Today is Puppy Mill Awareness Day

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September 19th is Puppy Mill Awareness Day. We think this is an important cause, and one that is dear to our hearts as we watched our Maltese, Baby, suffer from issues her entire life due to being a puppy mill … Continue reading → The post Today is Puppy Mill Awareness Day appeared first on 4 The Love of Animals.

Quebec to Review Puppy Mill Laws

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The fallout from the huge puppy mill seizure is fueling calls for a review of Quebec's animal rights laws, which are abysmal even for Canada. Animal welfare workers are calling for stricter laws on breeding facilities after more than 500 allegedly malnourished dogs were seized from a Quebec puppy farm last week. The raid might represent the largest puppy seizure in Canada. breeders canada animal cruelty quebec puppy mills dogs

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Meet Billy, Rescued from a Puppy Mill

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Luckily Billy found a happy ending, sadly many puppy mill dogs aren’t as lucky. Please, if you are getting a puppy or kitten, consider rescuing from a rescue or shelter, or find a very reputable breeder. Sadly too many dogs sold in pet stores come from puppy mills like this one. Gratefully more and more people are becoming aware of puppy mills, hopefully someday, they will be a thing of the past. Have a tissue or two handy!

Puppy Mills Still Flourish in Quebec

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Here's a Montreal Gazette article on the vile proliferation of puppy mills in Quebec. Tags: canada quebec puppy mills animal welfare

Puppy mills – breakthrough study.

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Puppy mills – breakthrough study by Best Friends Animal Society | The Best Friends Blog. Please take time to visit the link above and read about how puppy mills affect animals both mentally and physically. This is wonderful news, and as always, we applaud Best Friends for the work they do for animals. people helping animals

Missouri Lawmakers Repealing Puppy Mill Measure Approved by Voters

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Months after Missouri voters approved a measure that cracks down on what animal advocates say are some of the nation’s most notorious puppy mills, lawmakers are poised to repeal much of the law, saying the rules are too costly and punish legitimate dog-breeders who generate an estimated $1 billion annually in the state. puppy mills Missouri dogs advocacyThis is infuriating. Here's a link to the full story.

Puppy Mill Raids in Western Washington

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Up north are Snohomish County and Skagit County where two puppy mill raids have led to the rescue of almost 600 pregnant dogs, about 80 percent of whom are pregnant. (We One of my coworkers is heavily involved in puppy mill issues. She says that northwest Washington is a refuge for puppy mills because regulation up there is particularly lax. If the regulation in this area is worse than puppy mill regulation in general, it must be REALLY bad.

Puppy Mill Busted in Gold Bar, Washington

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Officers rescued 155 dogs and several other animals found living under ghastly conditions in a puppy mill operation so horrific that it shocked even veteran animal control officials.After obtaining a search warrant, deputies and officers raided the property, where they found many of the dogs stuffed inside small crates and pens overflowing with urine and feces. Several dead puppies also were found in a freezer, and two dead dogs were found elsewhere on the premises.

Western WA Puppy Mills Had Troubled History, But Still Allowed to Operate

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This is a good article about the puppy mills operated by a Western Washington woman and her parents. Tags: animal abuse animal cruelty puppy mills animal welfare us She kept being given "one more chance" with the end result of about 600 dogs finally being seized from the establishments. This is definitely a situation that could have been stopped early on. How much suffering and death resulted from this family's practices?

Dog Whisperer: Inside Puppy Mills

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Add another voice to the growing choir of those speaking out against puppy mills! DOG WHISPERER: INSIDE PUPPY MILLS. Dog Whisperer: Inside Puppy Mills exposes inhumane conditions at these factory-like breeding operations, as Cesar joins an undercover mission with the animal welfare organization Last Chance for Animals (LCA). Friday, May 8 at 9PM ET/PT.

Puppy Mills Exposed on Animal Planet

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Ailments go untreated as puppies bide their time among the dying and the dead. These are the squalid conditions of puppy mills, where it’s estimated more than two million dogs are mass-produced for profit each year. No matter how inhumane, over 10,000 puppy mills continue to do business across the country—many of them legally—as neglect runs rampant and countless lives are ruined.

Kathy Bauck: The Face of Puppy Mill Cruelty

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Kathy Bauck, owner of Pick of the Litter Kennels in New York Mills, MN, was recently found guilty of four misdemeanors: one count of animal cruelty, and 3 counts of animal torture. Tags: Animal Cruelty Animal Welfare animal suffering companion animals dogs puppy mills USDA Kathy Bauck. Her crimes involved dunking dogs into vats of insecticide and performing surgery on dogs without a license.

Another Pet Store Goes Out of Business

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This time it's Scamps, who used puppy mills as suppliers and sold sick animals to the public. Tags: breeders pet stores puppy mills Good riddance.

Blog for Rescued Dogs in Western Washington

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Remember how we posted about the raids on puppy mills in Mount Vernon and Gold Bar, Washington? About 600 dogs were seized from horrible puppy mill conditions. Tags: seattle animal cruelty animal rescue puppy mills Here's a blog for people who are trying to help them. Our pet sitter alerted us to the site.

Irish Senator Complains of Animal Welfare "Cabal"

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This complaint is the result of proposed legislation to ban puppy mills in Ireland. The dog breeding legislation, intended to outlaw “puppy-farming”, was prepared by Green Party leader and Minister for the Environment John Gormley. Tags: Ireland legislation puppy mills dogs Legislators are being contacted by people around the world to support the legislation. They are blaming the dastardly Green Party whose leader proposed the legislation.

Huge Dog Seizure at Quebec Kennel

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One of the largest animal rescue operations in Canadian history just got a lot bigger: about 90 puppies have been born since hundreds of dogs were seized northwest of Ottawa. "We We have a lot of puppies here and a lot more puppies coming," said Rebecca Aldworth, the executive director of Humane Society International Canada. breeders canada quebec puppy mills dogsThis is huge. Excerpt from the Vancouver Sun.

Pet Love Closes its Doors in Beverly Hills

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Pet Love is a business that sells animals from puppy mills.) Our work here in Los Angeles sends the strongest possible message everywhere that pet shops are supplied by puppy millers,” said Paul Berry, Best Friends chief executive officer. “If And this Pet Love is only one of several stores that have closed as a result of Best Friends' Puppy-Store-Free L.A. Tags: pet stores pet sales puppy mills Best Friends This is awesome.

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Humane Society Exposes Petland Practices

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It has about 140 stores nationwide that sell puppies that supposedly come from "good" breeders (are any breeders good? Many of Petland's puppies are not supplied directly by breeders but are purchased from a "middle man"—large-scale "pet distributors," otherwise known as brokers—showing that the company may not even know who the breeders are or what their standards of care may be like. The investigation revealed that some of Petland's brokers are also buying from puppy mills.

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Election Victories for Animals

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It stops puppy mill abuses by establishing responsible standards for the proper care of dogs. Two victories. Proposition 8 passed in Missouri. Also, Proposition 109 failed in Arizona. This proposition would have given the legislature exclusive authority over wildlife issues.

Unexpected Farm Animal Deal in Ohio

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It also calls for setting felony-level penalties for cock fighting, cracking down on puppy mills and promoting a ban on future exotic pet purchases. To me, it's another example of the Humane Society's growing savvy and clout in the US. I know many will disagree with me and say it's a cop-out, but I'll take what I can get. From the Associated Press.

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Farm Animal Welfare Fight Heats Up in Ohio

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Would such a bill lead to jurisdiction over puppy mill breeders as well? Issue 2 in Ohio would create 13-member state board to oversee the care of farm animals in the State. The Humane Society and other groups oppose it as a power grab by big agriculture to prevent another Proposition 2 (the initiative passed last year in California to improve standards for farm animal care.) And, of course, this board would be dominated by big ag's people, so I think they're right.

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Don’t Kill Bill Event

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It entailed an aerial fabric performance (think Cirque du Soleil or that hotel commercial with the lady swinging from the drapes) set to beautiful music by animal advocate Marilyn Milano and a slide show about puppy mills and volunteering with rescues.

Dogtown: So Far So Good

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The first episode featured three dogs: Noche, a terrier who displayed food and people aggression; Willa, a puppy mill rescued Scottie with neurological problems and a cute wobble; and Wiley, a rescued dog who loses a leg because of a hit-and-run. I just watched episode 1, season 1, of Dogtown , the National Geographic Channel TV show about Dogtown at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab, UT. We really enjoyed it.

Daddy, Cesar Millan’s Dog, lives to 16!

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Daddy’s Emergency Animal Rescue Fund will provide funding and assistance for dogs who are victims in large-scale disasters (hurricanes, fires, and other natural catastrophes), man-made disasters (hoarder and puppy mill rescues), and animal victims of abuse or violence. Cesar and Daddy.

2010 216

Humane Society Endorses Obama

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Senate, he has consistently co-sponsored multiple bills to combat animal fighting and horse slaughter, and has supported efforts to increase funding for adequate enforcement of the Animal Welfare Act, Humane Methods of Slaughter Act, and federal laws to combat animal fighting and puppy mills Not a big surprise considering McCain's VP choice.

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The Best in Vegan Education

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As you are likely aware, very few people can actually get through the film in one sitting, plus the first third, about "pets," sends the troublesome message that puppy mills are the problem, rather than breeding in general.)

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Lost Souls: Found!

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From rescued puppy mill dogs, to people who felt rescued by their dogs, the stories all have one thing in common; rescue dogs rule! In 2008, two-year-old Bill was released from a puppy mill breeder and put out to auction after spending the first two years of his life sitting in a cage.

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Little guy with big heart helping animals!

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Gala, which will be used to save thousands more lives in the coming year from the cruelty of puppy mills, animal fighting operations, hoarding and neglect cases, and more. It’s no surprise they call philanthropist Arthur E. Benjamin, founder of American Dog Rescue , the little guy with a big heart!

2011 109

Handbags are a Dog’s Best Friend

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A Luna Boston stylist will be on-hand to help you update your wardrobe for summer with the latest trends, and twenty-five percent of all proceeds made during the event will be donated to help CAPS in its mission to protect companions from cruelty and inhumane breeding practices in Pet Shops and Puppy Mills. Tails are sure to wag on Friday, June 12t h as Luna Boston hosts “Doggies + Bags,” a special benefit party for the Companion Animal Protection Society (CAPS).

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On Alienating the Neighbors

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As for neighbors, a couple of years ago I wrote about how my next-door neighbor's daughter, who is in medical school, visited her parents and brought a puppy (Izzy) from a pet store with her. We have the pet store/puppy mill conversation, we have the why-buy-a-dog-when-your-life's-only-getting-MORE-difficult conversation, we talk about a dog's needs, and she was remarkably receptive and educated about the needs of dogs and did seem to have thought things through.

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From Yesterday's New York Times

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The bill also bans the importation of puppies from foreign puppy mills, and increases penalties for violations of the Animal Welfare Act from $2,500 to $10,000. To the Editor: Re “ A Disgraceful Farm Bill ” (editorial, May 16): While the farm bill recently approved by Congress deals with enormous agricultural policy issues, it also includes three important provisions to protect animal welfare.

From Today's New York Times

Animal Ethics

The Episcopal Church embraces a resolution that specifically addresses puppy mills and factory farms. To the Editor: In his past comments about protecting animals and nature, Pope Benedict XVI is building upon the Roman Catholic Church’s tradition of promoting faithful stewardship of all creatures (“ A Cat Lover in the Vatican Strikes a Chord With Cat Lovers Around the World ,” news article, April 20).

4 Things to Consider Before Adopting a Dog

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Choosing to adopt a dog rather than get one at the pet store (or what some like to refer to as “puppy mill”) is a beautiful thing—essentially you are saving a poor pup from euthanasia and you’re providing a an animal with a good home.

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