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I think there are many disreputable breeders, I think they are increasing a bloated supply of pets, and I think there are many purebreds already available from shelters. Friday she showed me the new kitten she will be purchasing. It's a two-week old kitten from Kansas. Now, this kitten will have an excellent life with my division director. She could try to find a purebred that's been left at a shelter because that frequently happens.

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Some people are seeking purebred animals or puppies and think these are not available in shelters. In fact, nearly a quarter of all animals in shelters are purebred. Often someone buys an expensive purebred animal and then attempts to breed that animal to recoup their money. Often these puppies or kittens are not placed in homes, and end up in the shelter. Common Questions About Pet Adoption.

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4 The Love Of Animals

Save the Planet: Adopting a shelter pet not only saves a life, but it reduces demand for purebred animals, which are more likely to have medical problems due to genetic abnormalities. If you’re not willing to go through the trials of house-training a young puppy or kitten, opting for an older shelter animal is an easy option. Shift-It Tip: If you’re set on a purebred dog or cat, buy one from a rescue association instead of getting a pedigree from a breeder.

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