lighthearted documentary we follow three pups and three kittens through the first months of their life. If you have a dog or cat who will be delivering in our time frame, and are interested in having your puppies’ or kittens’ early days followed and captured on film, please send us an email to:

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A healthy diet for healthy pets

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Cats and kittens. Pro Plan is an excellent choice for healthy options and effective dietary plans for cats and kittens, with small portions of tender fish, chicken and vegetables to allow your cat to build stronger teeth and bones, a silky soft coat and a healthy heart. It’s no secret that a healthy diet is the path to a long and vigorous lifestyle, and that is certainly true for our pets.

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The Lady with 700 Cats

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Boxes of abandoned kittens, emergency CPR, meds for sick strays — each day brings a new set of challenges to her refuge on 12 acres in central California. Fighting the Good Fight ” – Whether working hard to save a sick kitten or saving cats from abusive owners, Lynea Lattanzio is always full throttle. Nat Geo WILD’s The Lady with 700 Cats, airs Saturday, July 30.

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Big Cat Week day 2

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Video “Leopard Kittens!” – This is the cutest surprise ever! JV stumbles upon teeny tiny leopard kittens when one leopard mama leaves her den As promised, another sneak peak! Tonight’s episode, Leopard Queen, Premieres Tuesday, December 7, at 9PM ET/PT. Filmmaker John Varty, who filmed a wild female leopard for 17 years, opens an extraordinary window into the lives of Africa’s most secretive big cat.

Great cat tips from Housecat Housecall

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Here are some good tips for prospective cat owners: What should I do before bringing a new kitten into the family? Take some time to kitten proof your house before you bring your kitten home. Kittens are endlessly curious creatures that love to explore and often end up getting trapped in hard to reach places. All kittens need play time several times a day. Keep your kitten indoors. How do I ensure I find the right kitten or cat for me and my family?

My Uneventful 3rd Blogiversary

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Also, there are three kittens, who are the only kittens since Project Treadstone began, so that's not so bad. The good news is that, including the kittens' mom, there are only four cats remaining at the site who need to be sterilized! I was hoping to say that I have blogged every day for three years as of today, but sadly, and very frustratingly, the past couple of days I have been otherwise occupied.

Balanced Nutrition is the Key to a Healthy Diet

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Protein helps support lean muscle tissue for adult pets, and for puppies and kittens, protein nourishes growing muscle tissue. Vitamins support the immune system; minerals help puppies and kittens grow strong muscles and healthy teeth. We hear a lot about healthy diets, both for people and for pets. What we often don’t hear about is the importance of balanced nutrition. Have you heard the phrase “a little will do a little good; a lot will do a lot of good”?

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University of Utah Cited by Dept. of Agriculture

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A kitten died from dehydration as a result of too much medication, individual primates were neglected for days at a time, mice and Guinea pig cages were found to be overcrowded, and calves may have been exposed to painful situations for too long, but University of Utah officials maintain that none of the most recent animal-testing violations, released Wednesday by the United States Department of Agriculture, were intentional.

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FiXiT Aims to Facilitate 25 Spay Neuters This Week

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The site was created in response to the heartbreaking requests received from people wanting to do the right thing – telling us of their personal hardships and asking for our help to end the cycle of unwanted kittens and puppies,” said Dr. Kellie Heckman, Co-Founder of FiXiT. Sponsors Are Able to Contribute As Little as $10 to Help an Animal Get Spayed/Neutered. Every year 3-4 million dogs and cats die in animal shelters in the United States because there aren’t enough homes for them.

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November is Senior Pet Month

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For kittens and puppies, most any time is play time. Older pets still need love and attention, but they don’t require babysitting like a frisky puppy or curious kitten. Did you know that November celebrates senior pets? There are many reasons to love an older animal, and here is a great post by Peggy Frezon for Guideposts that highlights 5 of those reasons. source }. November is Senior Pet Month. Do you have an older cat or dog sharing your home?

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Animal Protective Association’s Harmony House for Cats

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Opened in June 2012, the Eco-friendly Adoption Center showcases cats and kittens in Chicago’s greenest shelter. We are excited to tell you about Animal Protective Association’s Harmony House for Cats new eco-friendly, net-zero cat shelter in Chicago! Animal Protective Association’s Harmony House for Cats is a registered 501c3 charitable organization. New volunteers, supporters and adopters are always welcome.

Fancy Feasts (For Fabulous Floors)

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Cy, more commonly referred to at our house simply as ‘The Boy,’ has loved sinks, tubs and showers since he was a kitten and that is only one of the many unique qualities that I love about him. And because I adopted him as a 6-week-old kitten when I was 15 and he turns 17 in 2014, I have lived with him longer than I lived without him. I’d like to introduce you to one of my two most favorite males on the planet: This is Cyrus.

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Million Pound Pledge For Pets

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There will be 2 dog winners and 2 cat winners (can be puppy, kitten, or adult, wet or dry). Did you know that one out of every two pets are overweight? Alison Sweeney, host of NBC’s “The Biggest Loser,” discovered that her dog Winky was one of them, and pledged to the food Winky was eating and her lifestyle.

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Brooklyn Woman Assaults Two ASPCA Agents

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The kitten’s leg was broken,” says Supervisor Lucas. “As Says Joseph Pentangelo, Assistant Director of ASPCA Humane Law Enforcement, “In response to the agents’ decision to seize the kitten, Stewart choked and knocked down one of the ASPCA uniformed officers and punched the other.&#. On July 23, ASPCA Supervisory Special Investigator Annemarie Lucas and Special Agent Kristi Adams arrested Brooklyn resident Andrea Stewart, age 39, after the woman attacked the two Agents.


Cute of the Day: Second Acts Kitty

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This adorable kitten is just one of many pets who have found a forever home thanks to the work Second Acts does. Today’s Cute of the Day comes from a very unique animal rescue group. The group is called Second Acts , and though they don’t rescue animals themselves, they raise funds to help smaller rescue groups continue their good work for animals. Right now, Second Acts is up for the Chase Community Giving award, if they win they would receive $250,000!

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USDA Issues Warning Letter to Oregon National Primate Research Center

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In December, the United States Department of Agriculture issued a warning letter to the primate center for violations of the Animal Welfare Act, which regulates treatment of many commercial animals from pet kittens to laboratory guinea pigs. PETA has filed complaints about this place for years, but it's the first warning they've actually generated.

CATS for Cats

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100% of funds raised provide supportive funds for Kitty Bungalow Charm School for Wayward Cats ( ), a 501c3 nonprofit all-volunteer organization that rescues, neuters, socializes and find homes for feral kittens while providing outreach and Trap-Neuter-Release (TNR), as well as free and low cost spay neuter services in the underserved Los Angeles areas.

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Animal Shelter Portraits

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From dogs to cats, kittens, and even birds and rabbits, there are all kinds of animals to be found at shelters. Photographer Mark Ross has captured some truly beautiful, and touching, photos of animals abandoned at kill shelters. The book, Animal Shelter Portraits , captures just a small glimpse of what our furry friends experience in shelter situations. The photos in the book made me want to reach out and save each one of them.

Leap Day is Friskies Plus Day!

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Friskies will donate the cans used to build the Friskies Plus Catstruction to three Los Angeles based cat rescue organizations; The Lange Foundation , Kitt Crusaders and Kitten Rescue each will receive thousands of cans of Friskies Plus. Friskies is declaring February 29 “Friskies Plus Day”!

Taste of the Wild Pet Food Giveaway!

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Taste of the Wild is an all-life stages food that is formulated to meet the nutritional needs of pets throughout all stages of life, from puppy and kitten to senior years. Taste of the Wild has recently launched new dog and cat food formulas! It provides a superior taste sensation, highly digestible energy and natural antioxidants to support a healthy immune system and overall health. We have a fun giveaway from Taste of the Wild!

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Weird Cat Behaviors (And What They Mean)

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Kittens will also knead on their mother’s abdomen to stimulate milk glands, and just like other domesticated animals, cats tend to carry more juvenile behaviors into adulthood than their wild cousins. Your cat has likely noticed that you don’t stalk and hunt like she does, so she may bring you a dead animal as if to say, Look, this is how it’s done; the same way she might do with her own kittens when she’s teaching them to hunt.

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On Dominance and Animal Birth Control

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But alas, we' re too important and special to "manage," and every human pregnancy is treated as a sacred, blessed event, while we kill the kittens inside pregnant feral cats every day without batting an eyelash, and in fact we're relieved when we can catch one who's pregnant, as that's x number of cats who don't have to come into this world.

PETA Busts University of Utah Research Lab

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In one case, up to 17 kittens from three litters died or were euthanized -- with no experiment data generated -- after injections to induce hydrocephalus. An undercover PETA investigator shot hours of footage of alleged mistreatment of animals. A University representative denied any mistreatment: "None of the things she alleges are substantive," said Tom Parks, the U.'s s vice president for research. It's a remarkably banal list of ordinary events in an animal-care facility."

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Unlikely Healer Walks on Three Paws

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Half a decade ago, in a little mountain town about 60 miles northeast of San Diego, a feral kitten dragged his front left leg uselessly. Gazing at Cathy Conheim, a psychotherapist raised to hate cats because they ate birds, and Donna Brooks, a retired physician and sculptor who had never had a cat, but always reached out to heal anyone who was hurting, the kitten eyed them hopefully.

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Fix Nation

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The group loans out humane traps to the public free of charge, provides training on how to humanely trap feral cats and kittens, offers guidance and information on long-term care and management for feral colonies and engages in extensive community outreach activities. Caring for the homeless cat population in Los Angeles, FixNation , offers free spay and neuter services to caregivers of community cats.

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On Charles and Project Treadstone

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As for Project Treadstone, there have been three fatalities-by-automobile and one litter of three kittens, two of whom were caught and adopted fairly early. Just in case you were wondering what an 85-lb red fawn greyhound looks like from the back with a couple dozen acupuncture needles in him. And yes, that's Violet Rays taking up most of his acupuncture bed at the homeopath's office.) The needles between his toes were apparently not of the painless variety. I've had those.

Birding Fengxian, Shanghai in summer

10,000 Birds

As a consequence of frequently walking around in Shanghai, I have a fairly large number of cats in my home – picked up as kittens left on their own on the rather uninviting streets of the city.

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