Cookie and Coco: Anatomy of an Internet Chain Email

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Someone told us it involved Seattle Purebred Dog Rescue. We are once again getting a lot of hits over the saga of Cookie and Coco. They are two dogs that once needed to be adopted. They eventually were (in 2007, I believe. But, the story won't die. You can read about our coverage of it here. People keep forwarding this chain email around. Since our site comes up number two in Google, they find out the story from this website. Or at least a version of it.

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Getting a Kitten from Kansas

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I think there are many disreputable breeders, I think they are increasing a bloated supply of pets, and I think there are many purebreds already available from shelters. She could try to find a purebred that's been left at a shelter because that frequently happens. From discussions with people who buy from breeders, I understand the reasoning behind getting a purebred dog when it comes to the hunting or working breeds. I am no fan of breeders, I'll admit it.

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The Cookie and Coco Caper

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Luckily, I have a coworker who volunteers with Seattle Purebred Rescue. Apparently, she had received the same email from someone else and she had contacted Seattle Purebred Rescue to speak to the Lab rep for help. If you get an email that someone has been evicted from their home and desperately has to find homes for their beloved labs Cookie and Coco, don't hop on your computer and contact everyone you know. It's a hoax. How do I know? Let me tell you my short tale.

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Dogs of Courage

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A Rottweiler named Sheba who broke free from her chain and rescued nine of her puppies after her owner buried them alive in a two-foot deep grave because they weren’t purebred. When we got a copy of Dogs of Courage: The Heroism and Heart of Working Dogs Around the World for review we couldn’t wait to open the pages and read the stories inside! We were not disappointed!

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Teaching Kids Animal Compassion

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Purebred or mixed breed? It is not necessary to pick a purebred dog for your first pet. With purebred animals, it is especially important to do your research and make sure the pet fits your family’s lifestyle. Choosing the right pet for your child is key. By Dr. Tim Hunt, DVM. Children can learn so many valuable lessons by caring for a pet.

10 Reasons Street Dogs Deserve to be Defended

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It doesn’t matter if we were born in an Indian slum or to an American purebred. No dog is happier to be rescued. I remember the first night after I left the streets. My human kept me in an enclosed porch because, let’s face it, I was crawling with fleas and pretty filthy. She put a dog bed outside with some food and water, and I’d see her checking on me about every five minutes. That night, I slept well for the first time in my short life.

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Pet Adoption Tips from

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Some people are seeking purebred animals or puppies and think these are not available in shelters. In fact, nearly a quarter of all animals in shelters are purebred. Often someone buys an expensive purebred animal and then attempts to breed that animal to recoup their money. Choosing a mixed breed animal can help avoid many of the genetic health problems that have developed in purebred animal due over breeding and inbreeding. Common Questions About Pet Adoption.

Mallard Complexity

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Members of the mallard complex, whether purebred or hybrid , wild or manky , exemplify how blisteringly successful generalist genera can be in a rapidly changing world. Everyone knows what a male Mallard looks like. The drake of this extremely common, sexually dimorphic species ( Anas platyrhynchos ) cuts a fine form with his iridescent emerald dome and chestnut breast.

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Deconstructing Slate's "Pepper" Series

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This one addresses the decreasing number of dogs and cats being experimented on and, without mentioning it, discusses speciesism and our affection for dogs--pet dogs particularly (and especially purebreds)--which leads to our revulsion with the idea of snatching, vivisecting and killing them.

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From Today's New York Times

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You can find purebreds, mixed breeds and designer dogs. To the Editor: “ My Dog Days ,” by Arthur Phillips (Op-Ed, June 10), gave me those warm, fuzzy feelings and made my eyes tear. People who adopt from animal shelters will tell you that it’s not only a rewarding experience, but also that shelters are filled with a smorgasbord of the most amazing, delightful, intelligent dogs you’ll ever find on the planet.

Hilary Swank joins Home 4 The Holidays

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More than 25 percent of all dogs in shelters are purebreds. Founded by Helen Woodward Animal Center and supported by Iams, the Iams Home 4 the Holidays campaign began in 1999 with just 14 participating animal shelters in San Diego County. Today there are 3,500 animal organizations in 17 countries around the world helping orphaned animals find loving homes. This year, award winning actress Hilary Swank joined the cause to help homeless animals find loving homes during the holiday season.

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